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O hai thar!

I'm Cat, which of course isn't my real name, but a nickname that I have gained from my uncanny resemblance to cats and my catlike behaivoral ways... I also love cats, so that probably has something to do with it.

I love Final Fantasy, and only recently caught up with the Final Fantasy VII phenomenon, and I plan to play all of the games in consequential order. I played Crisis Core first, because all I knew about it at first was that it was a Final Fantasy game for my PSP, so I got it, and unsuspecting me cried like a baby at the end. Zack was too adorable :(

Then I played the original game, and just finished it this weekend. I didn't like how Aerith started falling in love with Cloud, (Zack + Aerith forever, dude!) so I tried to get the Gold Saucer date with Tifa, and since I was following a walkthrough, I got it! So in my books, Cloud and Tifa are officially a pair. And Zack and Aerith are officially a pair, since they both end up... sniff ...dead.

After that I read all of the online novelletes, 'The Maiden Who Walks the Planet', and 'On The Way To A Smile'. I especially loved the 'Case of Tifa' one, since it had Cloud and Tifa as part of a family with Denzel and Marlene :)

So next is Advent Children Complete, which I'm going to have very very soon! I could settle for the original Advent Children, but the Complete version has more Zack in it! I can't even begin to explain how much I love Zack! He's funny, he's energetic, he's kind-hearted, he's strong, and he's plain adorable!

Anyway, after Advent Children Complete, I'll be getting Dirge of Ceberus. For PC if I can, because I have the original on PC. Or even on PSP, like Crisis Core...

Oh, and does anyone know if Before Crisis is available in English?

Blah, I spent so long on my rant. I've turned into a fangirl, the very thing I always vowed not to do. Due to this fangirliness over FFVII, most of my FanFics will be about that.

Once I'm finished with FFVII, I want to get FFXIII...

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