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Author has written 6 stories for Kingdom Hearts, Resident Evil, Naruto, Soul Eater, Negima! Magister Negi Magi/魔法先生ネギま!, and BlazBlue.

Ok! Hey there! This is Ven1990.

Real name? Steven (think for a min: Ste-Ven1990! Plus a nod to Ventus from KHBBS)

Gender: Male


My Age? I am constantly growing older with each passing second...ya know like most people.

My greatest weakness: My grammar!!!! (Which I'm trying like hell to fix...)

And while I think up FF ideas I also make up my own original stories. Plots for Mangas and Characters of my own.

I really love Crossovers!

Hence I'll have a lot of Kingdom Hearts ideas!

And I'm willing to take on any request or challenge anyone throws at me! Come on give it your best shot. Even if it's about a pairing I don't like!

Favorite Games:

Kingdom Hearts, Danganronpa, Final Fantasy, Star Ocean, Tales of series, Shin Megami Tensei series, Persona, Enchanted Arms, Disgaea, Guilty Gear, Cross Edge, Halo, Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, The World Ends With You, Blazblue, Power Stone, Bioshock, God of War, Assassin's Creed, Eternal Sonata, Arc the Lad, Metal Gear Solid, Fallout, Gears of War, Rage.

Favorite Manga/Anime:

One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, Soul Eater(and SE Not), Negima, D.Gray-man, Shitsurakuen, Highschool of the Dead, Attack on Titan, xxxholic, Tsubasa, Samurai 7, Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Vandread, Blue Exorcist, Gurrun Lagann, Mushi-Shi, Blood Plus, Blood -C, Cowboy Bebop, Takamagahara, Birdy the Mighty, Tokko, Samurai Champloo, Sankarea, Princess Lucia, Magi, Kampfer, Trigun, Urusei Yatsura, Rurouni Kenshin, Sowrd Art Online, Deadman Wonderland, Haruhi Suzumiya series, Durarara!!, School Rumble, Needless, Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi, Gintama, Death Note, Mar, Zach Bell, Rave Master, Fairy Tail, Monster Soul, Flame of Recca, Inuyasha, Defence Devil, Bakuman, To LoveRu, Himawari, Gun Blaze West, Black Butler, Kenichi series, X/1999, Love Hina, A.I Love You, Alive: the final evolution, Darker Then Black, Hellsing, Speed Grapher, Orphen, Lupin the 3rd, Linebarrel of Iron, Otome Youkai Zakuro, No.6, Blood Lad, Hungry Joker, Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan(Nuraihyon no Mago).

Favorite Shows/Movies/Books(non-anime):

Avatar/Korra, Supernatural, CSI series, Castle, Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Merlin, Numbers, Leverage, Memphis Beat, The Walking Dead, Harry Potter series, Cirque du Freak/Darren Shan series, Star Wars, R.W.B.Y., Tower Prep, Level Up, Eureka, Warehouse 13, Being Human, Breaking In, Jericho, White Collar, Breakout Kings, Fanklin and Bash, Falling Skies, Ripper Street, Enlisted, Grimm.

Pairings; do I like them? Yes, romance helps some stories along. Do I like Yoai and Yuri; Yes and no. I like yoai as much as any heterosexual male does, as well as have the same heterosexual male view on yuri. But I say love who you love people. So if a Yoai or Yuri paring is within cannon, meaning one or both parties have feels for each other and I like(emphasis on this word!) the paring, then it will have my support. Though I will never write any yoai, unless requested.

My Favorite Parings:

Kingdom Hearts: SoraxKairi, SoraxXion, SoraxNamine, SoraxOlette, SoraxYuffie(Sora is a pimp) RoxasxNamine, RoxasxXion, RoxasxOlette, AxelxLarxene, DemyxxLarxene, VentusxAqua, TerraxAqua, VanitasxAqua, SoraxAqua(!?)(I don't know who thought of it first, but he/she is a fucking genius.)(Sora needs a heram...)

