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HIIIIIIIII PPLZ!! i started this with my friend, and from now on we will be helping each other out. there will probably be more about me,(the younger one) but thats cause i will visit more often. maybe. who knows? - hi I'm the older one I'm new to fanfiction so please be nice if i mess something up (that goes for my friend too.) anything you read in bold it's me talking by the way

sex: both girls. 100 true ppl

age: 16, I'm 17

height: we're pretty tall. (lol.) True, but I'm the taller one (haha)

namez: ill tell one day. she'll tell you one day and I'll tell you today I'm Lizzie.

where we live: south florida.

About the younger one:

favorite animals: WOLVES. PERIOD.

favorite color: silver.

favorite food: i dont know. everything?

religion: christian/catholic? (i really dont know.)

history: my parents are from cuba. so im hispanic. but white. like, i think im a quarter of albino, lol.

description: tall, white, brown hair, with light brown or blond highlights. natural.(the color depends on the light. looks grey sometimes. uh.lol.) i look rockerish, but im not. quite cheery actually. also dont be mean cause i can have an attitude. my eyes are green/brown/hazal. (also depends on the light or her mood).

status: Taken (by my lovely Angel :3)

nickname: wolfy.( ill tell u my other nicknames maybe.) i started writing mikan druged blog, if any one cares. she wrote the remix. (lol i just review myself, after i read the story. i acted like i ws totally a different person. wow im stupid.lol) yes u r specially cause u edmitted it hey! shut up!!!!

Birthday: July 8th

please review our stories. i also have another profile, with my best friend, check out her story its AWSOME! she writes more than me though!!


this is the dress for mikan in my story:

if you guys need anything else, just let us know. thanks for even coming to our profile, have a great life ;)

Okay Lizzie's Turn:

favriote animal: Black cat.

favriote colors: Black & gold

favorite food: chocolate & fish (don't tease me... I Know it's a coincidence i like both cat and fish) i think its cute. (dnt kill me plz.)

Religion: Catholic (but don't judge me I respect all religions ok so respect mine too plz)

history: my parents are Cuban, but my family seems to have spread everywhere spain, japan, Italy, Mexico, America (New york, Florida and California) I have a lot of aunt uncles and cousins.

description: tall, tan, brown hair (dark),I guess I'd look more gothish but I'm not I just like Black and Gold (alot) I have regular brown eye's and my hair is generally long. Personality wise I'm very lay back, usually calm, generally patient but when I get mad it ain't pretty, and more often then not sleepy.

Status:Single (but unlike lady mystery I like it) actually, i like it! i just felt like being dramatic. u noe me.

Nickname: AlleyCat, Ely, liz, Kitten I have others but these are the most common. (and my nicknames aren't based on the fact i like cats it's on my personality.) tru. ur very sneaky wit me.

petz:i had ... well my brother had a dog named lucky (who wasn't very lucky.. he was scratched by a cat and went blind) lucky ran-away. ive had four birds and a few fish but i found them boring and the nextdoor cats ended up eating them.(may they rest in peace. yes i did care when they died plp I wasnt cruel to them ... just uninterested) i keep asking my mom for a cat or a ferret but she says they're dirty (yeah the cat who cleans itself is dirtier then the dog who smells it's own butt and plays on the dirty.) i will break her down... oneday... someday... hopefully? i dnt think so, but get a cat, i had a ferret, they are EVIL!!! well than again, u could team up wit it. but they are sooooo cute!!!

Sayings i love:

you laugh cause im different, i laugh cause im insane.

you laugh cause im different, i laugh cause you're all the same.

i don't build a wall to keep you out, wait no, its to keep you out dipshit.

i don't build a wall to keep you out, i build a wall to see who loves me enough to climb over it.

fight for what you believe in, cause even if you're alone, you're probably right.

the sun always rises, so it wont stay dark for long...

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