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Formerly Doremi Boy 178 or Ojamajo Boy 178

Name: DJ Androm3da (Also known as Sailor Andromeda to the Sailor Moon universe, or in the Ojamajo Doremi universe, Ojamajo Andre or Ojamajo Boy, or as Andre Miyamoto in both Sakura Wars universe and across the internet as it is also my pseudo name!)

Real Name: Nolan Sunrise-Kalchos

Birthday: September 19th

Age: 17

Orientation: Straight

Relationship Status: Single

Religion: Orthodox

Occupation: Teenage boy, student, secret member of the Sailor Senshi, gamer, DJ, Brony, Internet Surfer, fanboy

Appearance: Dirty blonde hair, brown eyes. When not in senshi form, I'm usually wearing a black jacket half-open, red shirt, dark blue jeans, black shoes, tribal sleeve tattoo on right arm

Catchphrase: "Just saying..."

Waifu(s): Gemini Sunrise, Sailor Moon, Sailor Venus, Kati Raikkonen

On YouTube, I'm DJ Androm3da / NegativeEnergyX2000!

and check me out on Fanpop as DJ_DragonMaster!

and on Steam as DJ_Androm3da!

and Tumblr as dj-sailor-androm3da!

My favorite food is chalupas :P

I like to DJ, play video games, read manga, watch anime, and rollerblade!

I REALLY like to play video games!!! The consoles I own include my Playstation 3, Playstation 2, Wii, DS, Gameboy Advance, Xbox (the original, NOT 360) and an iPod Touch!!! My favorite games include first-person shooters, third-person shooters, action-adventure, platformers, and strategy games! To name a few of my favorites: Half-Life 2, Far Cry 2 & 3, Sakura Wars, Pokemon, Kirby, Skullgirls, Little Big Planet, Tony Hawk Underground 2, Mini Ninjas, Goldeneye 007, Cave Story, Bomberman, Civilization IV and V, Valkyria Chronicles, Mortal Kombat, Ratchet and Clank Future, Diablo 2, Spore, Bubble Bobble, Starhawk, Borderlands, Guild Wars 2, Escape from Monkey Island, Jet Set Radio Future, Battalion Wars 2, inFamous 1 & 2, Watch Dogs, Starcraft, Warcraft, Timesplitters 2, Fable, Battlefield 3, Katamari, and MANY MANY MANY MORE!!!

Besides video games, Anime is also a huge part of my life!!! My favorite anime shows (in order from the all-time favorite to...well, not my total favorite) are Sailor Moon, Sakura Wars, Attack on Titan, Hetalia, Excel Saga, Bubblegum Crisis, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Azumanga Daioh, Toky Ghoul, Air Gear, Soul Eater, Ojamajo Doremi, Queen's Blade, Kill la Kill, Rosario Vampire, Elfen Lied, Pokemon, Pretty Cure, Angel Beats!, Baka & Test, Dragon Ball Z, and InuYasha.

My favorite movies are Pulp Fiction (dethroned Frozen for Best Movie!), Reservoir Dogs, Frozen, Wreck-It Ralph , Batman (1989), Pacific Rim, Elysium, Chappie, The Sound of Music, Les Miserables, The Dictator, Spaceballs, Despicable Me 1 and 2 , Kung Fu Panda 1 & 2 , Austin Powers (second one is my favorite!), Little Man , 9 , Johnny English , ALL Marvel movies, Blade Runner, Team America, Cats & Dogs, and of course, Tron and it's sequel, Tron Legacy

My favorite music artists and fellow DJs are: Daft Punk, Knife Party, Porter Robinson, Madeon, Pegboard Nerds, Avicii, David Guetta, deadmau5, Skrillex, Steve Aoki, Black Gryph0n & Baasik, Captain Jack, Alesso, Wolfgang Gartner, Alex S., The Chemical Brothers, Manian, The Living Tombstone, and The Glitch Mob!

