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Author has written 6 stories for Team Fortress 2, Aaahh!!! Real Monsters, Radio Dramas, and South Park.


My ideas (NOTE THAT I HAVE PATENTED ALL OF THESE AND IF YOU STEAL THEM I WILL SLIT YOUR THROAT AND RAPE YOUR FAMILY) (also my friends helped with some movie ideas but I forget which ones):


Dead Man Walking: As a man is smoking marijuana outside on a street corner, a cop pulls up. He tries running away but immediately gets shot in the back. The officer walks up, grabs him by the collar and says "Sleeping on the job, eh?" He gets sentenced to six months in jail and once he is released his wife takes care of him. His wife finds him a decent job and everything is fine, until his boss starts making a move on him. Hilarity ensues as one young corpse climbs to the top!

The Kid of Karate: While ordinary 7 year old Jommy Boofett is walking home from his karate class, he gets hit by the worst bus driver ever! Since he had never been baptized he goes straight to hell. HOWEVER, Satan decides to give him another chance, and grants him super strength and the knowledge of a 10th degree black belt. But in order to stay on Earth, he must get revenge by killing everyone on the bus that killed him!

Attack of the Giant Caterpillars: As Dr. Science Mountain Jr. is testing his newly built growth ray, something goes haywire with his test subjects: CATERPILLARS! Now they've grown to 200 times their size and spew toxic waste. No one can stop them from eating their town, not even the army, until two months later when they form into cocoons. However, the army says they'll get rid of them later. Months later the butterflies emerge, with GIANT LASERS ON THEIR BACKS! Who can dare to stop them now?!

Baby Boom: Mildred Faurtknucker is minding her own business, pregnant, as she decides to go into labor. Once rushed to the hospital, it turns out there's not a fetus inside her, but a FUCKING BOMB. Titties

Dr. Babyrape: Doctor Andres Larios was no ordinary doctor. As he delivered more and more babies, his urge began to grow until one day, he just couldn't take it. He took that baby, and right in front of it's parents he did the deed. But something rushed inside of him; he felt on top of the world with power raging through him. He smashed through the wall to the nursery, where he grabbed every baby one by one. When he finished, Andres realized what he had done. He ran as fast as he could to the one place that wouldn't even think of condemning him for his actions: Mexico.


Toddler Twats: Basically a bunch of babies, like Rugrats, except it's much better. For example one of them has thick glasses with a huge lisp and wears a cape. I think I'll call him Jimothy. No one likes him. The writing is exceptionally better too. In one episode, Jimothy is tired of being bullied by the neighborhood dickhead, Richard (see what I did there?). Then, on New Year's Eve, he sets back all the clocks at his house by one hour and invites everyone to a party. At his party, he goes up to Richard and says "Hey, do you promise to be nice to me the rest of the year?" Richard looks at the clock, 11:02, and says "Yes... yes I will! I promise I'll be nice to you for the rest of the year." Jimothy laughs and says "WELL I MOVED ALL THE CLOCKS FORWARD AN HOUR!" Richard gasps as he faints to the ground. Hilarity ensues as Richard attempts being kind to Jimothy!


Incest-o-mania: A tale of love.


Bomb Runner: Includes thirty levels of one objective: walk inside with a bomb then detonate it. Mischief ensues as you travel the world blowing up places, with locations including an Army base, a McDonald's Playplace, a Toyota dealership and Niagara Falls!

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