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Leaving most of this intact just for nostalgia. But here's an update to my profile in 2018, about four years since I left, in the off chance any old friends check my profile.

26 now, turning 27 soon, I feel old. Got an associates degree now, my girlfriend moved in over the summer, finally came out as transgender (Mostly thanks to her), and finally won the custody battle to get my sister away from my mother and into a group home. While I was in an incredibly dark, depressing place when I used to RP here, I can say that I've made it out of there now. Life has gotten better, and I'm in a much better position now. Largely in thanks to several of the close friends I made on here, including my girlfriend who I also met here. In all honesty you guys saved my life, so thanks.

So, if you're an old friend and happen to be reading over this, pop in and say hello. I still get messages from here sent to my email and probably always will. I'd love to hear from everyone again, just to chat and say hello. I'm still as shy and timid as always, and feel pretty awkward starting a conversation, so instead I just left this invitation to chat again here. And if you're not sure if you were one of those close friends, you probably were if I ever shared anything about my personal life instead of just RPing.

So, hello again everyone. :)

I have left the site to RP elsewhere. Since all of my RPs here have died out and I'm not too interested in RPing here anymore.

It was fun RPing with everyone while it lasted. - Kadin.

Check out my two stories on Fictionpress, I'm looking for comments, reviews, or any kind of feedback.

Dual Subversion - http://www.fictionpress.com/s/2985359/1/Dual_Subversion

Two brothers grow up under prejudice against mages. They are both changed and corrupted by the ill treatment they receive. The story starts in their late teens, as the ill treatment they receive slowly changes and twists them. Then skips to their early adulthood, where their past has changed them both drastically. And pushes them both into starting a war they had once been trying to prevent.

A medieval/fantasy story with some action/fighting along with good character development for both main and background characters and a plot with -hopefully- decent twists that I'm hoping people don't see coming. I tried to make a fine point in here of making none of the characters purely good or evil. 'Bad guys' have good intent, 'good guys' aren't entirely good. If you're looking for an action/adventure with good plot, look here.

Realism, the Alpha tests. - http://www.fictionpress.com/s/3050718/1/Realism_The_Alpha_tests

Four young adults are the alpha testers of Realism, a new game said to be the perfect virtual reality system. They soon find out that was true, it is perfect, too perfect. It's not game-like at all aside from the monsters and magic. There's no way out, and death is real here. They must adapt to this new fantasy world and try to survive, searching for answers, or a way out. Modern/Fantasy with a few small hints of sci-fi

Despite being a 'game world' it's not much like a game at all. More like a modern/fantasy setting. A little more actiony then my other story, it follows the four alpha testers of the game. In the beginning they are trying to just survive, over time they get stronger and head out to explore the world a little. Then the beta tests begin and the world is thrown into chaos as thousands of people are trapped within the world. And conflict ensues.

personal info

Age: 22

I live in the U.S on the east coast.
I'm basically always on the computer 12noon-4AM, and my email notifies me whenever someone posts in a RP. Yeah, i'm one of those "no life" people. Although, on the occasion that I'm not home, I (normally) at least get on at night. So if I don't respond within a day, I'm probably waiting for someone to do something, don't have anything to do, or am just waiting to see what happens.

In the RP

Remember, the character John/Kaolin is a submissive. He'll do anything your character asks, and likes being controlled and ordered around. So if you want him to do something, just have your character ask/tell him to.

When fighting in RPs, I hate people just having stupidly powerful characters. If you have one, expect me to dodge/block attacks more often. Where as if you have a weak character, I'll let you hit more often (As in, in times where the attack could/should have been dodged, I'll let it hit anyways, just because your character's weaker.)

I absolutely hate godmodding, and overpowered/perfect characters. It ruins RPs in my opinion. So whenever someone godmods in a RP I'm in, I will godmod back (Only when fighting that one person though) And I always win godmod fights .

When fighting, I give my characters powers/abilities that can be really either weak or really powerful, depending on how they are used. So my characters will generally be on even grounds with their opponent, the more powerful their opponent the more powerful I make them so it's a fair fight. The person who fights more skillfully and creatively, will win. So if ya want to beat my characters, use your head, don't just throw random attacks. (If you need help getting better at doing fight scenes, feel free to ask. I'll gladly give advice. Same applies for everything else, character sheets, RPing in general.)

