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Author has written 9 stories for Final Fantasy VII, Batman, Marvel, Justice League, DC Superheroes, Superman, Spider-Man, and Fantastic Four.

ATTENTION: I have been working on a new 'Justice League Abridged' series that is based off of the 2000 Justice League Warner Bro's TV Show.

Check it out here - -

OR Search for "Justice LAbridged" on Youtube. Only episode 1 is up now but I would welcome support and criticism alike. Thanks and have a good one! :).

Story Update Status (August 4, 2016)

The Worlds Finest: The Legend BeginsThe story has been edited into a format that is easier to read and that is free of many grammar and spelling mistakes.


Two Earths- A Marvel and DC Crossover- A crossover event where I try and bring together the Marvel and DC Heroes. The stories within this continuity are; in chronological order:

1) The Marvelous Adventure of Superman

2) Superman and the New Avengers

3) The Search for Superman (Read after Chapter 4 of 'Superman and the New Avengers')

4) AVENGERS CASE-FILE: 12087-A17: THE 'SUPERMAN' INCIDENT (Read after Chapter 9 of 'Superman and the New Avengers')

5) Superman and the Family Fantastic

Stories to come:

Superman: The Marvel of Tomorrow (After the Events of Lex Luthor: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. Superman must unify the heroes of two worlds, or risk losing them both to an unimaginable threat of unparallelled magnitude.)

Dr. Strange-Fate (During a cataclysm like none other, the greatest sorcerers of two Earths combine their might to make their way back through hell-fire. But whose version of hell are they on? Expect to find out soon when Dr. Strange of the Marvel Universe, and Dr. Fate of the DC Universe join forces to get the hell out!)

Booster Cable (Booster Gold was trying to help find Superman. Instead, he found Cable. He also lost his Time-Sphere, and left Skeets at home [which wasn't smart]. Booster Gold and Cable now have to fight through the terrible Wolverine Gang; the Feared Four; and a horde of other Apocalypse terrors; in an attempt to recover the Time-Sphere. And you know Cable will only be helping him because of Booster Golds shining personality...)

Wilson Brothers Family Happy Hour! Featuring Slade and Wade Wilson (Slade Wilson, the DC Universes most notorious bounty hunter; Deathstroke the Terminator, was working a job in New York City when something very strange happened. He ended up meeting Wade Wilson, the Marvel Universes most psychopathic bounty hunter/X-Man/mass-murderer/disgraced swimsuit model; Dead Pool. How will they react? What will they do? Why is this happening! Where in time and space could this be? Who will eat all the chimichangas? It will all be revealed here!)

Spider-Man: Shadow of the Spider (This story will be my attempt at bringing Ben Reilly back from the dead. It will be based in my Marvel/DC 'Two Earths' continuity, but I'm hoping it will be able to fit into The Amazing Spider-Man - Marvel 616 continuity.)

Lords and Gods: Wonder Woman/Thor (During a cataclysm like none other, two Gods are thrown to a familiar world brimming with DC Heroes who have crossed the line. Diana Prince, the DC Universes God of War; and Thor, the Marvel Universes God of Thunder, must join forces not only to make it back; but to keep themselves alive!))

Spider-Man: Shadow of the Bat (You asked for it since he first appeared in this series! Spider-Man is going to the DC Universe! But he wont be going alone; and the cast of Marvel characters he brings with him may be more than a certain genius, playboy, vigilante can handle.)

Two Arrows in a Quiver: Green Arrow/Hawkeye (During a cataclysm like none other, two archers of unparalleled skill are thrown to a world that reminisces the Medieval ages; but is filled with Marvel Heroes and Villains! The DC Universes Green Arrow joins forces with the Marvel Universes Hawkeye to storm the gates of Lord Doom so they can get back to where they belong. That is if Lord Doom doesn't get his hands on them first!)

Lex Luthor: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. (Lex Luthor classified the classified with classified, in classified.)

These will all be stories that branch off of "The Marvelous Adventure of Superman", taking place within my Marvel/DC 'Two Earths' continuity. Also note that they are not listed in the order they will appear; as I will write the stories chronologically.

Currently working on Four stories:

Superman and the Family Fantastic:

- After the events of 'Superman and the New Avengers', Clark Kent has been grounded by S.H.I.E.L.D. Luckily for Superman, he has been offered a room at the Baxter Building, staying with the most famous family in the Marvel Universe. Witness as Superman finally gets a chance to unwind and enjoy himself in the Marvel Universe before things start to really hit the fan.

-Chapter 3 is up, and Chapters 4 and 5 will both follow a certain flow where Superman will get some one on one time with certain members of the Fantastic Four.

The Worlds Finest: The Legend Begins(ON HIATUS)

-I have fully edited all of the old chapters into a format that is easier to read and is free of many mood breaking spelling and grammar errors.

- This Story is an intro piece to my own interpretation of the DCU, and I chose to focus on the first meeting of Superman and Batman. Though it's more of a young Clark Kent meets a Bruce Wayne who is very early on in his career and is still getting into his own groove of things in Gotham. In this story you get to see 'Kal' as he embarks on his quest in Gotham in search of the Batman, who he thinks can help him control his abilities. This story shows how Bruce struggles with letting others into his life, as Bruce Wayne and as Batman. It shows (heavily through flashbacks) how Kal struggled with his powers growing up and why he leaves Smallville and finds himself in this strange setting. It's a very different approach to how these two characters meet for the first time and how their friendship grows from strangers to The Worlds Finest...featuring Dick Grayson. (Robin? Not yet :p. )

-I'm planning on having this one done in 4 parts. After every Part is complete I'm going to go back and rework certain things for grammar or to add more content. Part 4 will not be very long, two or three chapters at most.

The Search for Superman

- This story focuses on the heroes of the DC Universe as they try to find out exactly what happened to Superman and Lex Luthor during their fight. With Bruce Wayne, Mr. Terrific, Ted Kords Blue Beetle, Ray Palmers the Atom, and a special guest appearance by Booster Gold! This story will tie directly into "Superman and the New Avengers".

-UPDATE March 3, 2014: Chapter 3 is up; and features the debut of Booster Gold making his own trip to the Marvel-Universe. Setting up the stage for "Booster Cable."

Final Fantasy VII: Emerald Dusk(ON HIATUS)

- This is a remake of a story I wrote on a site called Final Fantasy Hybrid, or SquareSource Forums depending on when you were there. The story was originally titled "The War on Wutai"

- This story is about a young man from Rocket town who actually helped build the rocket! In Part 1 you will see the events that bring him to SOLDIER. From a lost love, to an injury that begins to haunt the young man until he is forced to act. In Part 2 you will see his training in the SOLDIER program, and be introduced to the Original Three SOLDIER, as they test the next generation; and ready them for War...

These are my Finished works:

The Marvelous Adventure of Superman:

-This story started out its life entitled "A Superman For Every World." I was originally going to focus on a comparison of who is the Superman of the Marvel Universe, but as I wrote the story I started to really see how the character Superman seems to reverberate through these heroes, and I would make the argument to myself of who best encompassed who Superman was, and after much deliberation I couldn't point to one character in Marvel and say "That's who Superman would be if this was a mirror universe." So I decided to change the name of the story to something a little simpler; yet something that I felt was still encompassing what the story is about.

-This is a Crossover where Superman and Lex Luthor are sent into the Marvel Universe.

Superman and The New Avengers

-This is a tale about Superman teaming up with Spider-Man to continue his never ending battle for truth, justice, and liberty for all. In this story you will see Superman go up against the likes of the Hobgoblin, the Brotherhood of Mutants, and the mind bending powers of the Psycho-Man.

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