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Obsession: Salmon Sashimi, medium rare steak, and a bottle of Merlot

The first time that I remember that I tried writing was when I was seven years old. Admittedly, a lot of things happened when was seven years old, so this is just one of those things. Anyway, the first novel that I remember attempting to write was a race, although I am pretty sure that that was not the first one that I attempted.

Magic and everything else that is improbable aside, one of my main complaints about the characterization of Harry Potter was that he is too selfless.

The main argument of those who ship Harry/Ginny is this: ‘Harry and Ginny shared the fact that they fought against Voldemort, something that Hermione cannot claim to have done’.

This, of course, refers to the events surrounding the opening of the Chamber of Secrets in HPY (Harry Potter Year) 1992. At first glance, yes, Ginny Weasley and Harry Potter both shared the fact that they fought against the Dark Lord.

However, if one was to analyze it more clearly and deeply, we come to the conclusion that, Ginny Weasley did not fight against the Dark Lord. Simply put, Ginny did not fight against Voldemort, she fought against Tom Marvolo Riddle.

Now, of course, Tom and Voldemort is the same person, so both are inter-changeable. But are they really?

More than ten years after the supposed death of Voldemort in the hands of a one year old Harry Potter, the Magical World is still afraid of saying his name. The reason? They fear the man so much that they cannot say his name, even after he is already supposed to be dead. The thing here is that saying the name of the man is defiance against him in the first place.

How does this relate to my claim that Ginny fought against Tom Riddle, not Voldemort? Simple, Ginny was unaware that Tom was Voldemort. The question then becomes: ‘If Ginny was aware that Tom and Voldemort are the same people, would she still have fought Tom?’ now, we all know that we cannot answer that question, so we are forced to look onto the actions of the characters in the subsequent books.

As I had said a while ago, the magical world feared the name of Voldemort so much they dare not say his name. Yet, there are those few who had the courage to say his name. I am, of course, speaking about Albus Dumbledore, Harry Potter, Sirius Black, and Remus Lupin. These four characters, from their very introduction in the series, had referred to Voldemort by name.

In Book five, however, we add one more name to those who refer to Voldemort by this name. although she had first began to refer to him by his ‘You-Know-Who’ moniker, Hermione Granger was the first among Harry’s friends to refer to Voldemort as Voldemort, not Ginny, who only began to use the name at the end of Book Six.

That is defiance. Defiance is a method of fighting. In the strictest interpretation, therefore, Hermione Granger was the one who fought against Voldemort.

Since Ginny did not fight – the actual fight, of course, not the ‘defiance’ – against Voldemort – she fought against Tom Riddle – we cannot claim that she and Harry shared that experience of fighting against Voldemort.

Of course, I am not going to claim that Hermione fought against Voldemort just because she referred to him by that name, and no I am not going to claim that Hermione fought against Voldemort during the Horcrux Hunt, because she did not.

What I am going to claim is that Hermione Granger and Harry Potter should have ended up together because Harry fought against Voldemort, and it was Hermione who gave the first indication that she is willing to fight against Voldemort.

Harry and Hermione's is a joint role in which each inexorably needs the other, recalling ancient dualities like the head and the heart and the male and female of pagan religions.

(Copy-Paste from Harry Potter wikia)

Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley share the love for flying and quidditch. Conceded.

What does Harry Potter and Hermione Granger share?

They share something far more important than just a flying and quidditch. The bond between Harry and Hermione would always be stronger because they share life and death.

In HPY4, who was there for Harry when the entire school thought he was a liar? It was Hermione Granger, not Ginny Weasley.

I had always believed that JK Rowling intended for Harry and Hermione to end up with each other, but midway through, realized that to do so would mean that there would be characters that would not have their happy endings. The events from the Halloween Celebration in HPY4 up to the First Task support this hypothesis. Consider, if JK Rowling really did intend for Harry and Ginny to end up together, why not show this in HPY4? Why did JK Rowling use the character of Hermione - and not Ginny - to give Harry that support?

In addition, let us return to the scene of the World Cup. Bulgaria brought Veelas with them. Magical creatures that can hypnotize men by their very presence. We've seen Harry being enticed by them. Who was it tht JK Rowling used to bring Harry back? Hermione. I ask, therefore, why use Hermione instead of Ginny if you had planned from the very beginning that Harry ends up with Ginny? Is it not more convincing to use Ginny instead? In the long run, this would have helped rationalize the decision of Harry to marry Ginny, yet, why use Hermione?