Characters I use a lot.

These are characters I use a lot. I just about always use Kadin/John, then have one other character I use alongside him which changes how he acts and how the RP goes.

The character Kadin/John (Or any male character I use with a submissive, antisocial personality like them) are completely changeable characters. They always start off with the same personality. But, depending on the people they are around and what happens to them, their personality can (and probably will) completely change to reflect that stuff. So everything you do/say to my character, will have an effect on what type of person they will be later on in the RP, there's no limit to what/how they can change, so anything is possible. :D (But don't worry, I keep it realistic. I know a little about psychology, so I know how the character would change.)

And that is why they are my favorite character to use, they are never the same, and I like seeing how they change as the RP goes on. If the character changes in one specific way in many RPs, I may completely change the character, and have them start out later RPs with that change in their personality already.

Kadin/John/Kaolin/Lyn (Do note, the name Kaolin is not always used for John. If there's already a Kadin/John in the RP Kaolin is often a name I give to faceless characters. John's personality also works for both genders, so Kaolin or Lyn are the names used in RPs where he's genderless or female.)

History (Modern-day history): He grew up with his younger sister Anna and had a relatively normal family. Him and his sister did everything together, and where inseparable. He had numerous friends in school but due to his submissive personality, he would do anything they asked; Unquestioningly devoting everything he had to his friends, and his friends took advantage of him for that, treating him like their slave. When he finally figured out what they where doing and kindly asked them to stop, all of his 'friends' turned on him and started beating him to try and force him back into doing everything they told him to. It got worse with every day that passed, eventually becoming flat out torture. John was a pacifist, he refused to fight back; And even if he wanted to fight back his body was too weak and frail to even stand a chance. But he refused to let them treat him like a slave. So he just dealt with it, hoping they would eventually stop. But they never did.

Over the years of dealing with that, what his friends did traumatized him. Making him develop severe trust issues, believing that everyone was out only for their own gain. And making him develop a slight paranoia, fearing that everyone was trying to hurt him like his friends did. His slight paranoia caused him to isolate himself from everyone and everything, in fear of getting hurt again. He eventually moved out to his own apartment, and got two jobs independently running an online game, and working independently as a florist.

Personality: He's very quiet, withdrawn, and antisocial. He keeps to himself, hides his emotions, and avoids people he doesn't know as much as possible due to trust issues. While he will not admit it, he is afraid of people due to a few 'friends' he had in the past that ended up hurting him. He's naturally submissive, so he can't say no and can't flat out tell people to leave him alone; So instead he tries to act uncaring, cold, and sometimes even spiteful to make people want to leave him alone. Despite how he acts, he always tries to be polite and respectful to everyone and cannot completely hide his real personality; As much as he denies it, he does want a friend and doesn't want to be alone, noone does. He's just deathly afraid of being hurt again.

If/when he comes out of his shell he's a rather pure, innocent, and modest guy. He is a realist, a strategist, and has near genious intelligence. Or in other words, he's the last person you want to play mind games with. He tends to be a bit shy, and is a little judgmental and critical to everyone, including himself. He is a loyal, kind, caring, humble and submissive person, wanting nothing more then to make the people he cares about happy. He will stand by the side of the people he sees as friends, do pretty much anything they ask, and will always put his friends before himself. With his submissive nature, he completely devotes himself to those he cares about, and almost doesn't have a free will. He just does what the people he cares about wants, which is why he's so easily used.

He is a pacifist by nature, he will not fight even to protect himself. The only exceptions to this are if his life is in danger, while he won't stop someone from hurting him, he will not let someone kill him without a fight. Or if he's defending someone else, he may not stand up and protect himself, but he will never remain passive if someone else is harmed or threatened; Especially if it's someone he cares about. If someone he cares about is threatened or harmed he will do anything to protect them. If he can't come up with a way to protect them he will, without hesitation, resort to sacrificing his life/freedom/anything he has that whoever is threatening/harming those he cares about may want.