One Piece: LuffyxNami, LuffyxHandcock(I'll read it...but I prefer the first one!) LuffyxVivi(sometimes...) LuffyxRobin, LuffyxMarguerite(Like with Sora, Luffy is a pimp) ZoroxRobin, ZoroxVivi, ZoroxTashigi, SanjixVivi, SanjixRobin, UsoppxKaya.

Naruto: NarutoxHinata, SakuraxSasuke, ShizunexNaruto, ShikamaruxTamari, NarutoxKonon, NarutoxAnko.

Bleach: IchigoxSenna, IchigoxOrihime, RukiaxRenji, ToshiroxMomo, HanataroxRukia, UlquiorraxOrihime(sadly this one and IchixSenna will never be...sigh...)

Soul Eater: SoulxMaka, SoulxBlair, BlackStarxTsubaki, KidxLiz, StienxMedusa, SoulXPattie(it's a crack paring but I still love it!) MakaxKid.

Rave Master: HaruxElie, LetxJulia.

Fairy Tail: NatsuxLucy, NatsuxLisanna, NatsuxYukino(You know what, fuck it, Natsu gets a harem too!) GrayxJuvia(We get this couple beat over the head. WE GET IT!!! ICE & WATER! And they stalke each other in other worlds...) ErzaxJellal, GajeelxLevy, LokexLucy, LokexAries.

Eternal Sonata: JazzxViola, And I'll read AlegrettoxPolka, but anyone who's actually played that game would see that Ploka has a hell of a lot more chemistry with Chopin. But because a) He's old enough to be her old man, and b) He's dieing. The writers put her with Retto.

Katekyo Hitman Reborn: TsunaxKyoko, TsunaxHaru, TsunaxChrome, HibarixChrome, LamboXIpin(adult) HayatoxHaru.(wont put down any yoai pairings here, mostly because, most of it revolves around the idea of Tsuna being gay. Which I'm sorry to say to those who like it that he isn't. I will admit that Hayato is gay for Tsuna though.)

Negima: NegixNodaka, NegixMakie, NegixChachamaru, NegixAko, KotaroxMei, KotaroxNatsumi, KotaroxKeade, SetsunaxKonoka.

Blazblue: RagnaxNoel, RagnaxNu, RagnaxLamba(Oh hell why list this! Both Ragna and Hazama get harems, why simple, they are awesome), JinxTsubaki, BangxLitchi, ArakunexLitchi.

Danganronpa: MakotoxMukuro(My favorite pairing OK) MakotoxJunko(Yes I know...I hate myself too...) MakotoxAsahina, ByakuyaxToko, HinataxNanami(I haven't gone through enough of DR2 to say whether I like pairings or not. But I defiantly like this one.) Also YES I know that MakotoxKyoko isn't on here! I just don't like it. YES I know something is wrong with me! I DON'T KNOW WHAT! Also special shout outs to MondoxIshimaru, as their bromance is almost strong enough to make me ship it.

My Stories:

Mahou Tenkousei Sora!?: A Kingdom Hearts/Negima crossover. After a difficult battle Sora is spirited away to a world he has never been to. Without a way to leave the world or contact his friends Sora must remain there among a secrete society of mages, and attend classes at the boy's district of Mahora Academy. However, once there he befriends a young mage by the name of Negi Springfield and becomes apart of his adventures. Sora has battled mages and monsters before, but how will he fare against an even deadlier group of opponents! Hormonal teenage girls...!?

First part of a multi-part series.

Dive to the Soul: A Kingdom Hearts/Soul Eater crossover. The story behind how Riku received his weapon. A weapon from the darkness. A weapon that could rival the powers of the Keyblade. A weapon that was once given the title of Death Scythe. A weapon...known as Soul Eater...

Sequel in the works

My Greatest Nightmare: A Kingdom Hearts/Resident Evil crossover. Ventus searches for his brother in a place known as Raccon City. There he encounters a skillful special agent, a beautiful rookie police officer, a sinister plot of an insane scientists, and a horror unlike anything he could imagine. (Takes place during RE2 and 3)

The Tale of a Gutsy Swordsman: A Blazblue/Naruto crossover. Naruto is adopted by Nine and Jubei and raised as their son. After growing up and receiving his father's sword he learns of his mother's murder at the hands of Yuki Terumi. Naruto then begins a quest to avenge his mother. But what fate awaits him if he continue's on this reckless endeavor?(A challenge made by BrightHyaki.)

