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Author has written 6 stories for Ninja Turtles, and Naruto.

I do not own anything aside from my iPod, the laptop I use to publish, and Guitar Hero 5. I love to write, draw, and read. Peace :)

12/18/11 Update:

I have a Deviantart account that can be seen here:

I have a FictionPress account under the same name as this account. Hit me up for original works, I have a ton ;)

I like: Naruto & the Shippuden Manga, and Ookiku Fukubutte. I've looked into the anime's Vampire Knight, Ouran Hichschool Host Club, Fruits Basket, FMA (both), and some others I can't think of. Naruto is what I write mostly about.

I play Sims 2, draw my OC's, read Victorian Novels or older fantasy books (Lord of the Rings and Jane Eyre), and I am a junior. You can guess which junior I am, it's not hard to guess :)

I plan on graduating college with a major in Child Education with a minor in either psycology or English... still not sure on that one. I'll probably only become famous if I die tragically because a famous serial killer got bored, and that's alright with me. Who needs fame anyway?

There's another Naruto story other than the one I'm putting on here, but it lacks plot and is more of an attempt at a multi-romance. My Beta, whom wrote the Starscream and Alexis stories, will type this Naruto one for me. Praise God for her! *Note: Jetfire'sgirl16 is her new account, she got locked out of the old one.

For the stories of other fandoms besides Naruto:

The TMNT story is being taken out of the vault that is my laptop and being revised. I also have a Transformers story and others in the works (including original work that will eventually be typed and placed on fictionpress.net .

Naruto Stories:

I have various oneshots for contests, casual writing, and holiday specials. My art for such fictional works are on my DA account, linked above.

(On hiatus because I hate my OC's at the moment.)

What Butterflies Effect

After listening to a certain podcast, and RolePlaying with some friends, I got the idea to make one of my OC's 'evil'. With that thought in mind, I wondered what situation would inspire that dynamic. Reading some fanfictions , I got my answer. Female Naruto; aka, Naruko. With that in mind, I also 'revamped' some of my old characters, and found a fitting setting for Naruko (and other characters) being genderbent: Danzo identified those who would take him down and ordered a hit on them between sessions of the Gokage Summit. Almost three years later, those who survived, and others, are planning a rebellion that would put things right again.

Pairings: KakaNaru(ko)-main, NejiTen, ShikaTema, ChoIno, and other pairings that include OC x Cannon and hints of BL/yaoi... so something for everyone.

The Other Daughter 'Trilogy':

I was interested in writing a purely plot-centered story for Naruto, and created a OC out of nowhere to work with the cannon Anime plot. Centered in beginning of the Chuunin Exam Arc, and continuing throughout the plot with minor changes, it focuses on the Sand Siblings and their lives throughout all of these events. The introduction is just a bit of backstory, and events that are mentioned in the series are elaborated, explaing the charactors relationships. Inspired by the Naruto opening 3, better known as; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gzrbMcJ8t44, Kanashimi Wo Yasashisa Ni (Turing Sadness into Kindness).

Part One: The Other Daughter

Summary: The day Gaara killed Yashamaru, Matsuri’s mother found a strange baby while on border patrol. She’d been left with a medic-nin Sound Village headband, though no one knew such things at the time. Granny Chiyo looked over the child and deemed her to be almost as powerful as Gaara at this point, and she would become even stronger as she aged. The Kazekage took her in, and Baki raised her alongside the Sand Siblings. As they grew up, she became close to Kankuro and Temari, but only on speaking terms with Gaara. The One-Tails was intimidated by her even in her most helpless state, so Gaara never hurt her, only getting close once or twice and barely scarring her. She became a Genin with them, and every mission was a successes if she joined in the combat. She was ten when they would all go to Konohagakure for the Chunin Exams, but she wouldn’t compete, instead intriguing all the other ninja there.

Chapters: 1-11 (Status: Complete)

Part Two: Time-Skip Travles (part two)

A look into the lives of the Konoha 11 and the Sand Siblings durring the time-skip. Pairings hinted and established, rated M for suggestive (immature but reasonable for underage) content.

Chapters 12-15 (Status: Complete)

Part Three: What Daughters Know (part three)

When Kankuro and Kiritsu went out on their night off, they didn't expect to return to the Kazekage building because of an attack from Akatsuki. Unable to save Gaara durring the attack, they both chace after him, and begin a race against time. Meanwhile, in Konoha, Naruto is enjoying his return home... until the alert reaches Tsunade. Mostly follows Shippuden plot.

Chapters 16-36 (Status: Summaries written, working on chapter 16 as you read this.

Aaaaaand that's about as far as I can go before things get complicated. Ships for this story: SasuKarin, LeeSaku, KakaAyame, NaruHina, ShikaTema, AsumaKuernai, KankuTen(One-sided TenNeji mentioned), KibaXOC, ShinoHana, and other pairings established later.

OC's descriptions:






Yuuri (Spelled Yuri in the deviation) :

and Itami:

More to come

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