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Author has written 4 stories for Avatar, Hellboy, and Stargate: Atlantis.

Hey hey hey!

Don't you just hate people who say that? Like once wasn't enough.

I'll let you know when I have something interesting to write.

Personal Update! Finally!:

I participated, like thousands of others, in NaNoWriMo last year. And completed it with 50252 words. It completely sapped me for a while and my writing showed the strain. Hopefully I'm getting back in the rhythm though because writing is my drug and I was in scary withdraw. I am currently editing the story I completed the challenge with, and am writing it's sequel. But I haven't forgotten my love of fanfiction and am back to posting. Slowly granted, but hopefully I learned something in the challenge about writing steadily.

Story Update:

First chapter of Stargate Atlantis: Earth and Sky Posted! Sorry I took so long guys. NaNoWriMo kicked the stuffing out of me. Updates will be slow, but hopefully steady.

And now I'm on Facebook!!!


And Wattpad!

And Twitter!


Completed stories:

Avatar 'Verse

White Walls Red Blood (This story is not pretty and meant to show a damaged mind so it will not make sense! Strong M Rating!)

Breathe and Trust Me (Episode One in the Rayne Avatar 'Verse)

Source Material For the Avatar story universe:

For what was removed from the movie.

(the scenery and tutorial galleries are very helpful. But all of them have usable stuff for inspiration.)

Character inspiration

Rayne: Not exact considering Rayne has blue eyes and dark brown hair due to the slight amount of human genetic material in her dna and the fact that she was born and not designed so she doesn't look as close to the Na'vi as scientists could get her. But you get the idea. Props to the artist though. They did an amazing job.

I'll add more when I find it.

Hellboy 'Verse

Ticking Clocks and Falling Sands (Fic staring Prince Nuada and introducing Jada Kai Gry)

Notice about Prince Nuada!

Author's Request: since you are reading this story, I will assume you like Prince Nuada. There is an online petition to make a movie about the prince's life, or to bring him back somehow. It’s been there for some time now, but with this boost in Nuada fics, I shall assume the interest in him was renewed, so if you could go and view the awesome trailer and sign the petition and tell your friends to do it as well, would be just great! Here's the address:

Stories in progress:

Stargate 'verse Atlantis galaxy

Stargate Atlantis: Earth and Sky (Working title.) Starring all my favorites from the Stargate television/ movie universe and Introducing Dr. Sophie McIntyre and her son Luka, so far.

Hey here's a picture of Sophie! Yeah she looks kinda like Carmen Electra. Just this picture though. Lol. Still hot. ;-)

And here's Luka with dreads. Lord help the female population when this little boy grows up.

Here are several pictures of Sigrun without the scar, I couldn't find an acceptable male with the right scar so I just gave up, use your wonderful imaginations please. Seriously no man should look this good tying a fishing lure. (And yes I like scars. Most of my OCs have them somewhere. There is dignity in living though something that gives a person a scar.)

And this is Erik. Well now we know who Luka takes after.

This is Lief and his brother Gunnr (identical twins). Lief is light and blond like Sophie. Gunner is much darker so please picture him with much darker hair (dark brown) and a deep tan.

I'll post the women when I find them.

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