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Hello everyone, and welcome to my profile!

About me:

i love to read. i giggle at randome stuff, and i am the funny person in my world.

my favorite colors are purple, black, red, and aqua blue.

I love to run and swim.

Name: You'll never know!!

Age: 1-99

Gender: like i'm gonna tell you psychos!

Hair color: Like you want to know

Sarcasm is the bomb :)

Cookies are the best.

I do like to play Xbox.

I write many songs.

I want to skydive before i die

I have gotten the chance to fly a plane (it was AWESOME! I WAS 3,OOO FEET UP IN THE AIR!)

I wish i had wings. Who doesn't?

I love to write. I have thousands of poems and i am working on three stories. Only one is up here for you guys to enjoy. So far. The other- they don't have anything to do with books. I just write.

If i had one wish, it would be to fly and have other powers.

I'm very sarcastic.


Maximum ride

percy jackson and the olympians

the hunger games

eragon series

call of the wild

Alex Rider

Dairy Queen

The Gate Keepers

Jellicoe Road

if you like whatever is on this profile...



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Pictures of Wings of a Warrior:

Chapter 8:

(Max's dress)

(Max's boots)

(Fang's shirt)

Chapter 9:

(Angel's dress)

(Angel's shoes)


(Max's engagement ring. the best i could find)

Pictures for Cinderella Story Maximum Ride style:

(Max's work clothes)

the ball's outfits:

(Iggy's Tux)

(Gazzy's Tux)

(Fang's Tux. The tux Daniel Craig wore in Casino Royale)

(Max's dress)

(Max's mask)

(Nudge's dress)

(Nudge's mask)

(Ella's dress)

g (Ella's mask)

Chapter 14,

Max's uniform:

chapter 15,

Ella's party outfit

Nudge's party outfit

Lissa's party outfit

Brigid's party outfit

Chapter 17,

Ella's concert outfit

Nudge's concert outfit

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

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