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Author has written 9 stories for Bleach, Naruto, Fate/stay night, and Rosario + Vampire.

Well hello to any who are reading my profile! This has been recently updated despite my VERY long hiatus. While I know I don't seem to be writing right now, I figured since I'm not allowed to leave notes in my chapters that i'll write here that I do intend to eventually get back to writing. With that said, I have been mulling over a godly amount of potential storylines I could work on, both in my existing and potential future stories. Just like last time, I'm leaving a list of potentials, if there is any interest in the idea, please, do let me know if you would like to see the idea done or not.

With that said, idea's for storylines, both old and new

DBZ Another Future-Mirai Trunks & Videl Romance-Old Idea

Back in his own time, Trunks and the revived Z-senshi (New Namek Dragonballs which Trunks sought out) are contacted by the Supreme Kai to stop the revival of Buu, who was recently located on earth. With the mighty Z-Sword in hand, a weapon to aid in the ending of the threat, Trunks and co chased the fleeing Babidi across the stars to a cataclysmic final showdown on Rygil-7834 (made up planet XP), where Trunks slew both wizard and demon king before Buu could be released.

With the Buu ball safely sealed at the centre of the Supreme Kai's planet, Trunks accepts the Z-Sword as a gift for his work and returns home victorious. Upon glancing at the Time Capsule, he realises that Buu was only kept sealed because Babidi could not gather the required energy, something which could be possible in the other timeline. Realising what he must do, Trunks sent himself back in time, this time to return the favour and be the one to save Goku's time period from such a foe, but an unexpected sabotage brought him back earlier than the estimated time the Supreme Kai had given him for Buu's appearence and the Time Capsule was out of all energy.

It seemed the sabotage was actually his mothers doing, with a recorded message to her past self of a very surprising nature, to force Trunks to go to University! Sure, it was something Trunks had always dreamed of doing, but what about the planet destroying monstrosity?

However, with no appearence from the enemies, on no way to contact this universes Supreme Kai, Trunks relented to his mothers wishes and follows Gohan to university, where he makes a surprising encounter to say the least!

Probably been done hundreds of times over, but I felt like doing a version myself XP. Features a SSJ2 Mirai Trunks with power that verges him reaching SSJ3, and a re-telling of the story with Trunks at the epicentre. Also Videl ends up with stronger abilities than in canon, although still weaker than any Z-Senshi, she pulls a surprise victory against Spopovich in the tournament by Out of Bounds (which pisses said guy off to all hell, but is silenced when he tries to attack her immediately after losing and Trunks bitch slaps him through the stadium building, much to the Supreme Kai's chagrin). He also has his times Z-Sword, but unlike canon, his sword has *taken in* the power of both Babidi and Dabura, making it a useable weapon with different attributes to the Z-Sword of canon

King amongst Titans-Air Gear/AoT crossover-Itsuki adventure story-New Story Idea

Oh man that's the last time I, THE Minami Itsuki of Kogerasumaru, recently named Sky King and pretty much the biggest badass to have ever rolled onto the Air Gear scene, EVER accept mushrooms from Buccha as a gift. Why the hell didn't I remember how that went the last freakin time! This time though, the shroom-haze is reeaally mad, being thrown into a technologically ass-backwards world with big stinkin ugly giants everywhere? Man, that d!ckhead is gonna find how far a set of Gears can be rammed up someone's ass once this trip ends!

Only it's not a trip...is it? This impossible vision...it's real isn't it?...hm...ah shit, never really been the thinking type anyway, i'll just follow the wind, kick some ass and find my way home. If I end up saving this ass-backward version of humanity while I'm at it, that's all good right? Sure, it's not like I'm dealing with big bro-Sora and riding my way down a freakin pillar from Space to kick some reason into his ass, but compared to that? This'll be a piece of piss!

Also, this 3DG stuff looks epic! Can't wait to try it out!

No idea if this has been done yet, been floating around for a good while in my head as the mechanics of the 3DG and the Air Treks really could be used in the same universes. Features a slightly post-Air Gear story Minami Itsuki with a new original design Sky Regalia as his AT. Initially humorous take, especially with some of Itsuki's shenanigans during the training time in storyline, eventually starts to get serious later on. Itsuki is rather OP for the storyline, capable of defeating Titans with or without the 3DGear simply through the usage of his own Air Gears and having a unique variation of movement that surpasses the versatility of the canon crew. His Air Treks are basically considered as outdated prototype forms of the 3DGear before they moved onto it's current form, albeit nobody manages to get a look long enough to realise just what it is Itsuki is really using. May or may not include romance, if so, most likely Annie, NOT Mikasa for certain.

