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Author has written 10 stories for Harry Potter, Inuyasha, and Vampire Knight.


I used to prowl and post Inuyasha fanfics, but those days are gone (for now). I am going to put all my ongoing Inuyasha fanfics on hold for now because I am too hooked with a new series: Vampire Knight (otherwise known as VK). I sincerely apologize to all my readers/reviewers who are patiently and earnestly awaiting my update for The Shadow and AHPM but I do not want to force myself to write a chapter when my interest is somewhere else. It would definitely lack something if I wrote a chapter just for the sake of finishing my Inuyasha fanfics. Maybe someday when my passion for Inuyasha revives, I will open up my files (I still have them all stored) to continue writing it. But for now, I will not be updating any of my Inuyasha fanfics. I am terribly sorry about that and I hope you do understand...


I am also known as crimson_yukime in lj community. Officially self-proclaimed Zero Kiryuu stalker, I support Zero x Yuuki with all my heart. That is why I will only write ZeKi fanfics (if ever I do write one). I am 20 years old and is a Biology undergraduate, working part-time and studying at the same time. I used to live in the Philippines but now I am living in Canada, trying to get used to the cold climate which is soooooooooo different from our climate in the Philippines. It's been a year since I moved here so I'm pretty much adjusted already, thank goodness. =)

Plot bunnies are bugging me so much that I have finally decided to write a VK fanfic. Please check STATUS OF MY FANFICS to see my idea for the VK fanfic.



Status (09/28/09): I started on a new fanfic due to the current events in the manga, Vampire Knight. It will cover chapter 53 and 54 and possibly 55 depending on how chapter 55 is drawn. This one is going to be about 5 chapters long. Chapter 1 is up, please enjoy!

One More Try

Status Updated (06/20/09): That was horrible... Took me almost another month to have the remaining 20 done! Sorry for the long wait but here it is! Finally, chapter 2! =)

Status Updated (05/25/09): Chapter 2 is on it's way within this week I swear! (I am almost at 80 in writing it.) Please look forward to it.

Status (04/23/09): Appears that this one got released earlier than Addiction, Curiosity, and... My muse was affected greatly by recent VK chapters. I feel so sad that Zero only got one page this recent chapter! Nevertheless, he's still hot though. X33 Anyway, please await this fanfic of mine. This will be the most mature fanfic I wrote so far... Mature in many ways... Also, this one is of course focusing on Zeki's relationship past Chapter 48. Why didn't I include chapter 49? I was already half finished with it when I read chapter 49 and I didn't really like how Yuuki cried about Zero in the last chapter then threw herself into Kaname's arms the next chapter... I mean, WHA?! Many said she had already chosen but she HASN'T! In this fanfic, I am sure to give closure--only one man will prevail and win her heart. -evil laughter- No I am not preaching here... I am just going to go and give you a summary then... =)

Summary: Destiny was against us. When I met you, you already loved someone. When I loved you, you turned out to be a vampire. When I tried to forget you, you appeared before me again. Why do we have to meet again if we will only keep on hurting each other?

Addiction, Curiosity, and...

Status: Just beginning. I've always been bothered by that almost kiss Zero and Yuuki had back in Chapter 24 (manga) and episode 1 (Vampire Knight Guilty) and that's why I'm going to continue from there and re-write VK my way, picking up everything that happened from Chapter 1 to 24 and incorporating more romance aspect (and throwing the vampire/action on the side for now). So Zero never drank Kaname's blood, he's still taking Yuuki's blood, he's still fighting his bloodlust and is still on the verge of being a Level E, Yuuki's not a vampire, Yuuki is still oblivious about Kaname being his brother-- in short, everything beyond Chapter 24 never happened in this fanfic. Now, I don't want anyone reviewing, saying, "Yuuki is a vampire." or "Yuuki and Zero are enemies now." This is half-canon/half alternate universe, okay? Bear with me.

Summary: Zero was looking straight at Yuuki, lips parting slightly and leaning closer. Yuuki tilted her head a little, readying herself for the usual biting sensation. But nothing after that was the usual. Zero never bit her that night and Yuuki never felt so confused in her whole life. Zero had just kissed her and she didn't stop him.

A Hundred Priceless Moments

Status: Currently ON HIATUS. As stated above, my Inuyasha passion kind of died when I met Zero Kiryuu. I'm kind of too busy to write about two anime/manga series for now. If I do get back my inspiration for this, I will try to complete it. But for now, I can't promise anything.

The Shadow

Status: ON HIATUS.

Best Friends

Status: DISCONTINUED. This was my first ever fanfic and my writing style have grown ever since. I don't plan to add more on this because it would be inconsistent already. Just be happy that Harry and Ginny got together in this one.

To Be Happy

Status: COMPLETE! It's really just a one-shot... Thanks for all those who reviewed and sorry for those who would have loved another chapter! Just read my other stories, I guess.

Destined To Be Together

Status: Already COMPLETE TOO! Many of my readers chose to have an epilogue but more of you chose that I end it since it's already a good ending... and when I gave it a second thought, well, I thought to end it already to concentrate on Stay! So the status is ALREADY COMPLETE! Thanks for those who read this two-part and I'm sorry for those who would have loved an epilogue... Just read Stay if you like to read a longer fic by me.


Status: COMPLETE and will stay as is, errors or no errors. Not to be revised.

Missing Kagome

Status: COMPLETE! This is just a one-shot but I really had a hard time writing this one! Took me several days, you know!

Lost Pendant

Status: COMPLETE! Another one-shot inspired by my favorite Inuyasha movie. The second movie! Hooray! I just wrote this in a day! Fast, huh?

Just in case, I would like to put this here. My works are licensed under the terms I indicated in "Creative Commons License". Here's a copy of my license. http:///licenses/by-nd/2.5/. The works written under this penname is strictly copyrighted to me (Miara Rigawa). Plagiarism is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. To those concerned readers who know of any plagiarism issues concerning my works, please do inform me so I can take the appropriate action for it. Thank you.

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