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just to let everyone know...i'm just writing teen titan's fanfics.. dunno if i'll ever write anything else...

Random informations and things: (some things might not be true... i claim no accuracy on some things i typed here!!)







i said random info. not random sounds... ooopps let's try that again.

"If 9 out of 10 people suffer from dandruff itch does that mean the other one enjoys it?"

"Cesar did NOT invent the Cesar salad." (i know it's sad)

"California maki was made somewhere in America by a chef that wanted to solve the dilemma of his costumers about seeing the seaweed wrapping outside."

"Language is a skill. And English, like any other skill, needs to be practiced in order for you to become better at it." (this is what my dad told me. that's why i'm writing here. go thank him if you like some of my stories here. :D)

"I like pandas!"

"there are some things in life that you can't buy with your money... that's why one can opt to steal." (no, don't do that.)

"Child: just got home and it's already late

Father: Why did you just get here!? Do you know what time it is!?

Child: Man, dad! Don't tell me you stayed up all night just to ask me what time it is? We have a huge wall clock over there, don't you have any initiative to check the time yourself? Man! Forget this, I'm going to sleep.

"Father: left speechless" (actually i just translated this to english. i think this would have sounded a whole lot funnier if it was retained in Filipino, but i wanted to share this.. dunno if you'll get it though)

"why did you bother opening this page anyway?"

"I live in the Visayas area in the Philippines. there are currently about 16 provinces there so you can take a wild guess."

"Sweetbeats does NOT taste sweet!" (for me, anyway)

"Manny Pacquiao beat Margarito and he now has 8 championship titles.. wheee... but the country's still poor... boo.."

"My favorite movie is V for Vendetta."

"I like Batman coz he really doesn't have any super powers, he's just damn smart, macho and wise."

"Currently reading Anatomy of Motive." (and other readings i have at school)

"You guys should try eating Puto Seko, it's tasty."



"...can be..."


"there are things that cannot be controlled.."

"..playing guitar makes your fingers kinda hard..."

"Reading a book about cats now.."

"no... i'm not a cat lover... i'd prefer dogs any time.."

"LEPRECHAUNS!!!!! are cute" (when their not out killing people for stealing their gold)


Current condition:

fly buzzes around my head and then suddenly enters my left ear and exits at the right ear* yes... apparently my brain's on vacation somewhere.

Stories i'm planning to make (if i don't get lazy and procrastinate):

Iris: it's a Raven story with another dude in the teen titans cartoon. the dude is not anyone from the titans.. won't tell who it is.. if i ever do make this you'll eventually find out who it is.

Why You Should Buy This Titan!! (the other west titans aside from beastboy): i just feel like i'm cheating on the other titans if it's just beastboy that gets to be in the spotlight.. although i did just make that due to my head not working right that time...
(only Raven is left..)

Scars: currently on work but title is now changed to Dead Stars..

Boo-Yah Song List: Diary Stories of the East: yes... i'm planning on making fun of the east titans as well. i already have a good idea on Speedy's song.. but i'm not quite sure for the other east titans.

Babbysit: it's a Raven/Robin moment that i'm not really sure what to do with it.

Crosses and Stones: BB and Terra thing...

well... if there's anything you want to suggest...just tell me..

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