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Update (October 29, 2013

I've been working on a map lately that ties together Breath of Fire 1 to Breath of Fire 3. Right now it is just a rough draft, outlining the continents and where I think each place would lie. It is heavily based on Breath of Fire 2, which is my favorite game, but I think that it combines the locations well. There are some changes, such as in the third game, you head west to go to Dauna Region, and from Windia you go east to head in the direction of Rhapalla, I flipped that because looking at the map from Breath of Fire 1 and 2, if you headed west, you would reach the wrong end of the world map and just circle around. I would rather have Rhapalla (or Captain second game) be the port town that leads to the other continent. I've also been writing out a description of each area found, and just how they've changed over the three games, even though many areas are not mentioned from one to the next except for Windia and the Dragon clan city.

Some cities aren't really mentioned; Nabel, Camlon and Nanai aren't on the map, as I couldn't really see a place for them, which may effect the Breath of Fire 1 fanfic I plan on writing eventually, but Drogen is approximately where Gate is, and with a 500 year gap between the two eras, its easy to think they're the same place. Gant from the first one is Guntz, and I moved the Mount Maori where the Diet magician is to the same island because going to an unpopulated island just doesn't make sense for an old man, and then being offered a chance to leave there and go back to the tropical island where Tunlan is makes more sense. Though I don't intend to use every location from all three games in my story, I like having a map to visualize the path of the heroes.

Also, I didn't use Breath of Fire 4, because of all the games, it is too different I think, and though that game was good, the world's only tie to the other games is Windia. I have always thought the fifth game was taking place in the Infinity, or, could have been written as though it did, as the people there haven't seen sunlight in generations, and leaving the Infinity would be a big deal, as it has been sealed since the second game, so they could have found a way out after all this time.

Anyways, the map is still a work in progress, my experience with Photoshop is not that advanced yet, but if anyone wants to use my map as a guide for story writing, or would like to work together to make it better, I would enjoy that. The map right now is at, just follow this link Aspiria Map WIP.

Update (August 5, 2013)

Hello all.

Just thought I'd stop by again, and give another, it's been over a year since the last one, and doubt there's much interest at this point, but wanted to post some things regardless. The Destined Child is still in the works, though I don't really plan on posting more until I have all 40 chapters complete, which should be another few months, but once that is finished, you'll be seeing 23 additional chapters posted as well as some changes to the previous ones (for those that have finished reading up to the last post, and would not want to bother reading the previous ones, any changes I made would have been posted at the beginning of the most recent chapter just as a recap.

The main reason I wanted to put something up is because of the recent announcement from Capcom. Breath of Fire 6 has been announced, and while this should be a cause for celebration, just from the very short video posted, and release info, I'm feeling kind of skeptical about it, as many others are from the look of Capcom's announcement page.

First off, it's not going to be a console game, nor a PC game, they are planning on releasing it for mobile devices, and making it a social game, touch screen controls. Very little has been released about the game so far, and while this could be good news, perhaps making BoF6 a MMO type game (something that I think would be interesting, there is a lot to go against that). If it were an MMO, the problem is the world changes from game to game, and parts of my own story attempt to tie Breath of Fire 1-3 together in some way, there is no static world to support it, aside from Winland/Windia/Wyndia as the Wing Clan city and a small town for the Dragon Clan in the first 3 games.

The main character (if it is the main character they showed in the short trailer) is a swordsman, yet if it is Ryu, it does not appear he has blue hair, it's red, and he looks like a character from Maple Story. Again, nothing really concrete has been shown, but why would they show a character in the reveal trailer if it wasn't a main character. So, even if they ruled out that character as Ryu, it doesn't fit with any of the Dark Dragon characters from other titles (most blonde), nor a Windian.

Lastly, about the game, it seems like there were no clansmen from the wallpaper shown, they were all human by the looks of it, except for one character that had a slight Highlander look to him. Capcom has been doing a lot that feels like they just want to anger their fans over the last few years, the cancellation of Mega Man Universe was something I did not like after the promising trailer, Street Fighter 4 was a game I hated, the Marvel vs. Capcom Series I did not even bother with.

