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8/15/2011, 11:59

This is my first journal entry so I'm going to try to keep this short. I love books and am a sucker for romance, but this does't mean I wont read anything else. I'm starting school in 2 days so I'm slightly depressed, yet excited about all my teachers. I'm really looking forwards to american history! I'll write more when something fantastically-awesome happens to me. I'm volunteering in the morning so I'm going now.

9/3/2011, 11:12 pm

I find it messed up that I don't think I'll find love but i still listen to love songs. It's not like I dont believe love exist, my parents certainly have it, I just dont believe I'll find it. With todays society and my slightly bigger than average hips, love doesnt seem likely. This pitty fest probably isnt good for me, so I'll write more later.

10/23/11, 11:35 pm

I just wrote my first Anime fanfiction and I think it turned out horribly, but in a good way. My friends are always saying I need to write happier stuff, but try to end all sad stories on a happy note. I think I do it well enough.

10/30/11, 12:22 am

I feel like i should tell you guys this, because I'm not sure my friends need to. They have thier own problems. So here it is: my boyfriend broke up with me. Wahh, Wahh, i alrady cried my river. Now I'm going through the "Why" part of the break-up. "Why did he break up with me?", "Why her?", and "What did I do?" are my main questions.(and yes, I do know that the last is a "what" but I'm emotionally unstable right now.) I have asked him the awnser to #1, but that led to #2, and I dont think I can ask #3. #3 is huge for me. I know I did something, I just dont know what. Funny thing, a few hours before we broke up, he put on facebook: "Hello? This is your pasty, british boyfriend." (No he is not British, it's an inside joke.) I just realized something: you guys dont want to hear my problem either. You all have heartbreak and all around life to deal with, so I ask only one thing. How do I start a challange? Better yet, can somebody please explain how they work to me? I'm completly hopless.

I feel like I should put what houses I think all the next generation Harry Potter characters will go. So here you go.

James Sirius Potter: House: Gryfindor. He is loud and obnoxious. He may be the worst behaved of the Potters, but he is one of the smartest. He is a 6th year Gryfindor around the time of my story The Line. His favorite uncle is Charlie and he inherited his mother's talent in Quidditch.

Albus Severus Potter: House: Gryfindor. Albus is completly different from Albus, but he is also his brothers closest confident. Albus is incredibly studious. He wants to work in the Ministry when he grows up.

Lily Luna Potter: House: Slytherine. Forget The Line, shes's in Slytherine. She is extreamly loyal to her house, but a large percentage of the school thinks she is evil

O.Cs (Note: not all of them have stories, yet)(Note2: Character histories may change with story)

Ouran High School Host Club

Natsumi Suoh: Parents: Haruhi Fujioka and Tamaki Suoh. She has a sister in college age sister named Shizue. She is 15 and looks exactly like her father, except she has her mothers body size, eye shape, and face shape. Her mother died when she was 6 due to a random shooting, which causes her to be afraid of guns with the same intensity of Haruhi's fear of thunder. She doesnt mind thunder, but falling asleep to it causes her to dream of guns. When she was younger she wanted to be a lawyer, but after thinking it over and talking with her friends about it, she realized she wanted to run the Suoh empire. She has her mother's view on gender and believes if she works hard her gender wont be a problem. Her best friends are Serefina Ootori-Shido, Blaise and Kano Hatachiin, Hideaki Haninozuka, and Katsuo Kasanoda.

Serefina Ootori-Shido: One of Natsumi's only female friends and niece of Kyoya. She has her uncle's eyes and needs perscription glasses. She is more attractive than Natsumi, but tells anyone who points it out that Natsumi is far more compassionate than her and will go on to do great things. She is the youngest child and only daughter of Fuyumi Ootori and Kazukiyo Shido. When she was 6 months old, her father had an affair with a Brazillian woman, causing the conception of her half sister, Aiko. While her older brothers do not pay attention to thier half-sister, Serefina is very protective of her. At some point she will learn that Kazukiyo is not her biological father, and that she is 1/4 Native American. Her uncle Kyoya is her favorite uncle and the only person beside her mother to know who her real father is. She is very loyal and would so anything for her closest friends.

Blaise Hitachiin: Parents: Hikaru Hatachiin and Martha O'Conner. Likes to think that he and Kano are twins because thier parents are two sets of twins that married eachother, when in reality they are first cousins. He is half-Irish from his mothers side. He doesnt look anything like Kano, except the green eyes they share. While they look nothing alike, they share thier fathers mischievness. Like a majority his male friends, he has a small crush on Natsumi, but openly says Serefina is hot. He often has panic sessions when he cant choose between the two.

