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Ahh that letter is from me.

Hi my name is Jess and I am currently 15 and I live in a sleepy little village in the english countryside. It sounds really boring and at times it can be, the whole only having one shop thing really blows but what can you do?

Friends are what get me through the day, I am big on athletics and sports but also clubs like 'Scouts.' I spend my Saturdays as an Assistant Sailing Instructor down at my local resivior. I also enjoy reading. I like to think of myself as 'a good all-rounder.' I am the one who can always make light on a situation and can always crack a joke, pun or movie quote - very Anthony DiNozzo.

This year I am sitting my GCSE's which are very big for me, it decides whether or not I can get into the college I want attend and become a officer in The Royal Navy. If all else fails I can always join NCIS! I am only young so I try to keep my options open so perhaps a medic in the armed forces or a lawyer.

Due to the recent increase in tution fees here in the UK I plan to study in the United States and have been looking at courses at Harvard and MIT :)

My favourite shows are NCIS and Burn Notice.

So please check out my friend Robyns account...


I may have stolen this of 'hudan''s account but...she can't catch me if I run fast enough. Only joking - hudan if you have a problem with this please just personal message me and I will remove it...


-Because he noticed she was braless! (Boxed In)
-Because he wanted to tossle her hair (Recoil)
-Because she made dinner for him (Boxed In)

-Because she offered to give him piano lessons (Boxed In)
-Because they are the hottest fake married undercover assassins ever (Undercovers)
-Because she drove him home (Undercovers)
-Because he risked his career for her (Aliyah)
-Because it’s inevitable (Judgement Day, Part II)
-Because she missed everyone, even Tony (Last Man Standing)
-Because he knows where her tattoo is
-Because she’s seen his butt
-Because his butt would be a 5 if he shaved it(Frame Up)
-Because she’s his ninja (Nine Lives)
-Because he was willing to die so she could escape (Undercovers)
-Because she marked her territory (Dagger)
-Because he thought her life would have had more meaning if she’d slept with him (Boxed In)
-Because he had pictures of her on his wall (Agent Afloat)
-Because he has hair like a porquepig ( Silver War)
-Because Gibbs thought they got married and didn’t tell him
-Because McGee ships them
-Because Tony really misses her (Aliyah)
-Because without her Tony would have to pick on Mcgee more
-Cause of her twist in the english language ,tony hangs on her every word .
-Cause Tony respects a woman who can burn money without shopping (see the shipyard container episode)
-Cause in “Undercover” she let him be on top
-Cause she laughs at his imitations
-Because Tony wants to do page 57 with her.
-Because Ducky knows they have feelings for each other (Last Man Standing, Legends Part I)
-Because she intimidates him (Kill Ari II)
-Because he shared his pizza with her (Kill Ari II)
-Because she opened up to him about her sister’s murder (Kill Ari II)
-Because he was reminicsing about the first thing she ever said to him (Kill Ari II)
-Because they played grab-ass(Boxed In)
-Because Tony visited Ziva’s place at least once a week while Gibbs was away(Shalom)
-Because Mossad thought Tony and Ziva were sleeping together (Shalom)
-Because Tony messed up Gibb’s rules and thought #12 was to not date a coworker (Semper Fidelis)
-Because Rivkin was jealous of Tony(Last Man Standing, Legends I&II, Semper Fidelis)
-Because Ziva loves to observe him (Silver War)
-Because she calls him his little hairy butt
-Because he is her furry bear
-Because Tony imaged her pregnant with his kid!
-Because Tony was looking forward to having a little Dinozzio with Ziva
-Because Ziva wanted to drive him home
-Because he touched her, and it wasn’t his knee!
-Because he calls her sweetcheeks
-Because when this is over they’re going to watch Kuch Kuch Hoda Kai
-Because if they live long enough she might tell him how she got the rug burn
-Because under normal circumstances he would consider having his hands on her ass fun
-Because he called her darling
-Because he was going to buy her a house, though it would have to be a fake house cause the money was fake
-Because he wanted to be invited to her dinner party
-Because he did not want her to think that he was having phone sex(Kill Ari part 1)
-Because he risked his life to save her.
-Because he admitted to her that he can’t live without her.”
-Because he admitted that he tried to leave her alone but couldn’t.
-Because he wanted to protect her.
-Because Tony wanted to call her.
-Because Tony thinks that Ziva is not replaceable.
-Because if he could, he’d drag her back in a heartbeat.
-Because they both apologized.
-Because she gave him a kiss on the cheek.
-Because she told him that he had always had her back.
-Because Abby ships Tiva too!
-Because their intense staring made McGee feel awkward!
-Because Tony broke all the rules for her.
-Because she is all that he thinks about.
-Because she trusts him!
-Because he was a bit jealous of Rivkin.
-Because they are BOTH tired of pretending.
-Because they are soulmates.
-Because he learned some Hebrew for her.

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