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Author has written 12 stories for Fullmetal Alchemist, Persona Series, Jet Grind Radio, Bleach, Legend of Zelda, Pokémon, Digimon, and Harry Potter.

I am alive after being inactive for a year or two. And yes I change my name to AceFenrir, I used to be called JPR6868 or JustPlainRandom6868 and FantasyWorld2015. As always I will have slow updates to the point I will post after either one to two weeks to maybe a month or two. I am just typing it up on a separate place and then will later post it when I have at least 3 chapters done and then you will have spontaneous chapters ready for you. While I am at it...

I decided to list parings from game and animes that I like (AKA totally ship) starting with:


IchiRuki - Yes I support this couple because these two together are funny.

IchiUryuu - Yeah I'm a sucker for yaoi too.

HitsuHina - I kind of support this couple but they seem more of the brother-sister type.


NaruHina - Of course I would love this couple It makes sense but Naruto can be so dense to see Hinata's feelings. But now that Hinata confessed to Naruto and with the manga finished Naruto and Hinata are finally together!!!!

NejiTen - Yes a well known couple. I know. But these two know how to compliment each other without using words. SPOILERS IF YOU HAVEN'T READ NARUTO SHIPPUDEN YET BUT O M 2 DA MADA F'ING HOMIE G! NEJI DIED AND I DIED SADLY IN THE INSIDE! HE WAS LIKE MY FAVORITE CHARACTER! I CRIED LITERALLY AND SCREAMING NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY DID THIS HAVE TO HAPPEN!!!!!!?????? T_T NEJI!!! And I have a feeling that TenTen might have dated Lee since Neji died.

ShikaTema - I forgot about this couple which I feel so bad about but they are together at the end of the manga YAY!!!

Shugo Chara:

Kukamu - Yes Kukai and Amu. I don't see this as a bad pairing despite it saying that Amu see's Kukai as a brother. So sue me for supporting this couple I don't really care.

Pokemon (What? Deal with it):

PokeShipping - Ash x Misty Do I need to say more about this couple? They gave out hints like through out the series.

ComaShipping - Ash x Paul This strikes me as an interesting couple really for some reasons. No one gives this a lot of love.

CafeMochaShipping - Ash x Cilan This one too. No one gives this a lot of love either. I love Cilan's "It's tasting time!" quote despite me watching only a couple episodes of Black and White series.

OriginalShipping/MasaraShipping - Red x Green Game and Manga verse they are my fave yaoi couple. The are practically the original characters ever made in Pokemon hence they are called Original. Then again Original is manga verse while Masara is game verse because Pallet Town is Originally called Masara in the Japanese version.

PreciousMetalShipping - Gold x Silver Need I say more? Then again I feel so bad about Silver. If no one read the Pokemon Gold/Silver series I can't say anything.

AdvanceShipping - Ash x May they are an okay couple. I just find it really weird that Ash would actually compete in contest sometimes while with May. Plus I don't remember if Ash does a couple contest with Dawn in the Sinnoh series. Then again with his experience with contests I think he did. And don't blame me I watched Pokemon to Hoenn and I watched several episodes from Sinnoh and three episodes from Unova.

ContestShipping - May x Drew the only couple from the contest world that has the most attention. But this couple is cool anyway so it doesn't matter.

PoliShipping - Red x Gold Yeah I found out about October 2011 and I got to say that I loved this couple to bits.

SecondaryShipping - Silver x Green needs more love than this. This is such a small time couple. The reason they are Secondary is because they are your rivals and they tend to be second every time you beat them in the games.

FullMetal Alchemist:

EdWin - Really do I need to say more to this too?

AlMay - I love May Chang she is funny.

EdRoy - What else you got to expect this.

Persona 4 (Le gasp! A game turned into an anime! Then again what hasn't):

Naoto x Souji/Yu - what can I say a girl trying to act like a guy and he found out about it and still accepts her they way she is.

Chie x Yosuke - these two tend to argue a lot in the anime and games. So it makes sense.

Souji/Yu x Yosuke - come on people you got to pick up the pace if you know this couple. Yaoi time.

Digimon (Eh because I am currently doing a story for it so why not):

TaiTo - Tai/Taichi x Matt/Yamato - I love me yaoi lol :d

TaKouji - Takuya x Kouji - Yeah I know... reason because of this awesome video I saw on youtube with my favorite song which is Angel with a Shotgun by The Cab with my favorite couple from Digimon. And I died happily on the inside for this. I just wish there was a full version to this and my life will be complete.

TaKari - TK/Takeru x Kari/Hikari - a very well known couple I know. They seemed more closer in 02 than they did in 01. Especially when TK said that he cared too much about Kari. If you get the hint.

TaKouichi - Takuya x Kouichi - why isn't this couple loved at all. It is so small. I mean Kouichi is a twin to Kouji but seriously I saw a small manga when Takuya weirdly kissed Kouichi when he was asleep which made me laugh when Kouji punched him in the face... I think... I don't remember... 'cause I only read it once.

DaiKen - Davis/Daisuke x Ken - uh I notice that I have more yaoi in Digimon than I thought... oh well...

DaiKeru - Davis/Daisuke x TK/Takeru - yeah way more than I thought it would be...