In HPY7, who was there when Harry had to find the Horcruxes? It was Hermione Granger, not Ginny Weasley. Granted, Harry asked Ginny to remain behind, but Harry also did ask Hermione to stay behind. Yet, she did not remain behind, she insisted on joining him. Why did Ginny not insist on joining? Was it because Harry asked her not to? Was it because Harry told her that he would feel better knowing that she was safe? Probably, but she still should have went with him.

What does Harry Potter and Hermione Granger share?

They shared the fact that the two of them were the ones who faced life and death together. In Godric’s Hallow, it was Hermione who was there when Harry met his parents for the first time. They shared that, the two of them, and no one else.

What does Harry Potter and Hermione Granger share?

They share the fact that the two of them lived their pre-Hogwarts life as outcasts. They understood each other better because of that, because both of them knew what the other went through when he or she was younger. They shared that. Ginny would never understand what it means to grow up as an outcast because despite the fact that she is the only girl child in her family, she had her brothers who, more or less, pay attention to her. Harry and Hermione did not have that.

So yes, Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley both loved flying and quidditch, but in the cosmic weighing scale, Hermione Granger would always outweigh Ginny when it comes to what she and Harry Potter have in common.

Who is more like Lily Potter, Hermione Granger or Ginny Weasley?

Personally, I could not care less. There are over a billion people in the world, and it is inconceivable that every single person would be completely unique. We grow up in an environment where we are encouraged to emulate those that we think of as heroes, and therefore, it is not really unlikely that we model ourselves after them.

In this question, personally, I do not think it is relevant to the question of who Harry Potter should have ended up with, but I would like to offer an answer to it nonetheless.

Who really is more like Lily Potter among the two top contenders? I have heard a long time ago that when a guy looks for his first girlfriend, he looks for a carbon copy of his mother. Granted, my first girlfriend is like my mother (they are so alike that my mother and her never really got along) but personally, I think this is bull.

Anyway, let us compare the two characters.

Ginevra Molly Weasley, what do you really have in common with Lily Potter? ‘We both have red-hair’. That’s good, anything else? ‘People say that we look alike’, that’s good, anything else ‘We both have red-hair’

That’s it.

Hermione Jean Granger, what do you really have in common with Lily Potter? ‘We are both muggle-born’, ‘we both cannot stand bullying’, ‘the two of us were the top students of our age’, ‘we both like the library’, ‘we both do not like flying and quidditch (unconfirmed in the case of Lily, though)’, ‘we both like rules’ the list goes on and on.

So in the cosmic balance of things, I would have to say that Hermione Granger actually has more things in common with Lily than Ginny. Granted, I personally think that basing our choices of who to spend the rest of our life with on appearance is bull and crap, I cannot help but see that that is one of the reasons why most of those who sail the Harry-Ginny ship are aboard theirs.

Fallacy: Ron would do anything to protect Hermione.

It's not there in any of the books. The only thing that I saw Ron doing for Hermione was to insult her for who she is. If - and that is a big if - Hermione is the kind of girl who prefers being insulted, then they would have been great together. Circumstances presented in the seven books - yes, all seven - seem to suggest to the contrary.

One of the most well-used arguments about the relationship of Ron and Hermione is that 'Ron hurts Hermione because a young boy does not know how else to show his affection' (those are not my words). Having slept through most of my psychology classes when I was in my pre-law, I cannot say anything about this. However, I had contacted my former debate team mates who did graduate psychology and had asked them about this phenomenon in general.

Allow me to put into record that when I was younger, I did not hurt the girl that I like because I never had a girl that I like until I reached my High School. I was eleven years old when I entered High School and I was in Third Year when I realized that I like one of my female friends. Of course, to cover up for that, I pretty much ignored her which resulted to a rift between the two of us that, while already mended, precluded the two of us from ever having a serious relationship that is not, in one way or another, influenced by the father of her child.

I honestly think that JK shipped Harry/Hermione at the start. The first four books - and part of the fifth - seemed to support this, but I think she realized that if she continued with the Harry/Hermione ship, there would be characters who would not have happy endings. I think that at the last moment, she shifted everything in order to see to it that everyone lives happily after the war.