Theme song, (Yes, I was that bored that I added this) - Disturbed: Dehumanized - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h1bIEK1h150

-- Pics -- (It's hard finding pics for Kadin, there's like none for skinny and frail guys XD )

http:///albums/s194/Lirel_26/Guy/grayhairedguyincloak.jpg (but with brown/black hair. His medieval appearance)

http:///albums/kk141/goldn_scales/Anime/a66bf9de.jpg (But with brown eyes.)

http:///bd-manga/photo/4255312425/sukisyo-target-nights/nanami-kai-1512119e18.jpg (This is currently the most used appearance.)

Seth (Fair warning, Seth's character gives a lot of spoilers for my story Dual Subversion. If you're ever planning to read it.)

"The brightest light, casts the darkest shadow." Or in other words, the more good and pure something appears, the darker and more evil it really is. Seth is a prime example of this, not only is he the 'dark side' of John/Kaolin (Someone who is absolutely pure and good in every way.) But when he is his own character, he acts like one of the good guys. Everyone sees him as a hero, when behind the scenes he's slowly destroying the world.

In one RP, Seth was the leader of an army of knights, as well as secretly leading an army of bandits. He made the two factions fight in villages, causing the deaths of thousands of people; But after every battle, he was seen as 'the hero who saved the village.' In that same RP, he fooled a king, and took in a young girl who was searching for her father; Promising to help her find her father and fulfill her dreams of becoming a knight. But when he took her in, he instead wiped her memory, made her kill her father, family, and friends, then turned her into a demon that almost destroyed the world. And in the end, he put all the blame on her. He caused the deaths of millions, blamed it on a poor young girl who did nothing wrong, and walked away looking like a hero. That's the kind of person Seth is.

Kaolin and Seth are twins, and used to both be exactly the same and even had the same personalities. They normally both use Earth magic, sometimes both earth and fire; Very rarely Kaolin will use dark magic and Seth will use light magic. (Yes, I know, the good guy uses dark magic, bad guy uses light magic. Dark/light magic isn't necessarily "evil" or "good") Kaolin/Seth are essentially two sides of the same coin. Seth and Kaolin are actually the same person. Seth is the person Kaolin becomes if he gives into hatred and seeks revenge. (Meaning, in any RP John/Kaolin can turn into Seth if provoked)


Seth and Kaolin (Being twin brothers) devoted their entire lives, from childhood, to helping out the village they lived in. And they did so for years. Then one year the village was attacked by an army of bandits, and when they turned to the villagers, asking them to help stop the bandits (With a flawless plan that could stop the bandits with noone being harmed) The villagers said no, and told Seth and Kaolin to hold off the bandits alone while the village evacuated. Just because Seth and Kaolin could use magic, and there was prejudice against mages in that time, they refused to help. Even after the two had devoted everything to helping the village, the villagers sent them to die for being mages.

So they went out to hold off the bandits alone, and they where defeated in that battle. But by a miracle their wounds weren't fatal, they where very grave wounds, but they survived. Despite being gravely wounded and hardly able to stand they ignored their wounds and went back and helped the villagers (Who had left them to die) evacuate. Bringing the villagers safely to a nearby town, being kicked around and mistreated by the villagers the entire walk there. When they finally arrived, and the villagers where safely in town. The villagers then threw them both out of town and called them 'demons' for being mages. The two of them where forced to live in the woods, but Kaolin didn't give up hope. He snuck into the town every night to try to contact their family, but was ignored.

Seth knew Kaolin was sneaking into the town. And he had to watch as his brother, who he cared about more then anything, was slowly being emotionally torn apart and broken from their family ignoring him; Reducing Kaolin to nothing more then an empty shell of a person. Then to make things worse, the villagers got tired of Kaolin coming back and sent an assassin to kill him, and the assassin almost succeeded. That's when Seth had had enough, he snapped and set out to kill the villagers for doing all this to his brother.

But Kaolin stopped him. Kaolin (Being a pacifist) told Seth that revenge was wrong, and told Seth it was wrong to kill those villagers despite what they did. Seth misunderstood this, while Kaolin was really just trying to stop Seth from getting hurt, and trying to stop innocent bloodshed; Seth misunderstood it as Kaolin betraying him and siding with the village. And that was the last straw that drove him to insanity. He attacked and incapacitated Kaolin without question, then went on to kill the villagers, but he found it wasn't enough and continued on with the goal of killing every person on the planet, out of spite and hatred.

