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Author has written 7 stories for Zorro, Bonanza, StarTrek: The Original Series, and Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew.

Major Bonanza fan here! My favorite character is Little Joe, but I do like and appreciate all of them!

Adam Cartwright ~ "Nobody knows anything."

Little Joe Cartwright ~ "I think we'd have a little more luck if we could find an enraged chicken."

Little Joe Carwright ~ "I know what I know and I feel what I feel."

Ben Cartwright ~ "There's nothing wrong with education as long as it doesn't interfere with your thinking".

Little Joe Cartwright ~ "I just got an idea to get us outta trouble; more trouble than we got out of yesterday."

Adam Cartwright ~ "Don't lose your temper so early in the morning. You won't have any left for the rest of the day."

Little Joe Cartwright ~ "Oh, you'd have died of a real bad case of slow."

I also like the original Star Trek series.

Dr. McCoy: He's dead, Jim!

Scotty: Well, captain, er, the Klingons called you a tin plated over bearing swaggering dictator with delusions of godhood.
Capt. Kirk: Is that all?
Scotty: No sir, they also compared you with a Denebian slime devil.
Capt. Kirk: I see.
Scotty: And then they said that you were...
Capt. Kirk: I get the picture, Scotty.
Scotty: Yes, sir.
Capt. Kirk: And after they said all this, that's when you hit the Klingons.
Scotty: No, sir.
Capt. Kirk: No?
Scotty: No, er, I didn't. You told us to avoid trouble.
Capt. Kirk: Oh, yes.
Scotty: Well, I didn't see that it was worth fighting about. After all, we're big enough to take a few insults, aren't we?
Capt. Kirk: What was it they said that started the fight?
Scotty: They called the Enterprise a garbage scow! Sir.
Capt. Kirk: I see. And that's when you hit the Klingon?
Scotty: Yes, sir.
Capt. Kirk: You hit the Klingons because they insulted the Enterprise, not because they...
Scotty: Well, sir, this was a matter of pride!
Capt. Kirk: All right, Scotty dismissed. Oh, Scotty, you're restricted to quarters until further notice.
Scotty: Yes, sir. Thank you, sir. That'll give me a chance to catch up on my technical journals.

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