The problem with that, I believe, is that it is hard to undo the relationship that had developed between Harry and Hermione with just three books left, and I think that that is the reason why most fan-fiction writers of Harry Potter pick the Harry/Hermione ship.

In regards to my favorite pairing, I think I've said it before that when I came to his wonderful world of fanfiction, I shipped Harry/Ginny, but I switched to Harry/Hermione because, after reading the profiles of those who shipped that pairing and those that shipped the Harry/Ginny pairing, the Harry/Hermione ship made more sense to me.

As a practitioner of law, it is my job to be impartial, and I can say with one hundred percent certainty that I chose this ship impartially. I decided through the evidences that have been presented before me by all parties. I would admit that I did not really read the profiles of all the writers and users in this site, there are just so many of them, but I promise to try to read all of them.

On that note, I would like to request that any evidence that anyone can come up with, I would like to request that I be made privy to them through PM or even through the reviews or anything possible. This is not an invitation to bash me up and call me names or anything like that, I just want to see and I want to be convinced.

They say that Harry and Hermione can only be 'just friends'. Personally, I do not think so, but assuming arguendo that this is true, I would rather be friends than in a serious relationship.

Because, if the 'relationship' of Ron and Hermione is the requirement for married couples to have, I think I'll stick with being friends, because then, I can be sure that I would not be abandoned. Come on, people. JKR wrote it in canon. Ron abandoned Harry twice (first in fourth year and second during the Hunt), but did we really look into the deeper picture? If we did, then it would be fairly obvious that it was not only Harry that Ron abandoned, he abandoned Hermione as well (Granted, he attempted to make her come with him during the Hunt, but the fact is, he still left without Hermione, so he abandoned her), and he abandoned a promise and a friendship. Why would a smart girl (smartest-witch of her generation) like Hermione chose a traitor like Ron?

Some people would accept a simple sorry, but sorry is not a universal cure-all, I mean, sure, it would be easier if it was, but its not. If it was, we’d probably be living in a peaceful world right now.

Married life, I know, is very different from single life, it is also very different from boyfriend/girlfriend life or even fiance/fiancee life. A married couple has responsibilities, responsibilities to each other and to their family. Somehow, I do not see the lazy, unmotivated, self-serving Ronald Bilius Weasley adjusting to married life, I actually see him envying his own child. Pity poor Hermione.

For this reason, yes, I'd rather that Hermione just be a spinster her whole life, because even if she was, Harry would still be there to stand by her. Ron Weasley, judging from his attitude in canon, would not.

This is the reason why I would rather pair Hermione with an OC rather than any other canon character.

I've read one argument against the Harry-Hermione pairing and it goes like this: "Harry and Hermione getting together would never happen because they do not bicker, unlike Ron and Hermione, or even Draco and Hermione". With all due respect, I laughed when I read this. It seems to me that the person who made this argument is under the impression that real love can only be expressed by the manifestation of wanting to throttle your partner. So what if Hermione and Harry do not bicker? I think that is a sign of understanding each other and a relationship based on understanding is better than a relationship where you want to kill the other.

UST is all well and good, but the problem with Unresolved Sexual Tension is the fact that its unresolved, you do not know where it is going to go. In any case, building a relationship based on something unresolved would leave that relationship unresolved as well.

Thoughts on Ron-Hermione:

Let's talk about Hermione and how she grew up then. We know that the girl had never had friends before because her mentally challenged peers ignored her, save perhaps, when the time comes to do their homework. Because we cannot be certain as to the real life story of Hermione Granger before she turned eleven, we are always going to be uncertain of how she really grew up. What we can do, however, is to look at real life examples and base our conclusions from there.

Saying that, I would reiterate that it is impossible for Ronald Weasley and Hermione Granger to end up together. Ron represents everything that Hermione - or anyone else who had grown up like her - hates. He is an unrepentant cheater who is actually proud that he cheated his driver's license (epilogue anyone?). He is a prejudiced asshole who would probably not hesitate to disown his own children if they get into Slytherin (Jokes are always half-meant). In contrast, Hermione Granger is someone who does not like cheaters and is a champion of equal rights.

Taking this into consideration, I really, really, fail to see where these two characters are going to connect. No amount of self-convincing would push these two characters together.