My favorite TV shows (NOT cartoons) are Drake and Josh, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, The Big Bang Theory, Blackadder, How I Met Your Mother, Community, Fawlty Towers, and The Golden Girls.

My favorite TV shows (cartoons) are Spongebob Squarepants, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (Yes, I AM a Brony!!!), and My Life as a Teenage Robot!

My favorite books/comic books/graphic novels are Calvin and Hobbes, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Cyanide and Happiness, and Baby Blues!

and now for some funny quotes:

"Keep your paws off my pie..." -Patina, Magical DoReMi episode #137

"Some things are worth the risk" -Sam Flynn, TRON: Legacy

"I put the money in the jacket, and the jacket on the kangaroo, and now he's hopping away!" -Anthony Anderson, Kangaroo Jack

"DAYUM! It's Poison Jam!" -DJ Professor K, Jet Set Radio Future

"In my opinion, we don't devote nearly enought scientific reasearch to finding a cure for jerks" Calvin, Attack of the Derranged Mutant Killer Monster Snow Goons, page 58

"Eat floor...high fiber" -Batman, Batman Returns

"You guys look like two seals fighting over a grape" -War Machine, Iron Man 2

"Brian, you shouldn't have done that. Who knows what kind of unforseen consequences are awaiting us? Sadam Hussein could be president, Mexico could be the world's dominant superpower...COOKIE MONSTER COULD'VE INVENTED FACEBOOK!" -Stewie, Family Guy Season 10, Episode 5

"Who you calling pinhead?" -Patrick, Spongebob Squarepants

"Ugly Bob, you have a face like somepony tried to put out a forest fire with a screwdriver" -Philip, South Park Season 2, Episode 1

"Stupid logo!" -Conker, Conker's Bad Fur Day

"You can't pick men and you can't pick pizza!" -Sophia, The Golden Girls

"I mean REALLY!" -Mike Mozart

"I'm not always hungry...sometimes I'm thirsty!" -Me

Sailor Senshi Information:

Element: Nightmares

Uniform: Suit jacket with black shirt outlined with neon red wire underneath, black dress pants, silver dragon necklace, black hair with red frosted tips, black boots, and a red tie with a gold crescent moon on it. Equipped with a neon red hunting bow with a scope and shoots light-arrows, and I'm usually equipped with a metallic gadget that sticks to my back and transforms into a pair of dark grey wings that I use for gliding.




Andromeda Starbreaker ARROW!!! (I fire a piercing arrow of energy)

Andromeda Wing DEFENSE!!! (Not really an attack. My wings defend me from any incoming attacks for a short time)

Andromeda Nightmare CATALYST!!! (This one is a secret!)

My Witch/Wizard Apprentice Information (When I am Ojamajo Andre, previously known as Ojamajo Boy):

Wizard Uniform:

Basically the same as my Senshi uniform when I'm Sailor Androm3da, except instead of my bow I use my Tobaka Poron, I wear a dark violet wizard hat and a navy blue cape, and instead of a tie, I wear a silver bow tie.

Transformation: Magic wizard Andre-kun!

Wand: Tsubaka Poron

Spell: Tsubaka misanaka moshiakanu!

Magical Stage: Tsubaka misanaka shitoyamaki!

Patraine: Tsubaka patraine!

My Sakura Wars OC info:

Uniform: Grey with black trim

Kobu Primary Weapon(s): Duel Falchions

Division: Toronto Leaf Division

Kobu Special Attack: Screaming Spectra (summons a lightning bolt to strike the earth, triggering an explosion of spirit energy to burst out from the ground and damage nearby enemies)

Kobu Special Attack (Flight Mode): Silent Dragon (fires a volley of dragon-shaped guided missiles at the target)

So keep on reading, comment if you'd like, 'cause the more comments, the more fun stories I'll make! Peace everybody!

-Sailor Androm3da, fighting for justice, one fanfiction at a time!

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