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Author has written 5 stories for Haruhi Suzumiya series.

Disclaimer: Nothing Rai Shu writes (including other disclaimers) should be taken seriously, especially the parts that are meant to be serious. Any similarity to actual humor is purely coincidental.

- Who is Rai Shu?

Rai Shu devoted himself at an early age to a life of poetry and randomly dancing in the streets. If you see some homeless man babbling incoherently about trees and a love for discovering your inner beauty, chances are that is not actually Rai Shu, but someone who has an uncanny resemblance to him. Rai Shu has been known to express both encouragement and perplexed rage at the exact same ideas, and is distinguished by a puzzling disgust with anything Haruhi-related (usually referring to it as "that bad dating sim parody gone horribly wrong"). When asked why he contributes so much Haruhi-related material, he responds: "A man has not truly mastered his art until he has revealed it in even his most hated forms. Trashing the beloved Haruhi world is just an unexpected bonus."

Rai Shu contributes the work of two imaginary writers, known usually as "Author" and "Proofreader". As these characters do not actually exist, the stories themselves are really just a figment of your imagination. When asked why this is, Rai Shu only states: "Great writing is not about participation in the experience, but really about not participating. Once you can let go of your ego and your need to be involved, then you can experience true enlightenment. And when people complain about how much you suck, you can just shrug and say, 'Hey, it ain't my fault. They did it.'"

To which, Author and Proofreader composed a reply:

Author: The essence of Rai Shu is failure. Namely, the failure to be brave and admit to being a failure.

Proofreader: Rai Shu is an observer. As such, you can expect a lot of idealism and little in the way of compelling substance. Observers make the most annoying writers of all. Thank goodness we do that job.

Author: Hey, I do that job. Your job is to bug me until I fix stuff.

Proofreader: My job is to keep your work honest. That has to be more work than actually creating stuff.

Author: I have to write with such brilliance that even your "work" can't ruin it.

Proofreader: If it weren't for me, your "work" would be a trainwreck of affectations and sloppy, half-baked ideas.

Author: How did this end up being about us? Rai Shu is the real failure.

Proofreader: Yeah. Now, there's something we can agree on.

- About Rai Shu:

Birthday: February 31st (age unknown)

Favorite Anime: Aliens x Aliens, Mechanized Angst, That Darn High School Class

Bio: Rai Shu is a professional student and student professional, ergo a professional professional. (When asked what this means, Rai Shu only states: "Ideally, respect is a two-way street. In this world, respect is a bumper car ride.")

Often says: "Failure isn't an option, it comes standard."

Something personal: "I spend a lot of time meditating, though I mostly just chuckle uncontrollably after a while of that. No, you don't want to know. Please spare me some change. I swear I won't drink it."

- About Author:

Birthday: June 3rd, 1965

Favorite Anime: Cyber Coil, Tokyo Magnitude 8.0, anything by Hayao Miyazaki

Bio: Author is a divorced mother of one annoying teenager, and frequently gets foot/leg injuries. Current job involves a lot of traveling (she won't be more specific than that).

Often says: "Murder your darlings, preferably before they murder you."

Something personal: "I'm a total anime geek, and I lurk in a number of different gaming forums. When not doing that, you might see me jogging to the smooth sounds of old AC/DC or Suicidal Tendencies."

- About Proofreader:

Birthday: January 12th, 1983

Favorite Anime: FLCL, Oh! Edo Rocket, Baccano!, lots of other stuff with ! marks

Bio: Proofreader is a chain-smoking guitarist and suspected member of SAG (although he denies it). Currently unemployed. Is often accused of being female or a hippy (or both).

Often says: "Money talks, and it's telling me that I can't trust you."

Something personal: "I'm a big movie buff, but I mostly watch old stuff. When not reading or playing video games, you might catch me in a D&D session or looking for fansubs."

- Advice for aspiring writers:

Author: Practice, practice, practice. That's really all there is to it.

Proofreader: Yeah, it's kind of pointless having some special technique or whatever if you don't know what you're doing.

Author: I've been told there's a lot of reading involved, though I'm not a big reader.

Proofreader: I'm a big reader, but then good reading skills are highly underrated.

Author: Really?

Proofreader: You'd be surprised how much writing skill comes from good reading skill.

Author: For example?

Proofreader: This may sound obvious, but don't expect what you read to convey some great truths.

Author: So, as a writer, don't try to make it convey some great truths.

Proofreader: Exactly. This is one of the pitfalls of bad writing. Always write modestly and with purpose.

Author: What's funny is I often think of "great" truths and then try and contrive some means to convey it.

Proofreader: Yeah... Well, you young writers make sure you don't do that. It can really screw things up.

Author: I make a pretty lousy example of a writer.

Proofreader: Whatever you do, don't follow our example.

Author: Because we really suck.

Proofreader: Yeah, no question about that.

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