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Author has written 8 stories for Shaman King, Lackadaisy, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, and Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

My name is Garie June. I believe that one can really define a person by the way that they write, and the things that they say. I created this profile as a younger writer, so much of my writing was filled with sarcasm, annoying and or otherwise rude comments, and very opinionated arguments. I can't say I've changed much since then, but I have received a few very helpful lessons on grammar and punctuation, as well as a few pointers on how to write a decent story. Can't say I've followed much of those, but I do attempt to make my junk worth reading. On the other hand, I don't take much of this too seriously. I just write for my own enjoyment and amusement, and to show people what I care about and what I care to write about. I don't really care what people have to say to me, but I do appreciate it when they do say things. I've always loved to write, and now that I can actually write properly without sounding like a total dumbass, the feeling is thrilling.

I suppose there's no real way to describe me besides what you see in my writing. I do base a lot of my characters on people I know or once knew, and I do like to make up things that have absolutely never happened and are not likely to happen. I think the best stories out there are the ones that aren't true, but are so real that you catch yourself thinking otherwise. Then again, most of my reading material includes manga and Sherlock Holmes, so I don't know where this argument stands.

I am often described as straightforward and one-dimensional. Not sure if that's true, but I know that if it were it would be very hard for me to be an artist. Of course, there is no way to decide what, in reality, is true art, and what isn't. So maybe my unpleasant inability to understand anything that isn't meant literally is far more artistic than those who see everything metaphorically. Or not. Maybe I'm just rambling on for no reason. Probably the latter.

That being said, I do attempt to write stories worth looking into, and do my very best not to let the unpleasantness about me shine through my words. I am, in fact, a very well-adjusted person. I am an activist, a pacifist, and as liberal as I can possibly make myself be. In other words, I don't give a fuck about other people as long as they don't give a fuck about me. Live the way you choose, but please don't choose how other people should live. That would make me immensely happy.

Here are some quotes. Because quotes have always been good at providing guidance:

"Beauty of whatever kind, in its supreme development, invariably excites the sensitive soul to tears." - Edgar Allen Poe

"Music is the strongest form of magic" - Marilyn Manson

"Every minute spent upset is a minute of happiness that you'll never get back."

"Tortura no es arte ni cultura"

"Umbrellas only postpone the inevitable"

"Anything that is too stupid to be spoken is sung."

"I understand the inventor of the bagpipes was inspired when he saw a man carrying an indignant, asthmatic pig under his arm. Unfortunately, the manmade sound never equaled the purity of the sound achieved by the pig."

"All music is folk music. I ain't never heard no horse sing a song."

"I am prepared to meet my maker. Whether my maker is prepared for the great ordeal of meeting me is another matter."

"A small group of dedicated people can change the world. In fact, it's the only thing that ever has."

" 'I've seen old men cry when they sing it,’ he added.
Why? It sounds cheerful.'
They were remembering who they were not singing it with, thought Vimes. 'You'll learn. I know you will.'” -Terry Pratchet, Night Watch.
“If everyone started off the day singing, just think how happy they'd be.”

“We're actors — we're the opposite of people!”

“All the world's a stage."

“An actor must never be afraid to make a fool of himself.”

“Gus is the Cat at the Theatre Door."

“I listened wide-eyed, stupid. Glowing by her voice in the dim light. If chocolate was a sound, it would've been Constantine's voice singing. If singing was a color, it would've been the color of that chocolate.”

“He who sings scares away his woes.”

“If I cannot fly, let me sing.”

“Words make you think. Music makes you feel. A song makes you feel a thought.”

Mostly what you need to know about me is that I can read music far better than I can win an argument, and I can make beats with cups far better than I can shoot a gun. Believe me, that's a good thing.

Se habla espanol para esos que no escriben en ingles, (por las dudas).

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