Personality: Always very calm, cold, calculating, and analytical. Seth is uncaring, and manipulative. He will use people for his own gain, then kill them off when they are no longer of use to him. He is a very good actor, he appears to be a very kind, caring and friendly person, while he's making you unknowingly dig your own grave. He is an expert strategist, always planning things very carefully in advance. While he doesn't show it when acting, he carries a deep hatred for people and sees people as nothing more then useless puppets. He is a natural leader, would make a very good conman, and has near genius intelligence.

In the Roleplay: In the roleplay, Kaolin will have one goal, to kill Seth. He will be searching for Seth, while Seth goes about his business trying to destroy the village that outcasted him, and just about everyone else. He knows Kaolin is still alive and look for him to try to kill him before attacking the village. Combat-wise Seth is better then Kaolin in every way, and Seth generally has a small army. So Kaolin will be outmatched and die fighting Seth if he doesn't get help. But Kaolin won't accept help, he knows he can't win, and he knows he's walking right into his own grave, but believes the problem is his own and refuses to burden anyone else with it. so people will have to be rather pushy, or talk some sense into him to get Kadin to allow them to help.

Theme song - Disturbed: Old Friend- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xlp4A8K1tPA

-- Pics --





John and Anna (Kaolin and Estell) are brother and sister, Anna being the younger one (If they are not twins). Normally, there isn't anything special about them aside from their near perfect coordination with eachother. Although, sometimes they will have a power that gives them linked senses, allowing them to see, hear, feel, ect. everything the other can, and always hear eachother's thoughts.

Or in superpower RPs they normally have Light and Dark powers. (Anna being light, John being dark)

History: John and Anna are gamers (or have gone through whatever training involved in the RP together) and are known for their near perfect coordination, without even saying a word to eachother. Combat-wise, they work perfectly together, and are a very hard opponent to counter because of their coordination. John is the Tech/plans guy, while Anna is generally the more "run in and smash everyone" roll. Anna drags John around just about everywhere she goes.

Personality: She's optimistic and is a loyal, kind, and caring person. She's very social, open and friendly to people. She normally has a bright and bubbly personality, but can be a little naive and air-headed at times. She tends to be a bit of a tomboy, having interest in sports, videogames, martial arts and similar things. She is a little pushy and often disregards people's personal space. She is also known to have a short temper, and a strong sense of justice, she will not hesitate to attack someone if she believes they are doing something wrong. Anna is a bit competitive, she enjoys competing with others, but doesn't normally hold a grudge if she loses. She'll just get better and try again. She's known for not really thinking things through.

In the Roleplay: John/Anna (Kaolin/Estell) are my favorite pair to use. While they work perfectly together in combat, they normally don't get along too well (If ya didn't guess already.) And John's stuck with Anna whether he likes it or not, since Anna has no problem literally grabbing him and dragging him along if he tries to leave. In combat, John's the more strategic and tactical one, while Anna's the more "just run in and stab them" type of person. Also, Anna may comment on the fact that John tends to act feminine while she acts more masculine, since she finds this quite funny.

Theme song - Disturbed: Warrior - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BWkAyRZiyE0 (not too fitting for her personality, but her personality isn't as unique as her fighting style. And it would have to be a really happy song if I went by personality, and I don't know any of those XD )

-- Pics --





Just an innocent 7 year old little girl, who also happens to be a halfdemon. She also has her pet Tibbers, who is a 10 foot tall (20 feet if standing on it's hind legs) demonic bear, that tends to kill people that get too close to Serra. The bear's just overprotective and has taken Serra in as his child, so anyone who's seen as a threat to Serra is killed; But if people can get Tibbers to like them they will be perfectly fine. Tibbers takes the form of a small teddy bear when he's asleep or not doing anything.

History: Serra is a half demon, and because of this her demonic powers are much weaker then that of a normal demon. Infact, she can't even use them yet. So her mother abandoned her when she was seven. Serra, thinking her mother had just let her go outside to play, and not knowing she was abandoned, just wandered for two years with her pet bear Tibbers. Several people took her in, thinking she was a normal homeless girl, and where either scared away or killed by Tibbers. Serra eventually wandered into [Insert whereever the RP takes place here.] Due to being raised by a bear, and living in a forest almost her entire life, she's not exactly 'normal' and does not understand a lot of human concepts.

