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Hey out there! I just realized that I haven't added anything to my profile page yet, so I decided to give it a start:

As far as my writing philosophy goes, I am writing just for fun and practice -- to be creative. Hopefully some readers will gain some enjoyment from my efforts.

My Love Hina story "Transmutation" is currently on hold for evolutionary purposes. On going back and rereading the current version, I saw that it was pretty rough in spots, so I felt it was time to pull out the old grinding stone and buffing cloth before it got too much further along. * (Note: Chapters 1-7 were updated 5-8-13).

I'm also considering stream-lining Keitaro's training process to get him improved quicker, since some commentator's seem to have no patience: only about ten days have gone by in the story line but some people think that the classic Keitaro that Ken Akamatsu created (who is represented in the earliest chapters) should have already thrown out a lifetime of wishy-washiness, embraced the warrior's way, and become "Super Keitaro!" It might be a let-down for those readers, but the classic Keitaro doesn't have that built into his personality. The only flying that Keitaro can do is when Naru or Motoko (or perhaps Kaolla) launch him. To get the classic Keitaro to agree to martial training, the only easily exploitable chink in his otherwise wimpy armor was to invoke his protectiveness over the girls, with a monster attack thrown in to drive the point home. He is now motivated, but his personality will insist that he anguish over the decision for a while. He is also endangering his chances of getting into Toudai by spending much of his studying time in training. You know how important Keitaro's dream is to him.

This story is about transmutation: the changing of one thing into another. All of the major characters in this Love Hina story will be affected; when you change one or two pieces in the matrix then the other pieces tend to change also to greater or lesser degrees. The characters that will have the most drastic changes will be Keitaro and Motoko, which also were the two that evolved the most in the original manga and anime (I think that is the reason they are so popular as a romantic pairing in fanfiction -- with me too). The other girls will also be changing, with assorted (but overall better) results. Haruka will also be playing a large roll.

There were also some unexplained mysteries involved in the classic Love Hina story, such as: Why is Keitaro so highly resistant to damage? Why is the ordinary Naru so strong? Where do Shinmei blades come from when they weren't visible just a moment ago? and why did a chronically ill child like Naru suddenly reagain her health after staying at the Hinata Inn? I thought that it would fun to play with these concepts.

Finally, I've been interested in Japanese mythology and religion, which is rich with fascinating spiritual beings of all sorts. If you spend any time at all reading manga or watching anime, then you will have come across your own collection of mystical beings. Since the Aoyama Family is dedicated to protecting Japan from evil spirits and demons, I thought it would be fun to drag the reader screaming and yelling into their midst. Have fun!

When I stepped into Ken Akamatsu's world, I decided that the magic wand that I would use to create my desired changes would be Adam Urashima. Obviously he is an OC (other character) and if you read the story description he is the main focus of the story, although he shares the air time with the other characters. He is the catalyst for the changes in the other characters. Some readers seem to automatically assume that OC = self insert. Wrong! (enough said). I needed a character with characteristics that I controlled from the beginning, not a pre-programmed package deal left by the original author (i.e. Keitaro, etc.) Adam needed to have enough experience and training to be a mentor/instructor to the other characters, but he had to be young enough so that they could all interact comfortably without age acting as a barrier. He couldn't be perfect -- perfect characters are boring. Adam has plenty of flaws, although only a couple have manifested at this point, and he is also evolving. Finally, he needed a reasonable excuse for being at Hinata House and being a member of the Urashima Family provided a convenient reason. Being raised both in and out of the Japanese culture gives him an interesting perspective on things.

Adam was raised in an environment similar to Motoko's, in that he was exposed to martial arts from a very early age, including (but not exclusive to) those taught by the Urashima and Aoyama Families. He was a prodigy in that he was able to grasp, understand, and master the martial arts techniques fairly easily, but he still required the years of practice and physical repetition required for his body to master the physical movements and needed reflexes. Because of his genetic background, he didn't need years of training to easily access his ki energy, which aided in his martial arts training and success afterwards. It hasn't been stressed yet, but if you check his genealogy you will see that his mother's maiden name was Springfield. She was actually Negi Springfield's (of Negima!) aunt. Adam has the potential to use magic, but the majority of his training was in using ki energy. His parents died before he had received much magical training from his mother, and then he was relocated to Japan to live with his Godmother and adoptive mother, Hina Urashima. Adam was from a branch of the Urashima Family that immigrated to California around 1900 at a time when many people of Japanese ancestry were doing the same (California still has a large Japanese-American population). His family became successful fruit farmers and vintners. They also operated a small martial arts dojo primarily to pass along the family traditions to their descendants. Adam is the last male Urashima born to that branch that bears the family name, although his maiden aunt, Maria, still bears the Urashima name. There are many Urashima descendants in the area, running the dojo and the family businesses, but they are now of collateral lines. Adam is very intelligent and has an eidactic (photographic) memory. This allowed him to excel in school, which is largely memorizing knowledge, so he was skipped and tested out through the public school system and later attended the University of California in his early teen years. He eventually obtained a Ph.D in history (doctorate of philosophy) and then an MsD in Metaphysics (doctorate of metaphysics) from a private college (Metaphysics deals with, among many other things, studies of spiritual things (religion), parapsychology, ghosts, all the "paranormal" things you can think of, exorcisms, etc. -- very handy for a person related to the Aoyama Family through birth and marriage). He was fully accepted into the Urashima Family in Japan, where he performed various duties for the clan. When Adam was in his late teens, he got curious and traced his Aoyama ancestors to their holdings near Kyoto, where he had a very unfortunate reunion. He later reconciled with the Aoyama's and was adopted into the modern Family, and he became a part-time instructor beacuse of his knowledge of some of the techniques that the Aoyama's had lost over time. Because of an arranged marriage with an Aoyama exorcist (shrine maiden) he became part of the family in another way. Not long before the story begins, Adam lost his pregnant wife and daughter when they were killed in a demon attack. He had been on grievence leave from Family responsibilities for about six months at the beginning of the story.

In this world the Urashima, Aoyama, Otohime, and Kamishiro Families are allies and often cooperate on different endeavers.

I intend for this particular story to be one of the longer epic ones. There will be a number of adventures involving the different characters from the series, however, the early part will be concentrating on the transmutation process and getting them in shape to have plenty of fun.

Because "Transmutation" will probably be working for a while, I will be writing on other stories as well, interspersed together. That way things don't get stale and stay interesting all around.

My next story will probably also be for Love Hina, perhaps concentrating on Keitaro's artistic self-- we'll see.

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