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Author has written 3 stories for Inuyasha, and Digimon.

if you have noticed Serendipity's wings is down! and there is a damn good reason for it to. i'm sure you all have hear of Tokyo rising stars of manga right? yes yes? i entered in this year and my script was based off of serendipity's wings and cupid's folly. so please dont send any angry letter to tokyopop saying that the story was ripped off. please please please!

if you have any questions leave a message on my deviant art account

about me kay!

I am otaku fan girl extrodena (and i cant spell worth a lick =+)
and im proud to say i've spent over a thousand on anime and looking forward to spenting more (as soon as that cash touches my hand)

i'm a firm believer that everyone should have a lest 10 bishounen (bishounen are so great i can never be satified by any man not drawn in ink. and sadly thats the truth.)

my bishounen (ahem HANDS OFf)

1. hayate- pretear
2. hireki - chobits (i dont know why but i love him)
3. sesshumaru- inuyaha
4. daisuke* ken- digimon (i say that ken and daisuke are a package deal because there cutness level just skyrock when their together)
5. Tasuki- fushigi yuugi
6. hotohori- fushigi yuugi(hey if miaka dont want em...)
7. Rikku - kingdom hearts(is it just me or does he have a sexy ass voice. droool. but i just discovered thats he's that guy off 7th heaven so am not so sure any more)
8. yuuhi- ayashi no ceres (again if aya dont want him...she'd rather have mister "i couldnt find the rest of my shirt the morning" tooya)
9. ...thinking... i know this one
10. prince ashitaka- princess mononoke

TOP TEN COUPLES> (in no particular order the number are there for the sake of organization ^-^)

1. Daisuke and Ken -chan!
2. Hiei and Kurama (there no way a good Fic of these 2 can be wrritten but i love it)
3. Yuki and shuuichi (I've taken every damned "which Gravitation character" are you quiz on the net and every time i get Shuuichi...WHY?! am so not Shu-chan like...sniff)
4. Kenshin and Sanosuke
5. Yamato and taichi
6. Kira and Rei
7. Aya and yuhi (they need to be together i tell you! *cackles insanly*)
8. merrick and caje...(these are actually character from my own manga... iam running out of couples...;;;-!-)
9. satsuke and naruto (there's a lot of "suke" names in this list. conincedense? i think not it just seems that "suke" are just sexy)
10.Riku and sora-chan. (to bizarrely cute)

OOOOHH must introduce the twins...bins and grim!
they happen to be my extra special muses. or i should say shoulder muses because they much resemble the tyical angel demon thingies...woo

yeah! and thats the deal i type my but damn im lazy. but i love you all any way. oh and oxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox ne-chan!

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