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Author has written 15 stories for Next to Normal, Spring Awakening, and In the Heights.

Hey Ok it's me! I love love love all things broadway!

Next to Normal=life, as does Spring Awakening and Rent...I am also fond of twilight.

Henry is my Edward Cullen though.

I hope you enjoy all of my stories and I really appreciate reviews!

Feel free to message me if you have questions about anything :)

xoxo futurestar26

Copy and Pastes :)

March 1st is Natalie/Henry Day. Post on your profile if you support the fluff.

If you have ever wanted to play Glinda or Elphaba in Wicked, copy and paste this into your profile!

If you were in denial when Moritz died, copy and paste this into your profile.

If you think that Gideon Glick has the voice of an ANGEL copy and paste this onto your profile.

you're a RENThead if...

When someone mentions RENT you start to laugh uncontrollably.

You feel so special cuz you already have the harmonies for "Seasons of Love" memorized for that Christmas concert.

Your favorite word is 'squeegee.'

Striped scarves and plaid pants make you laugh.

You've seen the tour with Adam Pascal and Anthony Rapp just because they're the originals. (and when they came back to broadway...twice =D)

You also mooed during "Over the Moon" and yelled at your mom who wouldn't, telling her that it's 'necessary audience participation.'

You train your friends to respond to "what's the time?" with "Well, it's gotta be close to midnight."

You know you're obsessed with Next to Normal when...

You're favorite word is 'psychopharmacologist.'

You laugh like a madman every time you hear the name Henry. (You realize then that it's a common name)

You do a huge research on ECT.

You plan on marrying Aaron Tveit. No. Matter. What.

You automatically buy the albums to Side Show, Jersey Boys, and Spring Awakening cuz Alice, Bobby, and Jenn were in them.

You cry everytime you listen to "So Anyway" and "I Am the One (Reprise)."

You find yourself wondering about numerous ways to get to New York and see the show. And then stage door. With Aaron Tveit and/or Adam Chanler-Berat cuz he's equally awesome (Sigh...no more Aaron...)

you've written fan mail.

In that fan mail, you told Louis Hobson that his beard is awesome. (You bet he'll shave it off as soon as he gets the letter)

You continually scream "Catch Me, I'm Falling" at random moments.

You've recorded yourself singing "Hey #1" with Adam Chanler-Berat on the soundtrack, just so you could sing with a Henry.
You then realize that the microphone only recorded you and not Adam.
You then become angry and wish that you were Jennifer Damiano.

you watch Gossip Girl because Aaron's on it.

You want to go to Yale and become a psychopharmacologist like Dr. Fine/Madden.

Whenever someone mentions Mozart, you respond with "Mozart was crazy."

Your new catchphrase is "Didn't I See this Movie?"

You and your friends get into huge discussions and analyze the characters...out of pure obsession.

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