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Ok! first thing, my name is Maria del Carmen, but I go by Mari. I'm 13!! And I live in Costa Rica!! Pura vida maes!! =D And I speak... Spanglish!! YAY me!!

Things I love: GOD!!! Twilight, reading, hearing music, play basketball, draw, take photos, and hang out with friends!!

Things I hate: Selfish people, contamination, high school (it's a death trap!!), homework, exams, hypocrite people, squirrels!!, football, and making any other sport excepy basketball.

Favorite singers: Hilary Duff, The Fray, Plumb, Mago de Oz, Lifehouse, Emmy Rossum, Demi Lovato, U2, Maroon 5, Selena Gomez, Makano, Lady Gaga, Fanny Lú, Sandoval, Avril Lavigne, RBD, and Miley Cyrus

Favourite books: The Phantom of the Opera -I LOVE THAT BOOK!!!!-, All 7 Harry Potter books, The Illyad (I dont know if that is how its spelled, I have the book in spanish you see), Wuthering Heights, Percy Jackson books, The man in the iron mask, ANYTHING about greek mythology, The Twilight Saga, Nancy Drew books (I know their old but I like them) Charlotte's Web, Charlie and the chocolate factory, The Vampire Chronicles, and the Last Lecture.

Best Friends: Jenny, Marifer, Sue, Mario, Katherine, Reta, Juanis, Agustin(:

About me: I belive in GOD, yeah that's how I will start, but before anything I'm not catholic nor I consider myself with a definite religion. I'm the kind of person that believes that He has his reasons to do things and is always ready to help him, waiting. Now that that's covered I'm a sometimes hyper, high in sugar person with problems... so sue me. I looooove the British accent, I mean who doesn't?? Right don't answer. I have an OBSESION with PotO (Phantom of the Opera), I love HP and Twilight but if somebody asks me which is better my immediate answer is HP. GOTTA LOVE SNAPE. I absolutely DESPISE Justin Bieber, The jonas brothers and the black eyed peas.

I'm the type of person that cannot stand the ones who dont know the diference between your and you're


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This is NOT finished! reviews
Set after BD. What would happen if Aro wanted Bella in the guard? And if he wanted more than just her powers? How will Edward react? Is there a war comming up? My first fic! . Plz don't be tooo rude! .
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