To me, Ron-Hermione pairing ranks up there with Draco-Hermione and Severus-Hermione.

On another note, let me put this on the record. All of the Ron/Hermione shippers whose profile I've seen had placed their reasons for wanting that ship, and almost all of them, if not all of them, had no compelling reason other than the fact that it was canon. I respect that position, I really do, but that is not what I am looking for, I am looking for a reason why Ron and Hermione should end up together that is based on human behavior, precedents, psychology and empirical evidences that can be impeached. Opinions are nice and all, but I am afraid that opinions are unimpeachable as it is part of the three categories that can never be debated upon if you want your argument to end (The other two being religion and morals). It is, however, frustrating to read profiles that defend Ron/Hermione pairing using only the argument 'Why Not?'. While I respect their opinion, there are people in this site that took the time to read properly, research, and formulate arguments, and to think that their main argument would be 'Why not?'. Of course, we – of the Harry-Hermione ship – can answer, but I would not deign to do so because this is not even an argument.

Thoughts on Severus/Hermione:

Aside from the fact that he is old enough to be her father, I do not think that Severus would ever replace Lily in his heart. Yes, I claim that Hermione and Lily are more alike than Ginny and Lily would ever be, but I think Severus is the kind of a person who would never fall out of love with the person that he had already chosen. The guy was ready to do anything for Lily, to me, it speaks of his devotion to her.

I have always said that Snape is one of my favorite characters in the series. It was very easy to identify with the man as, once in our lives, we think that the girl that we have an infatuation for is falling in love with someone else and we are going to do anything for that girl.

Still, going back to the Severus/Hermione pairing, its not the age that is the problem, its the fact that Severus Snape would never abandon the idea of being in love with Lily Evans.

For that reason, I do not think that this pairing is plausible

Thoughts on Draco/Hermione:

Come on people, this is actually a bit more absurd than Ron/Hermione.

I mean, consider the two stakeholders. On one hand, we have Draco Malfoy, spoiled son of a bloodhead who was taught all his life that muggles are below him and on the other hand, we have Hermione Granger, muggle-born.

How are you going to get through the small problem that Draco hates muggles and Hermione is a muggle? The answer? You can’t.

It’s like mixing water with oil. They may appear to be together, but in reality, the oil is just over the water and no matter what you do, they can’t mix.

HP Canon Pairings and my thoughts on them

Harry/Ginny - No need to explain how I feel about this particular pairing, I believe I have made my case in regards to this pairing

Hermione/Ron - This one does not need any explanation. This, I feel, is the ultimate example of something that is, from the very start, doomed to failure

Neville/Hannah, Luna/Rolf Scamander, Draco/Astoria Greengrass - I purposely grouped these three pairings. If one were to look at these pairings, you would notice two things: (1) the first name is a major character, and (2) the second name belongs to someone that had never made more than enough appearances. In the case of Rolf Scamander, there was no mention of him at all.

Some Harry Potter Canon pairings and what they teach you

Harry/Ginny - Be the fan-girl, apparently, it is far better to squeak and run away whenever the person you have an infatuation for is nearby and, oh, make sure that you look like his mother since that is, apparently, a plus.

Hermione/Ron - Don't work hard, smart girls fall for slobs. Slobs, make sure that you insult the smart girl so that you can misconstrue that as unresolved sexual tension. Apparently, arguing is a sign of love nowadays.

Thoughts on Draco Malfoy:

Was he ever punished for the things that he did?

What is it about an eleven year old boy promising an eleven year old girl that he would marry her that is so beautiful and cute?

Childhood sweethearts, I admit, I am a sucker for this theme, maybe because I have one of my own? Of course, never really realized that until we were twenty years old. Young love, very sweet, very innocent, until pornography was invented.

The North magnet attracts the south magnet, translation, opposites attract, but gravity is not responsible for people falling in love. Therefore, while opposites attract, that is only for physics and not for relationships.

Not everyone is entitled to a happy ending. If everyone were entitled to one, then how do you define ‘happy ending’ from ‘ending’? In any case, see below….

...and they live happily ever after. Such an oxymoron isn't it?

Because happy endings do not exists in real life, happiness does not end.

Sometimes, when I'm bored, I tend to grab a notebook and write something in it, and I sometimes do this despite the fact that I am supposed to be listening to a lecture

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