Kano Hitachiin: Parents: Kaoru Hatachiin and Molly O'Conner. He is like his father in private, but has what his family calls an "Irish Temper". He has a large crush on Natsumi, and doesnt agree with his cousin that Serefina is hotter. This is the only thing they disagree about and have many fights infront of the two girls about it. When he grows up he wants to be an astrologer, making him sleep at erratic hours from staying up too late. Has dream that he will marry Serefina, which causes him to be awkward around her for 1 week, before he got over it. Or didi he?

Hideaki Haninozuka: Parents: Mitsukuni "Hunny" Haninozuka and Reiko Kanazuki. Nickname: Zuki. He has his mother's coloring, but looks almost entirly like his father. When he was younger he befriended a stray cat, adopted it and now calls it Sugar. Umehito Nekozawa is his godfather. While his entire family believes he will turn into a lover of the dark arts, only his mother and younger cousin believes he will turn out just like Hunny. When he was a child, Hunny gave him everything he ever wanted, so Zuki believes that if it werent for Nat telling him to stop being obnoxious, he would grow up to be selfish and greedy. He is in love with Nat.

Katsuo Kasanoda: Parents: Mei Yasamura and Ritsu Kasanoda. He has his Father's eyes, but an easy-going face and personality. Is constantly trying tohide the fact that he is the grandson of the mob. When he learned that Haruhi (Whome he called "Auntie Haru") kept her secret of Gender from the public for a whole year, it gives him faith that he can keep his. Even though all his friends (the entire school) knows, they try not to hurt his feelings by telling him they know. This is a selling point among girls, making him the most loved man in the group.

Amaya Morinozuka: Parents: Takashi "Mori" Morinozuka and Rachael Pierson. Nickname: Amy (used only by American mother). Mori met Rachael while in Boston, when he was filling in for Haruhi during a tutoring session. Club members tell thier children that when they first met, Mori acted sleepy all the time. (A.N: for those of you who have never read the Manga, it means that he acted talkative and flirtatious). Her parents were the second to get married (10 months and 13 days after Haruhi and Tamaki) , but one of the last to have children because Racheal wasn't strong enough physically to hold a child. She is a master of kendo and is training to be a master of the Haninozuka way of fighting. She says she will be the head of the Moriozuka clan, even though she is a girl. She looks up to her Auntie Haru and Nat's great-grandmother, for being at the head of a male-dominated profession. Since she is only a secons-year in middle school, she doesn't see much of the other friends, but meets them almost everyday after school in the abbandoned music room. She is the youngest and smallest one in the group, so much so that it is sometimes questioned if she is mature enough to be in said group. She has very few friends her own age, but tries very hard to get more. She was at one point a social climber, before Serefina pulls her out of it. She believes she owes Serafina for this. The roles of master and protected are switched during this generation, the Morinozuka being the protecter and the Haninozuka being the protecter.

Shizue Suoh: Parents: Haruhi Fujioka and Tamaki Suoh. Nickname: Zue, changed to Zo when she studied abroud in America. She is the older sister of Natsumi and was eleven when her mother died. She is jealous of her yonger sister because she thinks that Nat wasn't old enough to miss her mother, while she was old enough and remembers her vivedly. She and Nat are completly switched when it comes to physical appearance (Nat looking exactly like her father, Zue looking like her mother) Zue has more Tamaki's body shape, being extreamly tall yet slender. She normally acts cheerful like her dad, but during the month in which her mother was killed, she acts very moody and angst-ridden, punching a wall once when she was 14. Zue is only afraid of losing people, causing her to keep everyone at arms length. She wants to help people, so she is studying to be a docter and is giving under-privelaged kids in America medical care during most of the Ouran Second generation series. She is very beautiful and made her father cry melodramatically when she said she wasn't going to get married for a long time, if ever.

Harry Potter

Macy Anne Dursley: Parents: Dudley Dursley and Anna Lynn Smith. She is a Muggle-born and was sorted into the Ravenclaw house for her intelligence. Her mother's grandmother was a squib, that plus the fact that Lilly is her great-aunt, is most likely the reason she is magical. Her father had a heart attack when he learned that Macy was accepted into Hogwarts, making her feel extreamly guilty. She has known she was magic since she was about 7, but she kept the secret. She has a crush on Hugo Weasley, but refuses to act on it, thinking it would hurt thier friendship. They kissed once, on January 1st 2020, 12:01 a.m, justifying it to tradition.

My favorite...

movie(s): Breakfast at Tiffany's, Titanic, The Green Mile, Ed, Edd and Eddy's Big Picture Show, Harry Potter films, and The Simpsons Movie

Book(s): The Perks of Being a Wallfower (My family finds it hilarious that I love a book with this title), To Kill a Mockingbird, anything by John Green.

Play(s): A Very Potter Musical and Wicked(hopefully)

Anime(s): The Ouran high school Host Club

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