Personality: Serra is still young and acts very childish. She is cheerful, high spirited, and energetic, like most children. She's very naive and doesn't take much of anything seriously, normally being too focused on playing and having fun. She's bluntly honest and can have a bit of a temper when she doesn't get what she wants. She tends to be very curious of just about anything, and is friendly to almost anyone. She is a bit sadistic, and is known to occasionally act in ways that can only be described as odd.

In the roleplay: Serra's probably one of the most fun chars to use on her own. Although she doesn't fit in to too many RPs. I use her more or less to have fun and joke around, when I'm generally not being very serious. She will follow some random person around, and probably live with them if they have a house. Expect me to try and scare the character(s) she's living with by making Tibbers randomly show up in the middle of the night.

Theme song: Honestly, I have no idea. Any suggestions?

-- Pics --



Random character facts that I added because I was bored. May add more when I think of more to add...

Character Deaths

Kadin/John - 10 Deaths. (But a million near-death encounters XD )
Killed by Bandits - Outnumberd and overwhelmed - Forgotten heroes RP
Killed by Seth - Betrayed and stabbed in the back - Forgotten Heroes RP
Killed by Seth (again) - Shot in the back by Seth's bandit archers while fighting Seth - Forgotten Heroes RP
Killed by himself (on accident) - Used too much magic, then teleported himself and friend to safety, killing himself in the process. - Forgotten Heroes RP
Killed by Seth (yet again) - Got into an aerial fight ontop of large stones, was knocked off his floating stone and fell to his death. - Forgotten Heroes RP (yeah... he died many times in that RP... Luckily he could be revived as long as his head stayed attached XD )

Killed by agents - Was infected by a virus, agents deleted him, and the virus in him. - Realism RP.

Killed by Bandits - Outnumberd and overwhelmed - Darkness Falls RP
Killed by Seth - Betrayed and stabbed in the back - Darkness Falls RP
Killed by Assassin (sent by Seth) - stabbed in the back again - Darkness Falls RP
Killed by Leo - Attempted to save a friend, was worn out and killed in battle. Shot by an arrow. - Darkness Falls RP

Assassinated by a kitten - Teen Titans - Couldn't resist petting the cute kitten. Then the kitten shapeshifted into a human and shot him point blank with a pistol. He always knew his love of kittens would be the death of him :P

Seth - 7 Deaths.
Killed by Bandits - Outnumberd and overwhelmed - Forgotten heroes RP
Killed by Tia - His plan worked a little too well, Tia's dagger possessed her, as Seth had planned, but the demon made Tia turn on him and kill him. - Forgotten Heroes RP

Killed by Terra - Outnumbered and taken down. - Star wars RP

Killed by Bandits - Outnumberd and overwhelmed - Darkness Falls RP

Killed by Skyfire - Fought hard against Omni, Luna, and Skyfire. Using Rose as a hostage. But the tactics and skill of Omni and Skyfire matched his own, and he could not defeat them all. He was worn down and weakened by the three, then Sky delivered the finishing blow. But not before Seth took Omni and Luna with him. - Teen Titans RP

Estellese/Anna - 0 Deaths.

She has not yet died... Strange, the two intelligent and cautious people are losing to the one who just charges headfirst into fights XD

Serra - 0 Deaths.

The little girl probably won't ever die... I don't think I could write a death scene for a child. Which is why she doesn't fight :)

If you've read this far, I'm going to assume you're either interested in knowing more about my chars, or are really bored. So I'll add more info on my chars, remember, some of this stuff (like this part) I don't mention in the RP, since it's going on in the background and the chars wouldn't know about it. So if you ever have questions about my chars, just ask.

Signature weapons, and fighting styles.

Kaolin/John. Bladed gauntlets. -- http:///albums/ii242/L_Lover_2008/Anime/Assassin_by_Cushart.jpg
Also proficient fighting unarmed, and with magic. Fighting style is a defensive counter style. He puts all of his focus on dodging and not getting hit, and doesn't attack until he sees an opening. When he sees an opening he shifts all his focus to attacking, and goes in for one quick strike to a vital point, before returning his focus to dodging. Kaolin is also known to occasionally use a bow and arrow, or Sai as weapons.