Devil Guardian-Bleach/Highschool DxD-Ichigo Harem story-New Story Idea

You would think after dying more times than he could count that Ichigo would be a bit more wary about the risks of going head first into situations huh? Then again, this time he didn't really get much of a choice, all he saw was a flash of grey wings and the blood spraying from the chest of a young teen. All he could do was drive that sadistic looking bitch off and wait with the Plus of the young teen until a Shinigami could cleanse him. Just one more life he failed to save in time. Only, this time a girl with red hair tells him she could save this dead boy, bring him back from death. Sounds to good to be true, right? The price though, as the boy had died before he could express the wish to be saved, was to pledge himself as the cost to bring the teen back to life. A deal with a devil for sure, but what would you give up to save a life? That question was always easily answerable by Ichigo.

Features Fullbring Ichigo post-Fullbring arc, having managed to defeat Tsukishima and Ginjou by himself without being caught by surprise and losing his powers. Also features a changed variant of Issei, having ended up with Ichigo as his role model and different priority of girl presence around him (lets face it, Rias and Akeno drive up his perversion, if it was Asia alone initially without having to get competitive he'd probably end up toning back after a while). Reincarnated as a mutated Knight, Ichigo ends up stuck in Highschool once more, albeit hired as the school doctor this time, and is quickly drawn into a series of eyebrow raising events following the rather crazy world of DxD. Shinigami are featured as part of the backstory, having been present during the Great War and are well known by all sides (albeit Rias doesn't recognise Ichigo initially, else she would never have tried persuading him into her Peerage, she just assumes he's a pretty powerful Human with access to Sacred Gear).

Current harem girls for Ichigo (subject to change)-Rias, Koneko, Xenovia and from Bleach cast, Yoruichi (True Harem, will be others as affection Harem). There is no hope in any Fallen Angel additions, changes in backstory mean that Fallen Angels have a lot of beef with Shinigami due to their actions at the end of the Great War. This is also true of other Shinigami as Ichigo is officially disavowed by Soul Society so not to disrupt the treaty, Yoruichi is an exception as an exile and because of her later revealed nature.

Current girl for Issei (will change as I read more of DxD)-Asia and Irina (True Harem, may be others later)

May pair off Yuuto with Akeno for lols, but Yuuto will only have one girl, never a harem.

Wings of the Shinigami-Bleach/Sekirei-Ichigo Harem story-New Story Idea

Between Ginjo and Ichigo's strength, Tsukishima was finally defeated before he could cause too much damage with his powers, albeit at the cost of Ichigo's friends and family as casualties to Tsukishima's memory rewrite. Once again though, Urahara saves the day, pretty much pioneering a ground-breaking new technology almost scarily spontaneously to fix the mental contamination and return all memory's involved to normal. With this assurance and Xecution's blessing, Ichigo finally completes the ritual to transfer the Fullbringers powers to himself...only to discover it wasn't quite enough to succeed. He still wasn't a Shinigami...

A few months later and Ichigo has finally moved on with life, fully accepting his position in the living realm rather than the one of the dead. He has the power to protect others again, that was what he had always wanted and being the wielder of the combined skills of Xecution was more than enough. Now he just has to get his real life affairs straight, and his father seems determined that he must go through University. As such, he heads off to Tokyo to attend University and get his medical degree, with no idea just what awaits him within the city where the Wagtails fly.

Features a Super Ichigo (my very first Super story, doesn't quite qualify as God) with the combined arsenal of all Xecution Fullbrings in the Sekirei universe. Ichigo's abilities pretty much border on reality breaking as his own powers are slowly converting the other Fullbrings to become his own, changing them to work alongside his own Fullbring, Protectors Pride. The process is different compared to how much his affinity worked with each user, as of canon start, only Riruka and Chad's have converted, being the only Fullbringers with honest feeling towards him. Each Fullbring when converted changes in it's basic functions so as he can wield them all in one form and so they realign to his nature of Protector. He can utilise the others on their own individually as their original user did, but once integrated he can wield them simultaneously, once all integrate he will become Godlike due to their intrinsic natures.

Nothing much to say about the Sekirei part, as in canon basically. Minato also exists in this storyline and will have his own Sekirei albeit Ichigo gets one of them.