The way the game industry has been over the last few years seems to me that they are just slapping on the title of something that has a loyal following from ten or so years ago, and using that to sell the game while throwing a team at the project that seems to have no previous experience with the game nor what made it popular. Several titles I was a fan of that released a long slumbering title nothing like the previous are: Diablo 3, The Third Birthday (Parasite Eve 3), Starcraft 2 WoL and HotS, Metroid: Other M, and Final Fantasy 11-15. Other games that have been rebooted to play off the name when it wasn't necessary are DMC and Tomb Raider. I dislike reboots because it invalidates everything before, and changes the characters we've known over the years. They could have introduced a new character in the same universe to focus on, but no, they completely change everything, and not once that I've seen for the better.

Anyways, enough with the ranting about the decline of video gaming. I hope they make a worthy Breath of Fire 6, but from the announcement, I am skeptical and it's clear I'm not the only one.

Update (June 21, 2012)

Hey readers, it's been a while. Just thought I'd stop in and give a bit of an update. I've recently picked up on writing the Destined Child again, working on revising the last 2 chapters before I continue - mainly because I don't like the way that I did the reveal of Ryu's sister in that and have put together plans to make it better.

On another note, I'm also working on the Destiny Unraveled story again, should be able to put out the second chapter soon, and continue from there.

A new project I'm working on is a rewrite for the Diablo 3 story. For those that played it, a few spoilers may be ahead, but I'm sure you've probably made it through normal by now if you're playing. The story is very bad in the game. I'm a big lore nerd, and it was one of the things that I was looking forward to in the game a lot, and was very disappointed how the 3 evils were all a big joke, Tyrael becoming human was stupid, Cain's death, pathetic, and Leah's transformation to Diablo was so underwhelming, it was just sad.

The last month has had me trying to find some good in the game after the first week, playing with a few friends, but not really having interest after beating it on normal, and coming up with ways the game could have been better. In the end I just decided to give up on it, purely out of frustration and write Diablo 3 how I would like it to be. Some is going to be the same, but I wanted to make act 1 more of recreation of Diablo 1, and advance the story a lot in the following acts, make Leah more of an interesting character and rework Cain's Death.

To those that are still happily playing the game, you may disagree, and to each their own, but I was expecting so much more out of the game. I was planning on using Li-Ming for the wizard's name, and have some selected for others, but if anyone wants to put in input for character names, I'll give credit for the ideas. They can be for anything, some previous heroes from Diablo 2 will be making appearences, Zayl, Kara Nightshadow and others will be in the story, but if you have a cool character you'd like to see, throw me a message and I'll replay ASAP.

Update (March 14, 2012)

It's been a while since I've put out any updates, just thought I'd get something up. I'm still working on the Destined Child, it's just that I haven't had the time to sit down and hammer out a chapter in a while because of work and stuff. I've taken the suggestions you've been sending under consideration, and will work on Ray's character more, as well as the Shamans playing a role in the story with the uniting and setting up more Ryu and Nina moments, as well as better interaction with the other characters and creating a deeper plot with them.

Thanks for the continued patience in the long delay between the last few chapters, and I hope when I get back into getting more of them out in quicker session that people will continue sending suggestions of what they would like to see in the story, and I'll work on implimenting it if it fits in with the story.

On a side note, I've recently started playing through the game again, using the retranslated version from Ryusui. If he is among the readers on this site, props to you, you did a fantastic job of the retranslation, and I recommend it to any breath of fire 2 fans, it adds a lot of depth to the game and gives the characters more personality.

Anyways, hope to have the next bit of story out as soon as I can, thanks for reading.

Update (January 18, 2012

I've read a lot of the Breath of Fire 2 rewrites, and find that where I am now is around where quite a few other good ones have been stopping, and now I see why. No, I'm not planning on stopping, it's just it starts getting a bit harder to go from the cheerful way things have been to start planning out the serious upcoming events and with a the world opening up, you have to plan out a way to get the heroes to do it all with a reason, and character development starts becoming more important. At least, that's what I find I am struggling with now in this part of the story, after Bow's name is cleared is when I find the game takes a more somber note.

I've also been trying to find a place that has a good breath of fire discussion group, or community. The ones here are dead, which is understandable for a game that is so old, but if anyone knows one, feel free to send me a message so I can check it out.

On a side note, yes, there are Ryu/Nina moments coming up, they ARE the main characters, it's just a matter of patience. If you are hoping to see something more specific, well, send a message about that too, and if it fits into the story, I'll write it in and give credit to whoever suggests something.

