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Welcome to my beautiful profile. I am LiveInTheMusic. No, that isnt my real name. No, I wont tell you what it is. I dont appreciate creepers, kay? I write poems to vent my feelings, sometimes. I write storys because I love to. Im in love with the Hunger Games. Like no joke. I am 100% a Peeta fan. Even though I have some complaints about the movie, I still LOVED it. It couldnt have been more perfect. Sure, I wanted a longer Rue part, and a longer cave seen, but look what they did with the movie... It was amazing. I believe in following my dreams and encourage everyone to follow there dreams too. Be happy in your life. Its the only one you got.

Live on.

One Direction = L.O.V.E. They are amazing. Their music helps me smile on my worst days, makes me feel better about tough situations. Oh, and they're hot. And British.(;

These are some of the Poems I've writen. If you dont like them, well, tough luck. I'll post more if they are requested. For now, there is only one. They will be about anything and everything. I write them when I feel different emotions. So, enjoy.(:

This poem bellow is about 9/11. I used to live in New Jersey/New York area, so I understand the pain some of you mightve felt. My father was in the city that day. My aunt was schedualed to go to the World Trade Centers for a meeting, but got sick. To any of you who had to suffer the lost, I am truely sorry. This is my tribute for that day, those people. Leave any comments you might have on one of my storys. I dont mean to offend anyone and I'm sorry if I do. Enjoy.

9/11 Poem

Through the brightest day, through the darkest night,
The twin towers withstood all fright.

Then came the day September 11th,
When everyones thoughts were still irrelevant.

The plains crashed, and fires began,
This the towers could not withstand.

Not long after, the towers crashed down,
Frightening the people, watching from the ground.

Many people gave their souls,
2,977 was the final death toll.

Hearts were breaking,
Faith was shaking.

People watched in total horror,
Cursing the terrorists that crossed our border.

And even though the day was tuff,
We won't forget the men who gave more then enough.

The brave, brave men who were aware of the certain death,
Yet up the tower stairs, they still went.

Saving the lives of people in need,
Forgetting about their own self greed.

Giving their lives, just to save another,
Having American hearts, being American brothers.

Though the smoke has long been cleared,
Many people still hold fear.

Fear of the day that it might happen again,
But those are the people who don't see our end.

We stood together, like a country should,
The terrorists? They misunderstood.

Opposite of what they had hoped,
America came together and coped.

We did not back down, we did not surrender,
We put up a fight, though are chances were slender.

Ten years later, we still remember,
The lives took, the hearts that surrendered.

And in the time of ten long years,
Americans have shed millions of tears.

Pain has been felt to the absolute highest,
In the darkest, we shine brightest.

Live, Laugh, Love

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