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Author has written 2 stories for Naruto, and Final Fantasy XIII.

Hey thanks for stumbling by...

Do you wish to know something about me?

It's currently 3:24 am here in Aus, so I'm a night owl :)

Okay, enough random crap, here's about me.

I'm a total geek and I love to study.

I'm a game developer! Well, on the way at least.

In reality I'm doing a masters in IT (fun... well I enjoy it).

I'm a composer. My passion is anime and game music composition. Nobuo Uematsu, Yuki Kajiura and J.S. Bach add to my inspiration.

I'm a meteorologist. My undergrad degree was in meteorology. And no, I won't be the next TV weather girl.

I'm an amateur 3D artist. At least for now. I can make my house. Yay!

Fave Game: Final Fantasy XIII (my first FF game and yes I joined the party during the alleged suckiest FF game, but not sucky to me)

Currently playing FF10, FF7, Assassin's Creed, Uncharted, Transistor, Ori and the Blind Forest.

And now to Writing...

My main fuel for writing is to release that hidden emotional energy that bubbles up now and then, the craving for a girlxgirl romantic story. For me right now that's mostly driven by the 2 alpha females of FF13 (Ohya who likes to say they write FFFF?? (Final Fantasy FanFiction)). My favourite type of character is a strong female, independent and whose story does not revolve around a male. Maybe because I can strongly, and I mean strongly relate. I'm one of them!

My present daily activities in order of how much time spent on them (excluding the mandatory eating, sleeping, bathroom things):

1. Online learning - Game Development

2. University work

3. Playing piano

4. Online learning - 3D modelling/animation

5. Shitty part-time retail job

6. Playing games on PS4/PC

7. Writing/reading fanfiction

About writing fics, I tend to update when I either have more time or need a break from everything else in my life. Could be a week, could be a fortnight, could be a month, could be 3 months, but let's hope it doesn't get more than that.

I usually try my best for everything, but if writing fics becomes more tiresome than enjoyable I know it's time to put it down and do something else. After some time away a good idea may spark, and off I go to plan it and write.

I'm nowhere near as good a writer as I'd like to be, but it is purely for fun and not career-oriented. However it does help me a lot in writing stories for games.

About reading fics, I have much respect for everyone who puts out a story. I haven't got many stories to my name, but I always experience the anxiety of posting up something that you put your heart into and anticipating how your hard work will be received. From the ups and downs, I have great respect for everyone on this site.

My current goal regarding this site: To finish the story I started! I've never finished a fic before (not that I've started many), but it would be a great accomplishment to me!

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I Don't Need Anyone reviews
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