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Author has written 10 stories for Shugo Chara!.

When it comes to writing, words will gladly flow from my pen. When it comes to writing about myself, well, I'm struck dumb.

So I also notice that people always seem to either have their profile extremely poetic or extremely lengthy in meaningless copy-and-pastes.

And I know I'm not that artful or that boring.

So I guess I'll just mention my favorite mange/anime. They are as follows:

Anime/manga (more likely both) I really really really like are Death Note, Soul Eater, Ouran High School Host Club, Hetalia Axis Powers, Code Geass, Shugo Chara and Bakuman.

Sure I've read other stuff too . . .


Yeah . . . people consider me to be a decent writer. Like essays and stuff. Some people like my stories. Now that's a super cool feeling. But hey, I know I need to work on stuff. Like when I get into the rut of writing five-word sentences for most of a piece and then using compound complex sentences that are barely grammatically legal for the rest. So I'm on the search of finding my "writing voice" which would ideally be descriptive and insightful in a witty and ironic way. I'll let you know when I find it . . .

One thing a passerby on my page might want to know is that you might never like my writing if you never tell me what I'm doing wrong. I want to spew out quality Pulitzer prizes for you guys, but if I'm not enlightened about my mistakes in my piece, I can't. And every piece has mistakes . . . probably.

But to say that I want to be a writer when I grow up would be overly optimistic. You see, I discovered recently that I'm quite the cynical. It kinda fits, seeing that my favorite musical band is Death Cab For Cutie. Which, by the way, I'm not embarrassed to shamelessly promote and coerce my loved ones into listening . .. which unfortunately drove them away from it.

Okay. . . a little snippet of my life's story. Alright then.

So I'm in the Shugo Chara! writing fandom, but obviously I read other stuff too. I like writing in Rima's and Tadase's POV. Not that I'm saying I'm any good at it, but I enjoy it. I just seem to understand Rima and find Tadase pitifully hilarious. I actually just finished one of his. Go read it!

Expect to hear more from me. Just not right away, but I have some stories up my sleeves.

Well, sayonara.


Ahhh I should probably update that Kutau fic if anyone's still reading that. I don't plan on abandoning it yet . . .


Today's the 19th. Why is that important? It just is. No, not my birthday either. I'm still working on "Forgetting the Lyrics", but I hate dead fics so it's just in a comatose state right now. I know where I need to go with it, the problem is how to get there. I have certain events partially written, but I need to discover how the characters would react properly and how it affects stuff. I wanted to finish it before school, but now that fell through.

So instead of being useful, I spent the last four days of summer reading the Death Note manga, and wow, it's just insanely better than the anime, even though the anime was great too. For Death Note, it's a lot funnier. Matsuda and Ide had some funny moments that were completely missed in the show, and Near had this childish overconfidence when he first contacted Light.


So I was on Troperville, and one troper recommended listening to L's and Near's theme songs at the same time (under Crowning Music of Awesome). It was a bit tricky getting two videos to play at the same time, but it was epic.


I just watched . . . 25 episodes of Code Geass in two days. Now, at two in the morning, I just found out that there's a season 2 XD

My profile has issues . . . with bolding . . . and page breaks. Too bad neither of them work the way my OCD needs them too.


I'm glad that my updating problem was finally fixed. Now why does it say I posted only 5 stories, when in fact there are 6 . . .

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Complete silence, and then, "Yes, I believe that you can easily achieve that." Nagihiko said. Rima knocked his science textbook off the table.
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Ikuto heard this, and leaned against the doorframe. "Utau's an amnesiac? . . . Well, do you guys have any bright ideas on what to do now? I know you don't, Souma. What about you, Spectacles?" Kutau.
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