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Author has written 4 stories for Alice in Wonderland, World Ends With You, and Harry Potter.

WELCOME to all those who dare tread on my profile. I used to be known as The Whether Girl, however, now I am known as Natalie Field because Natalie Field is who I am known as on fictionpress. Plus I like the name. No, it's not my real name, but I think it has a good ring to it. ^^ Please note that you are by no means required to read this whole long boring profile.

About my superspecialawesome fanfics:

Outcasts of Reality

You must remember, Alice, every game has rules, and you must never break them.

The candidates have been chosen. You've been thrown into this Game of Hearts where you must find out what part you play. You play for your soul... Alice, after being forced into an engagement with a rather horrible man, finds herself in a place called Wonderland - a place for the outcasts of society, the looked down upon, the mad. She is forced to take part in a game where everyone is trying to find out who they are, whether it be a lowly number or royalty. This is my newest works, so I'd love some reviews, even if they aren't saying much.

Rated T: There's some language. There will be violence and some scary moments as well. Take care while reading.

Nightmare Dream: Tales of Chaos

This is an Alice in Wonderland fanfic. It also happens to be my first fanfic ever. The main character is not in fact Alice but Hazel, who goes to sleep and wakes up in Wonderland. The first couple of chapters are fairly rough, but my reviewers seem to be enjoying it anyway. I think that the chapters pick up later on. It's a short series and nearly completed now. I've been thoroughly enjoying it.

Rated T: For violence and some terrifying moments.

Shibuya's Composer

The story of how Joshua became the Composer. The World Ends With You fanfic. It's on a summer hiatus. Was really fun to write and I think I'll be picking it up again someday when I feel like it.

About my superspecialawesome ideas for a future fanfics:

The Unidentified Fifty Fallen

In the last book of the Harry Potter series, the Death Hallows, there's an unidentified fifty who also died. I wanted to write a bit about each of them. I'm pretty sure I'll end up doing something like this in the future.

Harry Potter fanfic [no title as of yet]

Basically the story of an original character and her years at Hogwarts. Set way in the future. And how she gets involved in this challenge between the Houses. Some of the professors are the same while some are new. This fanfic dispells many myths about the four Houses. Really, are all Ravenclaws either dead smart or dreamy? Is all what makes Hufflepuff good Cedric Diggory? Are Slytherins evil? Are Gryffindors really the best?

Alice in Wonderland [no title as of yet]

Yes, another AIW fanfic. But a very strange twist on it. A girl named Alice lives in a world where dreams mean everything and are taken seriously. In her world, 95% of illnesses stem from a pesky little dream called the Nox. The doctors there who specialize in dreams are called Somniums. Alice is a special case. She's constantly being watched over because not only is she classified as a Tantibus - a person who has nightmares more than three times a month - but she's also an Insomnium. An Insomnium is a person whose dreams are too closely tied to reality. Occasionally, their dreams will turn to reality on a somewhat small scale... But for a person like her who gets nightmares frequently, it would be very bad if her dreams became reality... very bad indeed.


Welcome to my the corner of my Harry Potter world where I reveal some things about me and Harry Potter.

There is no such thing as being sorted into a bad House.

This is true. Many people consider Ravenclaw and Gryffindor to be the best. Slytherin isn't too far behind in most cases. Everybody stays away from the dreaded Hufflepuff.

All right. Let me get this straight. It has been quoted that "Hufflepuff isn't the smartest". Well, same goes for the other Houses - 'cept for Ravenclaw, of course. And everybody seems to think that the only good thing about Hufflepuff is Cedric Diggory. The reason why Hufflepuff doesn't stand out like the rest do is because of the qualities it has. They're humble and generally non-competitive. I kind of like to describe Hufflepuffs as "diplomats". They're the sort of people you want to hang out with. A decent lot. And loyal to boot.

