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Author has written 6 stories for Warriors, Call of Duty, Halo, Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, and Avatar: Last Airbender.

So uhm...hi! I joined FanFiction in about 2008 when I stumbled across it on some random fic that came up during a Google search, and I decided that I wanted to write too! Although, the stories I put out back then were crap, so I took a break until 2012 and then I began writing again, and lemme tell ya, the stuff I put out is a helliva lot better than before (Check out my older stories that I kept and compare them to my new ones if you're curious). I guess this is where I put my favourite stuff!



Harry Potter

Rangers Apprentice




Dragon Ball/Z. NOT GT. GT SUCKS.


(Can't think of any more at the moment...)


Halo 1-3 (from Bungie)

Halo 4 (from 343)

Legend of Zelda series (Twilight Princess is my all time favorite)

Portal series (Can't wait for the Portal prequel that's coming out!)

Left 4 Dead 1 and 2 (Also can't wait for 3)


Amnesia: The Dark Decent

Star Wars: Nights of the Old Republic

Need for Speed series

Sid Meiers Civilizations series

Call of Duty series UNTIL MW2.

So that's just about it! If you have any story ideas that you would like me to write, feel free to PM me.

Also, I think that I should mention this, but if I do start any other stories, my main focus will be working on the Knucklehead Spartan trilogy.

Update 1 (03/07/2013):

As you know (At least those who is reading 'Tales of a Knucklehead Spartan', I will be taking a month and a half brake from writing. Not that I'm out of ideas or anything, it's just that I'm going to Ontario through Cadets in three days until the 26th I believe and when I get back, I will be helping my family with a move so I will not have any time to update any of my stories.

Update 2 (01/09/2013)

Just a quick update: Chapter nine of 'Tales of a Knucklehead Spartan' might take a little bit more longer than expected. I've been quite busy getting ready for high school and helping with the move I'm still doing.

Update 3 (11/02/13)

Another quick update: For all my readers out there, I am terribly sorry about the lack of updates. Truly, I am.

In other news, I have my own laptop now which means I can work a little more frequently. YAY!


SIP: Story in Progress

?: Just an idea, but might be posted online.

PI: Planed Idea, so it will make it online soon.

PI?: Planed Idea, it will make it online, but not to be posted soon.

R: A story that will be revised and continued soon.

R?: A story that will be revised and continued, not again, not sure when that will be.


SIP: Tales of a Knucklehead Spartan

Read the description of the story to find out more.

PI?: Tales of a Knucklehead Spartan, book 2

The sequel to 'Tales of a Knucklehead Spartan'. most of its planned out, but not sure what the actual name is at this moment.

PI?: Legend of a Knucklehead Spartan

The third and final book in the trilogy.

PI: Hero in Orange

A Naruto Zelda crossover

PI?: My Life, My Love

Yes, I will be continuing this, but it might not be for a while.

R?: My Life, My Love

A Warriors fiction featuring what if Silverstream hadn't died.

R?: The Power of Ice

Another Warrior fiction.

I am also in need for a beta, so...yeah

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Tales of a Knucklehead Spartan reviews
UNSC Creeper, which was forced to make an emergency slipspace jump, finds itself orbiting a world of Shinobi. After landing, Dr. Halsey discovers a young boy by the name of Naruto and finds him to be a perfect match to the SPARTAN program. After discovering who Naruto is really meant to be, she has one goal in mind: Naruto will become the greatest Spartan ever created.
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