Estellese/Anna. Metal, clawed gauntlets or giant tower shield. -- http:///static/uploads/entry_image/thumb_KnightsCrossLeatherworks.jpg
(Tower shield) http:///0ad/pages/pictures/legionarymain3.jpg
Very proficient fighting unarmed, if not better then fighting with a weapon, which is why her main weapon is just gauntlets. She has a very head on and barbaric fighting style, using brute strength to overpower her opponent. She focuses solely on hitting her opponent, and hitting them hard, with anything she can. She knows how to push her strength, and is a nightmare to fight in close quarters. Especially if it's an unarmed fight.

Seth. Two Sai and magic. -- http:///pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/SaiGuy (Yes, it breaks bladed weapons. So all you people who overuse swords, katanas, and horridly cliche weapons like that will lose your weapon fighting him. Use something more unique or creative :P )
His fighting style is much like Kaolin, a defensive based counter style. But he is much more skilled then Kaolin, and has a near impenetrable defense with his earth magic. He mainly just attacks from a distance with magic, while using his Sai mainly for defense if his magic defense should fail. Seth is the last person you want to face off with in a one on one fight, he will win, just about every time. Although he has difficulty fighting more then one person at a time, as his fighting style relies a lot on defense, and he can't be watching two people at once.

Serra. Tibbers -- http:///_L78zEKWCMII/TG8D-LFen4I/AAAAAAAAAzE/1izrB0LMaCM/s1600/annieandtibbers.jpg
Serra does not fight, or if she does she only uses weak telekinesis. Her pet bear Tibbers does most of the fighting for her. As for fighting style, Serra just runs and hides, while Tibbers, being a giant (Sometimes) flaming bear that's nearly pure muscle and has thick enough skin to shrug off a rocket, just kills stuff. Yes, I did get the idea for Tibbers from League of Legends. I had made the char Serra for one RP, and when I reused her I got the idea to give her Tibbers from LoL as a pet.

Quotes I like, or just found funny. Can't think of too many atm so I may add more later.

Louis - "We made it! I can't believe we made it!"
Bill - "We just crossed the street. Lets not throw a party until we are out of the city."
-- From the Left 4 Dead intro, the best game intro I've seen. (You gotta see the intro to understand. It's a zombie game) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7hnnMEv7A_w

Guo_Si (random internet person) - "Hey, you know what sucks?"
TheXPhial (another random internet person) - "vaccuums"
Guo_Si - "Hey, you know what sucks in a metaphorical sense?"
TheXPhial - "black holes"
Guo_Si - "Hey, you know what just isn't cool?"
TheXPhial - "lava?"

DragonflyBlade21 (Another random person on the internet) - "A woman has a close male friend. This means that he is probably interested in her, which is why he hangs around so much. She sees him strictly as a friend. This always starts out with, you're a great guy, but I don't like you in that way. This is roughly the equivalent for the guy of going to a job interview and the company saying, You have a great resume, you have all the qualifications we are looking for, but we're not going to hire you. We will, however, use your resume as the basis for comparison for all other applicants. But, we're going to hire somebody who is far less qualified and is probably an alcoholic. And if he doesn't work out, we'll hire somebody else, but still not you. In fact, we will never hire you. But we will call you from time to time to complain about the person that we hired."

Unknown - "Light a man a fire, and he will be warm for the night. Light a man on fire, and he will be warm for the rest of his life."

Sun Tzu - "All warfare is based on deception.

He who knows when he can fight and when he cannot, will be victorious.

Hence to fight and conquer in all your battles is not supreme excellence; supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy's resistance without fighting.

For to win one hundred victories in one hundred battles is not the acme of skill. To subdue the enemy without fighting is the acme of skill."

Unknown - "Don't judge me because I'm quiet. No one plans a murder out loud."

Combat skill levels

My characters, both the main characters I use and random faceless enemies, follow a 'combat skill level' guide, roughly defining how good they are in combat. I generally choose a skill level myself, based off who they are fighting, and what they are. Like, a soldier or knight would always be in the 7-8 skill range, due to their training. Where as a thief would be 1-4 since thieves don't have training. Assassins would be 8-10, etc. This is roughly how it would work.

Level 1: A level one character is a character who has never fought before, and has no combat knowledge. They are nothing more then cannonfodder and hardly know how to throw a punch.

Level 2: A level two character can throw a punch and sortof knows how to fight, but still is pretty bad at it.