Minato's Flock-Musubi, Kuu, Matsu, Tsukiumi and Kazehana

Ichigo's Flock (subject to change)-Homura, Akitsu, Karasuba and Musubi(?!) Harem extension Uzume/Chiho

Undecided how Karasuba will interact, could be one of many. Smaller flock despite his abilities, but this is because Ichigo actually doesn't have the True Ashikabi gene of canon, he isn't a Sekirei descendant. Instead they are reacting to him from his strength, the original decider as Ichigo is the only human around who would be capable of handling a full power, unmodified Sekirei. This is also why Akitsu reacts to him, her body senses one who can be with her despite her broken parameters exists.

Slight note, Musubi gets...complicated XP, something strange happens partway through which leads to her getting winged twice. However for all intents and purposes she is Minato's Sekirei, loves him, stays with him, has the bond to him, life connected to his status (if Ichigo died, she would not die as part of the connection). She feels no such compulsion to Ichigo, but could theoretically Norito to him (she won't, just theoretical could) and has the psychic link between all of his Sekirei as well as Minato's, plus counts as part of both their Flocks in terms of engagement according to the Sekirei Plan rules. A confusing situation which will get resolved by the later parts of the story. Anybody with the basic knowledge would know what went wrong here XP.

Sparks Liner High (name most likely will be changed)-Bleach/SAO crossover

Life had been so...wrong...ever since he lost his powers he had become a shadow of himself. Not knowing how to deal with his now lifeless son, Isshin tries a new tact and through careful wheeling and dealing (I.E. begged Urahara to do it) manages to get one of the initial release copy's of the newest revolutionary VRMMO, Sword Art Online. Just to get his father to shutup bragging about this new game (and maybe escape from the sheer pain of a reality where he could do nothing), Ichigo reluctantly enters the world of S.A.O, only to learn that even in a world of graphics and technology, there are still those who need to be protected and while he is one of many with the power to do so, only he has the sheer drive and tenacity to maybe pull this off and rescue everyone from within this hell they are trapped. Maybe in this false reality, he can regain his pride as a Protector...

The title is derived from F/SN for the curious, the most epic alternate ending chapters of the Visual Novel. Anyhow, features Ichigo within the world of S.A.O, very basic and barely need much explanation. The story follows his own and his partner's quest to both survive and save everyone within the computerized world. Will feature O.C's, but the main two characters are Ichigo and his partner (not O.C, but not naming who, surprise if I do the story XP). As in all my crossovers, all protagonists are present, but their stories will only cross at major points, Ichigo is following a separate path from both Asuna and Kirito. Ichigo will get a Unique Skill VERY early on (a gift from Kayaba given during the initial few hours before the trap is revealed, due to how he pretty much requires the game code to be updated for his Avatar alone due to his supreme speed synapses in his mind causing compatibility issues with the software), but it will not be Dual Blades, rather one of the unknown other Unique Skills which Heathcliff claimed existed (there are 10, but only Kirito's Dual Swords and Heathcliff's Holy Blade are known in canon). There will be a romance for Ichigo with his unknown partner over the time inside, but again, who is kept under wraps XP (it is guessable, but subject to change, there are two candidates I'm choosing between).

Got loads more, might write them up and add them here again some other time but these are the most likely to happen stories from my head.

King of Fuyuki-AU F/SN-Shirou centric

"I will win" both men believed/"I will die" both men understood.

These were the final thoughts between two Masters before their battle was interrupted by the cursed sludge overspilled from the Holy Grail. But what if that roof had withstood just a moment longer? The final battle ends just as both men had always known, each man dying upon the others weapon, as above them two Servants faced off against one another for opposing ideals. However with the death of her Master, her existence cut short, Saber vanished before the King of Heroes could forcibly claim her. Enraged beyond all else, the Golden King unleashed his anger upon the corrupt artefact before him, cementing the fate of the many who would die from the resulting inferno.

However, as he stalked the flaming wasteland of his own creation, he comes across an anomaly, an empty shell of an existence with naught else but the desire to survive. Intrigue overcame disgust, and thus Gilgamesh decided to find what amusement he could create from this shell of a human.

This story is based on the idea of Gil being the one who found Shirou amongst the ruins rather than Kiritsugu. Due to Gil's interference, Shirou is saved in a sense by him, instead of taking the ideals of the self sacrificing Emiya, he follows in the path of the Proud King that he *saw* in Gil. Features a much stronger OOC Shirou (due to Gil's meddling), beginning from him growing up in Fuyuki, his involvement with the church as Kotomine Shirou, until his eventual involvement in the Holy Grail War.

