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Hi. We had no better way of starting our page. So now we're just gonna keep rambling until we find something intresting to say. By the way, if there's any thing mispelled in the introduction, that's because M is typing this and she is the world's worst speller. J is editing. Hey! Something to talk about! Who are M and J? One thing is that this is a joint account. We both write our own stories as well as ones we write together. The authors of each story will be listed on this page. We'll write any kind of genre, whether it be tragedy, drama, weird, happy, anything but biographies (about real people, at least.). No one likes biographies. Well, no cool people at least. Also M likes to write in Bold, while J prefers regular type. Anyways, time to introduce us.

M- I like cats. I also like Rue. I hate Prim. And Dumbledore. Especially Prim and Dumbledore. I like cats. Meow. I also like knowing the time. I hate school. And Dumbledore. Well, I don't hate hate school (but I do hate Dumbledore), but if I was givine the choice, I'd stay home, like any sane person. I really like Rue. A lot. She is so awesome, she should have won the Games. By far, she was the best. Now, if Prim spit hadn't wimped out, Rue would have lived, and won the Games. Unfourtinitualy, J dared me to wirte a serious story about her. Ha! That'll be one heck of a challenge. I like cats. I like to read, I read a lot. I like the book The Hunger Games. Meow. I like music boxes. They calm me. I have a doll who's head spins around. Like an owl. Owls are cool. Cassie has an owl morph. I like the Animorphs. They rock. My favriot is book # 33. Tobias, blue cover, morphing Ax. Then he gets tourtured. I like France, Italy, and pasta. And cats. Meow. I LOVE the Meow Mix Ultra comercial. My cat eats Meow Mix Ultra. I tried it once. It was pretty good. Bye.

J: Clearly, M likes cats. I, too, love cats but I don't express it as often as her. I have two. Their names are Rose and Snow. Well, Snow is actually my sister's. Guess what color she is. Rose is mine. She sits at the computer while I type and edits my work. As for books, I enjoy the Vampire Diaries, Wicked (by Nancy Holder), Harry Potter, the Inheritance Cycle and the House of Night. As for music, I listen to a lot of Avril Lavigne, Kelly Clarkson, and All-American Rejects. I think that's all I hace to say for now.

Current Stories:

By M: The Meaning of Irony, DUMBledore Deaths

By J: The Things That Weren't

By M&J: I Will Not

Philosophies of M:

On the topic of Insantity-

Let’s face it; everyone on FanFiction calls themselves insane. But, if you say you’re insane, then you’d know you were sane because if you were insane you would think you were sane and that everyone else is insane, so if you can say you’re insane then you are sane, not insane. Now, if you say you’re sane and everyone else is insane, THEN you might be insane, but I doubt you are because if you were insane, which you’re not, then you would be in an insane asylum, and they don’t allow computers in those places because the insane people might bash the sane people over the head with the computer since they think that the sane people are insane. Still following this? It’s all true. No one is really insane, except for the people who really are. Not you.


August third, two thousand and ten - This is M speaking. Do you read me? (Ha! Get it? Read? Read, like the astranouts say, and read, the action?) I got my first flame! Here it is.

okay this is horrible have you even read the hunger games i mean i could forgive the prim instead of primrose at the reaping but they are taken right away and the escort would not talk like that this is horrible!

And that was the review. Now, I would like to point out a couple of things. First, great grammer, dude. (Or gal. I still don't know... whoever they were didn't even have the guts to sign it.) No capitols, no punctuation, and, again, no name. Secondly, this flame crushed me. Like a bug. Like I was a car heading for the crush thing. Like a gaint rock was dropped on me. Like I was some grass you step on. Like I was in a tomb booby-trap. Like I was burried alive and all of a sudden the dirt and worms fell on me. Like a am being slowly pounded to death by gaint waves. So, now, I am just a mass of flesh with bits of bone poking through, although some bits of bone and flesh are scattered every where because I want to have to be scraped off the pavement that I was crushed on. My insides are squashed like an eyeball that has been smushed to a flat CD, leaving no room for the brain that was in my head, because it was vaperized by a Dracon Beam shot from the hole of darkness in my now lifeless FanFiction.

Of course, I'm going to keep writing. I don't mind flames that much. They don't make me want to scream. (You can't scream with crushed vocal chords,) Everyone has opinion. Even if that opinion does crush me like a bug. Like a car. Like an eyeball. Like time folding on into itself, demolishing everyone and everything that it holds. Except for cats. Because they rock, they'll live. Forever.

The only reason I'm giving this dude (or gal) a hard time is because it's my first flame. It made history.

How to properly flame:

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Quotes Section:

"Germs contagious, contagious alert,
but Edwart and Purell are stronger than dirt."
~Nightlight, A Parody

"I feel like I've been encarcerated in a blueberry,"
~Nigel St. Nigel, American Duos, Psych

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