Level 3: A level three character has been in a few fights and knows the ropes. They are a lesser skilled fighter, but they can hold their own in combat.

Level 4: A level four character is a mediocre fighter, they are pretty much of average skill, and don't really use any tricks. They just fight straightforward and in a predictable way.

Level 5: A level five character is also a mediocre fighter, but they are starting to become more skilled. They have a little proficency with weapons, they think their attacks through and are less precdictable, but still make bad moves often.

Level 6: This is where the skill gaps take a steep increase with each level. A level six character is a skilled fighter, they know how to fight, and can fight well, they aren't too predictable, and they don't make many mistakes at all.

Level 7: A level seven character will strike at critical points, will use grapples and traps, and will abuse their oppoent's weakpoints. You won't win against a level seven unless you can do the same thing. On rare occoasion they will use the scenery and their surroundings to their advantage.

Level 8: A level eight character is a deadly oppoent, who no matter how weak they may be, should never be taken lightly. A level eight, has a mindset for war. They can predict your movements and will plan ahead, using cheap underhanded tricks. These people are unpredictable, and are always prepared for anything.

An example of a level 8 character, is John. Being a normal human, who's physically very weak and frail, with no powers or anything. Defeated an ancient vampire who had super strength, super speed, super enhanced senses, telekinesis, and had regeneration making it immortal. John's weapon of choice? A hand held mirror and a magnifying glass. (Although he finished the job with a wooden stake, but he only used that after he had won.)

Level 9: A level nine character is a nightmare to fight, they will win by any means nessecary. You have a weapon? expect to be disarmed. You outnumber them? Expect them to take a hostage. They see you as a threat? Expect to be assassinated and killed without even knowing what hit you. They know how to control the battle field. If you make one mistake and leave yourself open, they won't hesitate to go for undodgeable kill shots; nor will they hesitate to force people to either take a bullet to save an ally, or dodge and doom their ally to death.

Level 10: A level ten character is a master of warfare. The type of person who could take down an entire army by themselves if in the right situation. They use their enviroment to their advantage, and anything can become a lethal weapon in their hands. Even a shoe. They set traps, that if triggered would mean instant death to their victim. They control the battlefield expertly, and rarely ever make a mistake. They will never enter a fight unless they have planned for it in advance and have the upper hand by default. Taking down a level ten is incredibly difficult, but not impossible, they aren't godmod characters, they just fight inteligently. As long as you are smart and don't fall for their traps, and think your moves through very carefully, you can still win. Just try to plan a few posts ahead, and try to predict what they are doing. I always drop hints on their traps, plans and such.

Character skill leveles.

Serra -- 3

Tibbers -- 8

Anna/Estell -- 7

John/Kaolin/Lyn -- 8

Seth -- Skill ranges from 9-10 depending on the RP

Seth's army
Viante - 9
Arachnia - 4
kitty - 6
Mordekaiser - 8
Zadarmo - 8
Catherine - 6
Damion - 7
Korki - 3

-- Seth's Army --

Seth - Secret Leader - Powers and equipment vary depending on the RP.

Viante - Seth's bodyguard, second in command, and fake leader. - Powers - Controls the void, and has enhanced strength. - Equipment - wears incredibly strong armor and wields an obsidian scythe.


Arachnia - Base defenses, security, and scouting and spying. - Powers - Arachnia is not a human, she is a hive mind of thousands of black widow spiders. She can see and knows everything any of her spiders do, making her perfect for spying, security, and scouting. She has spider powers and web control. - Equipment - None, the spiders cannot form a strong enough grip to pick anything up.


Kitty - Seth's assassin, used for taking down his biggest threats. - Powers - Shapeshifting - Equipment - A gunblade revolver, http:///albums/u157/wolfdog1dmn/weapons/GunBlade.jpg


Mordekaiser - Works on both offense and defense for the team. - Powers - Controls metal - Equipment - None.


Zadarmo - Offensive team - Powers - Psychokinesis - Equipment - 100 Swords.


Catherine - Team support and scout - Powers - Animal speak, healing, and illusionary powers. - Equipment - Multiple hidden blades.


Damion - Offensive team - Powers - Black blood - Equipment - Clawed knuckles.


Korki - Diversionary tactics, and harassment. - Powers - Paradox Inducement - Equipment - None.