Servant-undecided (as of the moment, I was thinking of Arturia again, would be humerous to see how that would go with the *King* Shirou. If I do this, Shirou will have Avalon, with Gil having recovered it from the sludge he was immersed in as Kiritsugu's body was dissolved by the Grail)

Romance-Large Harem (he's kinda inherited the Golden Charisma from Gil, so his pull is even worse than canon Shirou)

Significant changes as of canon start-Kirei is dead, Shirou is much different from canon, certain Servants are different (undecided if EMIYA will appear...), two new Masters, Non-Grail/adult Ilya (result of Emiya being psuedo-tied Victor of 4th War and not a traitor, Einzbern aim to cultivate his integrated bloodlines battle potential rather than grail candidacy so expect a serious powerhouse Master, potentially strongest Master threat in a truer sense than canon), new Lesser Grail Candidate, new battles, new locations, list goes on really XP.

The Crowned Familiar (Guilty Crown x Zero no Tsukaima crossover)

(summary to be written)


Shu-Undecided (most likely none, but may be persuaded to change it with decent reason. Never Louise though, or Kirche. The former due to plot, the latter due to dislike of trying to write that type of character seriously)

Saito-Tiffania ONLY (not getting persuaded otherwise, plot reasons)

This is another story just bouncing around in my head, a post-main story Shu summoned into the Zero no Tsukaima universe (surprisingly willingly, having heard the desperate plea from the portal, he answered her summons despite his current condition). After gaining the familiar runes he's returned to a physical state closer to his mid-war self, regaining King's Heart and the ability to utilise the Void through his runes, albeit starting with only the King's Heart and Inori's Songstress Sword (the two Void's he collectively possessed from his heart and the heart entrusted to him. He also has one more Void that he is unaware of, but it's identity wont be revealed for a long time). While physically sound with his sight restored, he still has his missing arm, and he doesn't tend to keep King's Heart activated, so the majority of the cast presume him to have no arm at all. He's mostly in control of himself, after the events of canon his mentality has settled down rather peacefully, albeit his whimsical nature and tendency to talk to himself may cause a lot of miscommunication (he still feels Inori's presence so often talks to himself as if to her)

Unlike Saito from canon, Shu is summoned as Lífþrasir rather than Gandalfr, thus his abilities in the plot are far detached from Saito's own as he does not have automatic weapon mastery. The abilities granted through his Runes will also work differently due to his personal connection to the conceptual Void of Human Heart, it won't be simplified to being a magical battery, the skills gained from the Runes have a more direct impact and will develop Shu's ability to understand others through his resonance and the ability to utilise the Right of the King if he so chose.

However, currently undecided if he will ever take another Void while in the Zero universe, as the existence of the Apocalypse Virus isn't present, and he also doesn't desire to take the Guilty Crown again when his current strength is enough to protect Louise. The Songstress Sword is in itself an immense weapon, capable of allowing him to manipulate movement in mid air, create waves of destructive energy (the metal silver ribbon effect that can slice straight through missiles), creating shields at will and being a god damn huge weapon in a traditional sense.

As usual, I keep the original character around, so you can expect Saito to...eventually appear in the plot, but not until the Albion incident due to where and how he was summoned. He won't be quite the same as canon, close, but with less inferiority complexes, less need for perversion but also less combat experience (thing's been pretty peaceful for him, plus he doesn't have Derflingr)

Derflingr will be in the plot, don't be worried about that, but he won't be Shu's weapon. While Shu does get him initially, the sword doesn't match well with him so he doesn't use it. Eventually it will go to Saito, but not for a long while.

The Immortal Shinobi (name probs be changed later) a KingdomxNaruto crossover

Having won the 4th Shinobi War, peace was eventually brought to the lands of the Elemental Nations, but at a hefty price for one shinobi, Immortality. Sounds like a gift, but it surprisingly isn't as one quickly finds themselves apart from the world they had known and loved, living while those they had been brought up with died amongst them. Don't get it wrong, Naruto was fine with this cost, even though it's going to hurt leaving them all, he still brought the peace his world so sorely needed, so the small price to pay was one he would take. It's not like he would be alone, his erstwhile partner was content to remain vigilant with him as the hidden guardians of the Five Nations. However, now with a world at peace, and having secluded himself from history itself, Naruto finds boredom in his life of solitude, the sole remaining shinobi within a country demilitarized, with chakra slowly but surely being lost over time as the need for Ninshu vanished with the peace he had won. At least until the discovery of a new nation, an enormous country of chaos and war that dwarfed even the Five Nations, where men and women died by the scores in cataclysmic battles which dwarfed even the Clan Wars of the time before he was born.

