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Not much to say...can't give away much about my life because of certain laws, but...

I live in a small town, in the smallest little house. My family is over-bearing, but they are only wanting the best for me. I write and read on fanfiction to get my mind off of things, though I have very little time on here. I read, but writing takes time I don't have. I have had my share of stupid people in my life, and past boyfriends, but I find a guy that changes my view on everything...*sigh*

Oh well, I'm just head over heels for a guy that is head over heels for me...sometimes life works out perfectly...

But then his face flashes in my mind to remind me it doesn't...

Feb 20th, 2011

Been awhile, hasn't it? Check out poll for my story being finished, and then I am free to pm if need be...

Found myself liking Bleach and FMA lately...heh...no yaoi or yuri, but more for the character relationships, like Ichigo and his inner hollow. It makes it interesting, funny, and suspensful...lol, I cannot spell to save my life. :D

April 22, 2011

So there was one vote for me finishing DAnger Amoung the Dangerous, and three not to and work on something else. Alrighty then, DAnger Amoung the DAngerous is up for adoption. If you want it, take it. Don't have to PM me or anything. Or even mention me in it...do what you want. I'll delete it in about three months...and a new poll is up for a new story idea. Let me know!

May 15, 2011

Sorry, I forgot to have the poll up on my profile. Hehe...so it's up now. >.> Uh...so...yeah...got to get ready for a parade I march in for band today. And then I have my dance recital last night and was up SO late...Culver's was good food though. (Look up the food...it's yummy ice cream.)

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Bella, Jacob, and the whole group have been best friends since forever. When they get to junior year, they think it will be a breeze. But what happens when they have to face the unexpected-turning into werewolves? BellaxJacob AU AC. R & R
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first i want to thank itslikenature for her very big help with this,she is wonderful and a fantastic author. got tried of stories making Jake look like a womanizer and a drunk,our Jake is not that way,this is just a story of Bella learning to trust again
Twilight - Rated: M - English - Romance - Chapters: 35 - Words: 103,040 - Reviews: 407 - Favs: 132 - Follows: 124 - Updated: 1/3/2011 - Published: 1/5/2010 - Jacob, Bella
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Like Night and Day by EllaB twilight reviews
Bella struggles with her changing feelings for Jacob, her pain from Edward's rejection, and her lingering feelings of love for the vampire who broke her heart and disappeared. Will Jacob and Bella get their chance? What happens when Edward returns?
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Distance didn't matter when a demon sensed danger to his mate. Shippou doubted Time did either.
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What if Stephanie Meyer ended the book, New Moon, a little bit differently than the published copy? What if Bella left Edward for Jacob just as she got him back?
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