Unsymmetrical Beauty: A Soul Eater story. Just a short little KidxMaka oneshot. Kid finds Maka's apperince in the morning untidy, and unsymmetrical, yet beautiful.

Dream Drop It: A Kingdom Hearts story. Sora finds a trailer online from the 2011 TGS of the newest KH title, Dream Drop Distance. He shows it to Riku, and hilarity ensues.(Warning: some sleight Yoai and Roxas bashing, foul language, and some spoilers)

Planning Stages And What To Look For In The Future:

Due to the creative storytelling nature, I can come up with stories nearly on the fly. However, the amount I think up and amount I can handle writing out are far apart. So if any writer out there reading this finds one of my stories interesting and fells like adopting it, contact me and let me know. Maybe we could form a collaboration. I'd like nothing more than to see these stories written out one day!XD

MTS series: The continuation...

Dive to the Soul: The Rise of Ahasver(working title): A Kingdom Hearts/Soul Eater crossover. Soul Eater finally awakens from his slumber as Riku must face a new evil that threatens the worlds. Together with their friends they must combat the Kishin, gather the powers of the other Death Scythes, Locate the missing Maka Albarn and other Meisters, and defeat a frighteningly powerful foe that cased the collapse of Shibusen and the destruction of Soul's home world!? Continuation of Dive to the Soul.

The Lost Sky: A Kingdom Hearts/Naruto crossover. Sora is a genin of the leaf village who's arrogance has grown with his skills. When he is later ansnoyed by a younger rookie genin to the point that he is about to kill him, he is brought before the hokage for punishment. Instead of imprisoning or executing him the hokage decides to teach Sora a lesson in humility, and is assigned to the team with the genin he nearly killed, Naruto Uzumaki.

Heart Plus Soul(working title): A Kingdom Hearts/Soul Eater crossover. Sora is the son of the Shinigami, Death the Kid. His partner is the Scythe Weapon Riku, and the son of Maka and Soul. The two hope to become the coolest, most bad-ass team at Shinbusen. But, their stubborn personalities, coupled with their lack of a friendly nature to others, has kept them from achieving this goal, as well as prevented them from making any real friends. Now they must lead a group of hapless Meisters and Weapons against the forces of the witch Maleficent.

Symphoniæ Crepuscula(working title): A Kingdom Hearts/Rave crossover. Sora is a stubborn young punk from Destiny Islands who doesn't quiet know much about the world. But after finding a weird Dog(?) called Plue, he is chosen to be the inheritor of a powerful force called the Holy Bring, also known as The Rave Stones. Now Sora must journey across the world, to re-gather the Rave Stones, Rescue his friend Kairi, And prevent his friend Riku from releasing the power of the Dark Bring around the world. (takes place years after the end of Rave.)

The Blissful Sleep(working title): A Kingdom Heart/Eternal Sonata crossover. As Ventus sleeps in Sora's heart, what does he dream of...? In a world of wonder and magic Ventus finds his fate tied to a pianist by the name of Frederic Francois Chopin, and his traveling party. On their journey to stop the evil conspiracies of Count Waltz, Ventus learns from visions and conversations that Chopin is also dreaming. At the end of their dreams Ventus whom holds with him the white ballad, will find a new life, but his new friend Chopin, whom holds the black ballad will meet his end. Can Ventus save Chopin from his sad fate and break the chain of destiny that holds him, or will it be his hand that takes Chopin's life...?

A Strawhat Within the Red Clouds: A One Piece/Naruto crossover. New known members of the criminal organization Akatsuki threaten the leaf village. They posses strange and unbelievable jutsu. One of them was able to defeat the jonin with his bare fists. Can Naruto and his friends defeat these powerful enemies?

