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Derp. Hey everyone, this is your lady Frankenfrau speaking! I'm sort of new to this newfangled website here, what with the buttons and all that, so bare with me and my tedious transition.

Anyway, I should probably introduce myself more properly- Hi, my username is Frankenfrau (as stated above) and I'm new to and writing in general. I actually USE to have an account on this site... way, way back in time. I forgot the password and e-mail address for that one however, and I haven't felt the need to make a new one since then. It wasn't until recently in fact, that my interest for fanfiction has been tickled once again. So here I am, ready to review and entertain you folks!

Truth be told though, writing is NOT my forte. Nope, not one bit it isn't. I actually prefer to do things on the drawing/painting sort of area of things. I have my deviantArt posted up at the top actually, and I suggest anyone that wants to know me better to go check it out because chances are, I likely wont be checking my account here often.

As always though, constructive criticism is always warmly welcomed in my open arms. Despite writing not necessarily being my forte I still want to improve on it whenever I get the chance, and we all know that you have to be cruel in order to be kind. So, be honest folks! Tell me what's wrong, I'll try to keep in mind whatever gets advised to me. I have a nasty habit of typing too fast and proof reading my writing on the go. So be warned, there's spelling and grammar mistakes around every corner of my fanfiction...

Speaking of, my fanfiction tends to lean either towards the silly/goofy side of things, or the dark and macabre. In a way, it is much like my artwork actually. So don't expect any fan pairings or romance fics from me folks. Sorry, but it's just not my sort of style, cah peesh?

I would also like to take a moment to address that once a fanfic of mine is complete it will remain that way. I'm an incredibly narrow minded person when it comes to a specif if idea, a creature of instinct if you will. So once I'm through with it there's no going back, the motivation is gone. It doesn't matter how many reviews I get begging me to do otherwise and continue, once I'm through I'm through, and that's that!

So yes, that's about all the things I wanted to cover in my profile bio. There's probably more I could have gone over but... eh, not feeling it right now. My hands hurt and I'm more than likely showing signs of rheumatoid arthritis. So that's it everyone, no more blabbering from me...

... Is anybody a Doctor by chance?

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