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Hello, I'm Magnus2010 and here's some of my info

Name- Kyle

Age 20

Sex- Male

Usually brainstorming ideas for story, listening to music (mostly rock but i like a bit of everything), or reading manga(mostly action, romance, comedy, supernatural, etc.) I also play a bit of LoL to beat of the boredom.

Favorite Manga- These are my favorite manga. They are pretty much all tied for #1 but they have some distinctions that set them apart

Best Story - hmmm . . a tough one One Piece? Immortal Regis? Ubel Blatt? . . . Gonna have to go with Mirai Nikki, or "Future Diary". Its just a great story that drew me end and i was happy with it until the very end.

Best Character -Immortal Regis/Cavalier of The Abyss- Jae-Hyuk is amazing, enough said. Easily ranks as my favorite character off of any book, movie, anime, manga, or whatever else I've seen.

Best Action -The Breaker/The Breaker New Waves- Call me crazy, but this manga is, in my opinion, the #1 best manga for some fighting action. Second best and a close tie would be Veritas.

Best Harem -To-Love-Ru- This is my favorite Harem not only for the girls, but for the comedy. I love how funny this manga can be. Now that To-Love-Ru Darkness has started, I get to see the whole cast in action once more. truly a blessing.

Best Ending -Ping- I won't ruin the end for anyone, but all I can say is that if you get into the story, the end is pretty unforgettable.

"A Darker Side's other side" rewriting.

As i said on the summary of the fanfic, I am currently rewritting the story, but its not a 100% redo. It started off nice, though even on Ch 1 it has things i had problems with. The problem that caused it all was that I had been taking in ideas from a friend from my High School at the time, and i had let him influence the bigger parts of the story too much, which in the end led to the latest chapters which more or less completely annoyed me. Kinda mad i ever pressed the button that put them online, so lately ive been rethinking/rewriting the story to where its much closer to where i originally wanted.

"LFM!!" looking for help.

Also stated in my last update of the summary is that i am looking for someone to swap ideas with, whether this be though email, instant messaging, Skype, fb, or whatever else. It all just depends on what both parties have available. The help im looking for mostly concerns smaller parts of the story, though im also looking for someone whos got their own ideas they think can make the story better, though don't be mad if i turn ideas down because im not planning to rewrite the story a 2nd time because of someones ideas making me go off course of what i have planned. Basically i just want to talk to someone whenever its convenient about the story, where its going, what they think, and what could be done to improve future chapters. If you help me come up with, or already have an idea of something good, then i'll give full credit to you for it.


I wouldn't expect someone to think otherwise, but i figured id have to say it anyway.

little about my personality for those who want to help:

1) I hardly ever get mad/angry. you'd have to know me pretty well before you could get me mad, and even then you'd have to try for it to happen, so don't be afraid of me raging or anything because im usually pretty agreeable. As far as that all goes, id almost consider giving someone credit if they DID manage to get me angry on accident.

2) I love sarcasm and good humor. I tend to get more sarcastic the more i know someone, though i do stop if asked.

4) Don't expect me to be completely serious when it comes to this story. I do want it to be a good story, but if i was serious all the time when writing it id probably come up with a stiff and boring chapter constantly. personally i find my best ideas come to me in the middle of the night when im a bit sleep deprived.

A Darker Side reviews
Im back. Story is about to undergo a rewrite. Not happy with where i let it go. PM with any questions. Looking for help. look at bottom of my profile page for more info on both story changes and what the help involves.
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