Fabula Nova Crystallis: Septem Lacrima: A Final Fantasy 13/Kingdom Hearts crossover. Sora and Kairi grew up in Nautilus and spent their whole lives preparing to join the Guardian Corps. Sora's dream is to become a respected member of the Guardian Corps and become known as a hero to the people of Cocoon, saying that PSICOM only protects the Sanctum's leaders. After officially graduating into the GCs near the Euride Gorge, and awaiting to hear what regiment they are to be assigned, Sora and Kairi began to tour the facility. As they explore the power plant, Sora is separated from Kairi and hears an alert that a Pulse l'Cie was trying to escape the facility. Sora encounters and battles Oerba Yun Fang, but is no match for her powers. Sora is defeated and later found by his comrades, however during his battle he was branded by an unknown Sanctum fal'Cie, and cursed with an inescapable fate as a slave to the Sanctum and the fal'Cie. As he is pulled farther and farther to the front lines, Sora begins to learn just how corrupt the Sanctum truly is. If he follows his Focus he will gain eternal life, but may end up killing the innocent and causing disruption within Cocoon. And if he tries to fight it Sora will be eternally damned as a monster called a Cie'th. What path will he chose?

Another Side, Another Story: Boy of the Light or the Shadows(working title): A Kingdom Hearts story. We all know that Sora is a warrior of light, and a hero of the Worlds. But what if he had never gone down the path of the hero, and became a villain instead. WARNING: Slowly evil turning Sora, and character deaths.

SoulMates(working title): A Soul Eater story. Maka and Kid started going out a month ago. Soul is extremely jealous, and comes up with a plan to try to separate the two. By going out with someone else, and making Maka jealous. As he tries to decide who the Lucky girl should be, Pattie overhears his scheming and volunteers herself, thinking such a trick would be fun, or so she says. How could it go wrong?

Koibumi(working title): A One Piece story. Luffy is normal high school student, who is down on his luck when it comes to love. As he adjusts to his new school after only one week, Luffy discovers a Love-letter waiting for him in his locker. Now all he has to do is discover who it was sent from. But the suspects are quite numerous. Who could it be!? WARNING: Luffy harem story. Highschool setting.

The Heartless Devil, And The Souless Angel(working title): A Bleach story. (Slightly based of the story of Tsubasa) After Aizen betrays the remaining Espada, Orihime sacrifices herself and spares Ulquiorra from a fatal blow and in so doing broke her soul into pieces. Ichigo, must now work with his deadly rival to collect the pieces of Orihime's soul. But, the fragments have been scattered across the three dimensions, and Hollows, Rouge Soul Reapers, and other power-hungry villains have set their sight on the soul fragments. Will Ulquiorra and Ichigo recover Orihime's soul in time?

Fullmetal SOLDIER(working title): A Fullmetal Alchemist/Final Fantasy VII crossover. Edward is a talented fighter, and after the death of his mother he and his brother join SOLDIER to learn more about Mako energy and how it could be used to bring their mother back to life.

Words Drowned By Fireworks: Our Night At The Golden Saucer: A Kingdom Hearts/Final Fantasy VII crossover. Sora, Kairi, Riku, Yuffie, Leon, Aeris, Cloud, and Tifa all try to enjoy a night at the famous Golden Saucer. But nothing seems to be going right.

Dissdia: The Untold Odysseys: A Dissdia: Final Fantasy story. The story of a warrior of Cosmos named Rai, and his journey to get his crystal. On the way he will meet new friends, old enemies and find the strength to fight on for peace. (Donate OCs to be warriors of Cosmos and Chaos)

Quaradecima Bellum: A Dissdia/Multi crossover. Fourteen new heroes and villains are chosen to fight a new battle unlike any that came before it.

Disgaea: Traces of a Miracle(working title): A Disgaea/Kingdom Hearts crossover. Vanitas is finally ready to make his move against his grandfather and take a hold of what's rightfully his. The throne of the Netherworld! But first he must deal with, a wimpy hero, deadly assassins, workman's comp, a league of evil and powerful demons, and a crusading group of heroes.

Worlds Divided(working title): A Sword Art Online/Kingdom Hearts crossover. Sora and Riku, two best friends and former beta testers for SAO, find themselves walking down different paths as players caught in Akihiko Kayaba's Death Game. What will become of their friendship when the two meet again at the game's end?