Update (January 11, 2012)

I finally got the next 2 chapters up, after a long 2 months of struggling with them. Looking back, there are some inconsistencies with the story I fully intend to fix very soon, especially the length of time between the hero's childhood and adulthood. It was pointed out today to me, and I'm doing a quick edit through all the chapters to make sure it's fixed properly.

Update (December 23, 2011)

My WoW account ran out today, and I deleted it from the computer so I'm not distracted again by that game. For those still interested in The Destined Child and Destiny Unraveled, I'll be continuing the writing of both and releasing new chapters in a timely manner. The next two chapters will be out soon (for real this time) and I'll try and have a new one out weekly after they're completed. I haven't been completely idle in the month I've been playing Warcraft, I have still been planning out upcoming scenes for the stories and improving how i want to see the fight scenes, so hopefully the short time away will help improve my creativity.

I don't think any other games will be drawing my interest at the moment, already played through Arkham City multiple times, got Warcraft out of my system again for a long time and the only thing on the horizon for me is Diablo 3, which could be a while away. I plan on making Ray, the shamans, Rand and Sten more important characters in the upcoming story, giving them more depth and conflicts to deal with, but anyone who played the game knows that some big stuff for those 2 is approaching, and I'll try not to disappoint.

Update (November 29, 2011):

The next 2 chapters are almost done, just working on editing and setting up some of the upcoming storyline that will probably be affecting the group throughout their journey. I've been distracted by a few games, Arkham City, the 4.3 WoW patch and DC Universe online since it became free to play. For those still reading, sorry for the delay, but there have been some good games out lately I wanted to beat.

Update (November 8, 2011):

I started a new story called Destiny Unraveled recently. I put it under Rated M, because I plan on making it a much more brutal story with situations you wouldn't really come across in the Destined Child story. I'm still working on that, just kind of stuck writing a certain part at the moment. While figuring out what to do, I have also been putting together some other parts, planning them out and such, like the Everai scene, the Aruhamel demon's battle, and also the Barubary and Death Evans parts. Just wanted to let everyone know it's still being worked on, and I won't be stopping till it's finished, it's just taking a little longer than I thought it would. Thanks for reading and hope everyone is enjoying it, and looking forward to what's coming.

Update (October 28, 2011):

Been working a lot more, and have a side project going with someone from work, so it might be a bit longer before I can really focus on this story again. But, for those still reading and enjoying, here's what's coming, I'm kind of jumping between writing parts of the next few chapters all at once so they tie together more than what's been previously written.

Interlude: Their Story
15 – Welcome to Whale Cove
16 – The Great Open Ocean
17 – Meet the Grass Man
18 – Wisdon Ruins

For anyone that played through the game, they should know a lot of the errand stuff is coming up, I'm just working on the purpose behind it all and giving the tasks more depth, so hopefully it entertains you all a lot. Hopefully I'll have more out soon, so, hang in there.

the name of the upcoming chapters are still placeholders for now, they may change during writing.

Update(September 24, 2011):

I'm still working on the Breath of Fire story, and the chapter is just going through some minor editing now, but I haven't done much this week, I got hit with the Diablo 3 bug, been watching the beta videos and reading everything that was posted on it because I'm super excited about that game. The next chapter should be out soon.

A bit about myself

I'm 28, from Ontario and have been a long time fan of RPGs. My favorite ones are Breath of Fire (obviously since I'm working on a fan fic for it), Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy 6, 7, and 10 being my favorites, Secret of Mana and a few others. I enjoy trying to expand on a universe, and plan on writing more for Breath of Fire when I finish my fanfic.

Currently I play Starcraft 2, and am waiting for Diablo 3 to come out. I used to play WoW (yes, I'm a fan of blizzard's games) but stopped shortly after Cataclysm came out.

I prefer the DC universe over marvel, and have the collection of animated films and series they released since they started on DVD, my favorite being Batman Under the Red Hood. I like the Harry Potter Series, especially the way she ends her books, and can make the mundane event of getting ready to go to school last well over 100 pages and still keep readers interested.

If anyone plays SC2, my user profile is Mobeus, player code 512, on Steam, I'm Anfini00 and in WoW I play Yua or Mobeus.

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