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My name is Melissa. I'm 21 years old. I live in Austin, Tx.

Right now, I'm really into Hetalia. Having attended a private Texas school, the history I learned there was about 30% American history and 70% Texas history, so I've really learned a lot from Hetalia. I've come up with a lot of ideas for fanfiction before, but never written them down. As I got older, I realized that not writing these ideas down was probably a service to humanity. I would like to believe I've gotten better over the years, but that's not really for me to decide.

I tend to think my jokes are hilarious, but I don't know if everyone else sees them as such. I'm a bit of a grammar nazi. This is probably due in part to how I was forced to look over my little sister's reports and such for school before she turned them in. How does a seventh grader misspell taco? Twice? *sigh*

I'm very shy, and not good at expressing myself. I'll work up my nerve, write a comment, then exit out without posting. I get too nervous to go through with it. When I do manage to hit submit, I spend the rest of the day worrying about what people will think of my comment. I'm the type to hang back and just listen to others talk when I don't know them. If I do know them, then I'm kind of a jerk. I show affection by being mean and teasing, so I end up insulting people I like. My personality really needs work.

Manga I Like: Hetalia, Fullmetal Alchemist, Kamen Tantei, Detective Conan, Kuroshitsuji, Rurouni Kenshin, Natsume Yuujinchou, Mushishi, Code: Breaker, TTGL, PSoH, Happy Cafe, Arata Kangatari, Bunny Drop, lots of others I can't think of right now

TV Shows I Like: Fringe, The Mentalist, Dr. Who, CSI, CSI: Miami (YEEEAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!), CSI: New York, NCIS, Cold Case, etc.

I love the internet, 4chan, Fark, csittl, Superdickery, Cracked, ffn, lj, not so much fb, Tvtropes, bash, and Encyclopedia Dramatica.

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