Dragon Claws, Dragon Wings(working title): A Fairy Tail/Kingdom Hearts crossover. Natsu, Wendy, and Gajeel are approached by a guild made up exclusively of Dragonslayers, called Draco Claw. They offer the three an invitation to join their guild and help each other find their dragons. Natsu refuses to leave Fairy Tail, but Gajeel and Wendy aren't sure what would be the right decision. But with tempers rising, and another group of Dragonslayers opposing Draco Claw, the Fairy Tail mages soon find themselves in the middle of a war between Dragonslayers.

Giniro no Sora: A Gintama/Kingdom Hearts crossover. Gintoki and his companions are enjoying a relaxing day off at the beach. When suddenly out of nowhere a boy falls from the sky. The kid turns out to be a human looking Amanto named Sora. Come to Earth because of his love of anime and JRPGs. Oh and to find some missing king from his home world, or something, but that's not too important...WARNING: Possible Crack Parings, And OOCness(I can't help is, its Gintama after all).

Azure Heartz(working title): A Blazblue/Kingdom Hearts crossover. Sora is a boy, who feels he has no real purpose in life. Struggling, for a path that he can only see through battle, he lives as a vigilante in Kagutsuchi. But his purposeless life ends when he and all those connected to him become apart of the battle over Ragna the Bloodedge and the Blazblue.

In the Shadow of a Giant(working title): A Attack on Titan/Kingdom Hearts crossover. Eren and his comrades meet a trio of humans from beyond the wall. They seem to have a mastery of 3D Movement gear, and great skill at slaying Titans. Though they seem to clash on some ideals the fact remains that they come from a society that seem to fight on an even footing with the Titans. They even speak of forming an alliance with with the rest of humanity. But, can they truly be trusted?

To Become A Lion(working title): A Attack on Titan story. A young man, loses everything on the day of the Fall. In the wake of his sorrow he joins the military training 104 regiment. These are the stories of those who where brave enough to join the military.

My Chariot(working title): A Persona 4 story. A look at the growing relationship between Yu Narukami, and Chie Satonaka as they work together on the Inaba Murder Investigation. Main story is YuXChie romance, with some side paring that are undetermined at the moment.

Boy of Hope And Girl of Despair(working title): A Danganropa/Kingdom Hearts crossover. After Dream Drop Distance, Sora finds him self in a world covered in despair. He then encounters the "Future Foundation", an organization planing to return their world to normal and rid it of despair. Along with Mokoto Naegi and his allies, Sora joins forces with them to combat the powerful Despair Cult that has thrown the world into chaos.

Super Danganronpa 3: School Founding of Despair(working title): A Danganropa story. Kazuki Kuragiri is excited for his first day at Hopes Peak Academy. As he arrives at school he finds himself waking up inside a class room with 15 other students. They all soon learn that they can't leave the school or contact the outside. A mysterious talking bear appears and tells them to accept a life trapped within the school forever. And the only way for any of them to escape, is to kill another student. Kazuki finds himself trapped and surrounded by desperate people. Can he overcome the trials before him, save his classmates, and solve the mysteries of Hope's Peak Academy, his memories, and his connections to a boy named Makoto Neagi? Just some OCs of mine in a similar daily life of mutual killing.

Tales of Kardia(working title): A Kindom Hearts/Tales Of crossover. Sora is a young knight in training within the knight guild 'Righteous Blades'. His goal to be a great hero known through out the world. However, he has never left the city of Fatum where the guild operates. As he sneaks away to prove himself, he finds himself connected by fate to a young girl on a mission to stop an evil cult from enacting a dark prophecy. However, what awaits him isn't just a grand adventure, but a tragedy.

I hope you can enjoy my stories!

Thank You.

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AU crossover with One Piece, part of What if Naruto was raised by…? challenge. Monkey D. Luffy and his younger brother Fox D. Naruto travel the East Blue to find a crew so Luffy can become King of the Pirates and Naruto a Kage. Please R&R
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