"Well, looks like my work isn't over yet. What do you say Kurama, you up for another campaign to save the world from itself?"

"Whatever, just let me get some blasted sleep"

"...I'll take that as a yes!"

Features an age immortal Naruto ~300 years past canon, can be potentially killed but it's staggeringly difficult. Due to plot reasons, Naruto has actually sealed away the vast majority of his chakra, so this won't be a Super story. He's still incredibly strong, easily on par with the Great Generals if he felt like getting serious, but he's unlikely to ever use his actual jutsu as he doesn't want to bring Ninshu back into existence, having seen that the Five Nations became a better place with the loss of chakra. He's not out to become the central saviour like he was in the Five Nations, but to find a stable leader which he will support to become the new ruler, as of the moment this may be either A. Ei Sei, B. Ryo Fui or C. Rin Boku (if C, he will kill Hosen off early on, he REALLY doesn't like Hosen who exists merely to kill others and prove his strength). Will be a mix of serious and light hearted, while Naruto knows the full implications of his immortality, I refuse to do a downer/emo Naruto, he has already accepted his Immortality, and has made peace with it (Kurama is mainly there for snarks and witty banter, plus he keeps Naruto from going loco). He will only get a pairing if I do A. route, the others he won't as I don't think I can do a credible O.C partner for him.

Wolf God Fist DBZ story

In nearly every universe following the 23rd Tenkaichi Budokai, with the advice given by Kami in the mistakes of his personal style and seeing the gap in strength between himself and his somewhat-rival Goku, Yamcha would decide to restart his training from scratch under Master Roshi, to return to basics and build up again under a master he believed he could learn from. But in every universe he follows this decision, Yamcha inevitably ends up the weakest of the Z-Force, a mockery of the warrior he once was compared to his allies. He eventually loses faith in his abilities, loses the first girl he ever managed a relationship with to the man responsible for his death and eventually loses his aspiration as a Martial Artist.

However in this universe, Yamcha makes a shocking choice, to believe in his strength and his own style and to pursue the same path to strength as Goku his own way, no matter how much of a gap there was between him and his friend. With guts and determination, he aspires to prove himself worthy to train under Kami, the aged being who was once a match for the mighty Piccolo, and to trust in his original style, perfecting it under the training of the Guardian of Earth. With an unusual determination none had seen from him before, Yamcha trains with one sole goal; to one day, no matter how unlikely or impossible the chance was, fight on that same impossible to reach plateau that Goku had managed to reach.

Starts end DB but pre DBZ, Yamcha centric. I loved the DB Yamcha, he was an affable badass with an awesome motif and was a warrior proud to be considered amongst the strongest in Dragon Ball. Even as the original series went on and he started to flag a bit, his determination to improve himself and become a stronger martial artist despite it all was cool. However, DBZ made him out to be pathetic and laughable, a vast disappointment to the roster of DBZ warriors, especially when he started to completely give up even when the other humans still fought to improve themselves.

So, because of this, I feel like writing a better version for the poor scar faced bandit, something that returns to the roots that were lost when he tried to pursue the exact same path as Goku. Now don't get me wrong, he isn't going to suddenly become HAX overpowered and destroy Frieza while moonwalking, if anything he is really going to struggle on this path. However, the Yamcha as of the start of DBZ will have gone under a large change, having massively developed his original style (hence Wolf God Fist, the Wolf Fang Fist evolved under Kami's tutelage) rather than pursuing the Turtle Fist under Master Roshi that Goku mastered, plus the deeper training he underwent with Kami over the five year gap will have put him on a much higher starting plateau than the Human Warriors matched. He's still not Goku, but he could fight on the same battlefields without falling far behind, and gains far more opportunities to grow than his original self.

Eventual development is meant to keep Yamcha at a relative pace to Goku, with the gap between them changing according to the situation (there are times when Yamcha surpasses Goku due to the different ways each pursue the advancement of the abilities *shock, horror*). This eventually leads to humans in general getting stronger as well. Yamcha also eventually undergoes a variant of the Android process to save his life, so eventual psuedo-Cyborg Yamcha. Pairing? Undecided, will be one, may not be Bulma though (Zangya is a decent alternate I'm considering, ex-Bandit and ex-Pirate, might work). Will Trunks appear? Maybe. Will Yamcha have children? Almost certain, there was never any non-Saiyan children who became martial artists out of the Human Z-Fighters, so I want to pursue that path to see how it might work out.

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