Code Geass (I miss this show):

Leouch x CC/C2 - these two are how you say butting heads from time to time but still can work together. And CC pizza.

Suzaku x Euphemia - these two are the sweetest people you can find like seriously. Suzaku is pretty much willing to protect her and risk his life. Heck even Euphemia admitted she loved him.

Leouch x Suzaku - oh boy these two are major shipping material, enough said.

Nunnally x Suzaku - Suzaku seems to have a thing for princesses.

Lelouch x Kallen - hm... how to put this... seems like a slave-master kink when I see them together but these two also butt heads from time to time but Kallen pretty much worships Zero despite Lelouch being Zero.

Pretear (I am not sure if people heard of this anime/manga but it is a good one for just being a short series):

Himeno x Hayate - the super butting heads until Hayate finally admits that he loves Himeno in the end.

Himeno x Sasame - they seem to be a brother-sister type but oh well.

Sasame x Hayate - ahaha...

Kei x Go - some how Go is always around where Kei is.

Death Note (This I have not seen in so long so I am going to have to go over it, um spoilers):

L x Light - Huhuhu, L~! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO~! I cried that he died mid way into the series.

Matt x Mello - Kukuku, Matt only has a small part in the series which is a bit sad like 5 minutes in the show and 10 pages in the manga. And he died! Matt freaking died and I cried. Mello died too and I was in my corner crying times 2.

Near x L -They are like carbon copies or something... I think this will be more yaoi since most of the characters are seriously mostly male except for Naomi for a brief time in an episode, Misa throughout, Linder for the second season, Takada for part of the first and mostly on the second, Sayu as shown in parts of the whole series, Light's mom too, Rem but only till the first series and some random girls in there that may or may not have significance.

Near x Mello - I kind of like this pairing because I see it more of a love-hate relationship. Que I Hate Everything About You by Three Days Grace. Yes this song actually makes sense for these two.

I'll list more when I find it.


Enjoy for whatever is updated and hope to see where this leads me. :)

I'm also happy for the people who favorites, review, and subscribe to the stories, that really makes me happy and I really appreciate that and hopefully that will happen more often. :)

If you want to know more about me PM me and I will gladly answer. But I will just list the basic:

- I love listening to music, especially K-pop and for those who don't know what K-pop is, it's Korean pop or just Korean music in general. I love EXO, SHINee, Girls' Generation, Beast, Big Bang, Bangtan Boys, Got7, 2NE1, Red Velvet and F(X).

- I am a gamer as you can tell from some of the stories I have created, I love to play the Zelda series, I have the Wind Waker, Skyward Sword but my cousin took his Wii somewhere and the game disappeared, I now have Majora's Mask on the 3DS and finished the first temple. I am official about playing Pokemon. I loved playing Pokemon since the day I first got Sapphire and I have some of the spin off series like the mystery dungeon and ranger, I even have rumble and shuffle on my 3DS.

- I enjoy watching anime or reading the manga when I have time or just when I am bored. I heard a lot from people about which anime is good but I could never find the time to watch it. So hopefully I can watch some of them when I am not so busy in the day.

Animes I have watched/briefly watched:

Bleach (defeat of Aizen)

Naruto (All nine seasons, not Shippuden)

One Piece (briefly)

Dragon Ball (briefly)

Inuyasha (when I can stay up late enough to watch)

Sailor Moon (briefly)

Carda Captor Sakura

Save Me Lollipop


Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo (mass of randomness that I never understood)

Fullmetal Alchemist (first half of the original and all of Brotherhood)

Yu Yu Hakusho (briefly)

Ruroni Kenshin (when I can stay up late enough to watch)

Samurai Shamploo (when I can stay up late enough to watch)

Soul Eater (not Soul Eater Not)

Prince of Tennis (briefly)

Death Note

Magical Warfare (stupid one... don't watch)

Riddle Story of Devil

Ga-Rei: Zero

Digimon (first three season originally not counting four since I am typing it as a story and not for enjoyment)

Yu-Gi-Oh (the original and some of GX)

Tsubasa Resivor Chronicles (briefly)

Durarara (briefly)

Loveless (briefly)

Code Geass (except Akito and hoping for that third season)

Gundam (briefly)

Bakugan Battle Brawlers (briefly)

Kore wa Zombie Desu ka

Zero no Tsukaima (first three seasons)

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (briefly)

Shugo Chara


Go Sick

Persona 4 the Animation (not Golden version)

Hunter x Hunter (briefly)

The Irregular at Magic High School

Star Driver

Zatch Bell (briefly)

Letter Bee (briefly)

Vampire Knight

Ghost in the Shell (briefly)

Beyblade (briefly)

Cowboy Bebop (briefly)

Shin Chan (briefly)

Golden Time (briefly)

Magical DoReMi (briefly)

Tokyo Mew Mew (briefly)

Persona: Trinity Soul

Pokemon (up till Sinnoh and watched briefly of Unova and Kalos)

Ranma 1/2 (briefly)

Samurai Champloo (briefly)

Trigun (briefly)

I will try to think of more when I can remember what I watched. There were some I probably missed but yeah these are the ones I can remember watching on the top of my head.

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