Not all Slytherins are evil. Why? Because cunning and ambition aren't always bad. You see, Slytherins just have this tendency to be "loyal". They're loyal to their ambitions. And sometimes their ambition is a really good one. Cunning is a very good thing to have, and I daresay many a Ravenclaw would agree with me on that one. And there's always a time for having a certain disregard for the rules. Always.

Not all Ravenclaws are either a) dreamy or b) genius. Also, Ravenclaws can sometimes be condescending as well as arrogant. Just pointing out the downside here.

Not all Gryffindors are the best. But I'm pretty sure we all knew that already, right?

If I were to be a witch...

My patronus would be something musical. Perhaps a song-bird or something of the sort.

I'd be sorted into Hufflepuff.

My wand's core would be unicorn tail hair.

... Yup.

Stay Tuned: this Harry Potter corner of the universe is subject to change.

About superspecialawesome ME:

I am 100% female and have been so all my life.

I am a reader, a writer, a composer, a high school student, and most importantly a sparkly vampire. Wait. Scratch that last one.

I am sixteen years old and still do not have a permit. Sigh.

I love weather. Seriously. Thunderstorms, lightning, clouds, the sky, mountains, nature, snow, rain, tornadoes, hurricanes... the list goes on.

And I love music. To. Death. Music to me is over writing any day and I will always put learning music and playing piano over my writing.

And I also love the smell of rain, old wobbly door nobs, the smell of clothes after they've been in a wooden dresser, crinkly packaging paper, piano keys, a clear moonless night when you can see the Milky Way, grass under my feet, ticking clocks, autumn, that moment when the sun is hidden behind a tall cloud but you can see the rays of it splash everywhere, sunsets, sunrises, early morning mist, Ravel and Debussy, alternative music, and pretty much any genre of music out there.

I dislike New Age music, Twilight, heat and humidity, slow internet connection, midterms and finals, bad grammar, nails on the chalkboard, accidentally chewing the top of my pen... the list goes on.

My hobbies are composed of reading, writing, composing, swimming for fun, clogging (though I did Irish dance for 5 years), singing in the shower.

What do you like writing in fanfiction? I love writing for the Alice in Wonderland fandoms, as you can probably tell. But I am also now getting into the Harry Potter fandom, and it is epic. Very. ;)

What do you write when you're just writing a story? So I used to live and breathe and write everything fantasy. But now in the last couple of years, I've fallen in love with real-life fiction. Stuff that could actually happen, you know? I mainly do short stories, and I've especially fallen in love with flash fiction. By flash fiction I don't just mean less than 1,000 words. I mean 300-500 words. Yeah. A whole story in 300-500 words. I love it.

Do you think you're good? Not necessarily. Not yet. I have a ton I have to work on. A very long way to go. I think I've gotten better though.

So where do you live? In Virginia in the middle of nowhere on a farm. I'm serious. ^^ I live with chickens, pigs, an older brother and a younger sister, and a wonderful mom and dad. I love them all and they're all very encouraging.

How I Rate My Stories:

In my K+ fanfics I'll keep it light, get into maybe some deep stuff but there shall be no foul language at all and the only thing that it might contain is violence or something. I haven't yet written a K+ fanfic though. Guess I should, huh?

In my T fanfics I'm going to get into some mature themes, naturally, and there might be some violence and language. I don't use overly-excessive foul language, though, and I never going into too much detail with violence. Some moments may be a bit on the scary side for some people, but I'd say for the most part a mature thirteen year old could read this and have no problems.

I highly doubt that I shall ever write an M-rated fanfic currently. M rated stories generally have sexual content in them and I'm at the age where I don't feel it necessary for me to get into that. So I won't.

I'm saying this because I care that some thirteen year old or under is going to wander and read my stories without knowing what they're getting into. I feel like ratings on this sight are kind of underratedand not taken seriously. A lot of the times I have read T-rated stories that I think should be rated M. I think of my thirteen year old friends reading stuff like that and realize how bad that could be.

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Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

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