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Author has written 6 stories for Harry Potter.

He didn't know what Red did for a living. Surely, 'watching Orion' wasn't a valid vocation. But, maybe it was. It was certainly better than what he wrote down when McGonagall gave them a sheet to fill out. Apparently to 'write hot, smutty, homoerotic literature' was not an appropriate career choice. Who knew?

From The Dragomirs'


"I can't help but wonder…" Fred started a moment later.

"What's that, my favourite brother?" George asked.

"Your favourite, really?" Fred practically swooned. "You flatter me so. I didn't want to make the others jealous, but you're my favourite too."

Ginny rolled her eyes and noticed Ron doing the same.

"Of course. Handsome as I am, how could I not be?" George haughtily proclaimed. "But back to your wondering, brother."

From Taking Control

By the time Harry's godfather – the infamous friend-betraying, mass-murdering, Azkaban-escaping, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named's right hand, Sirius Black – had left his house, Mr Greengrass had put his signature on a marriage license for his under-age daughter, in exchange for no gold at all. As Sirius told Harry afterward, he had paid a very high price for a reputation that could wandlessly terrorize any normal wizard. He might as well get some use out of it.

From Ice Princess

“Having a battle of wits with Remus always makes me feel guilty,” Harry said casually, as he turned back to the others. “It’s like fighting with an unarmed man,” he finished with a grin, just loud enough to be heard.

From Happily Ever After

I know that most people copy them all into their profile, but I only did the ones that actually relate to me... Stereotyping is WRONG, people!!! Don't do it!

I'm RELIGIOUS, so I MUST shove my beliefs down your throat.

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I like GAMES, ANIME and COMICS, so I MUST be childish.

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I cry easily, so I MUST be a wimp.

I can't help pointing out mistakes so I MUST be an over-controlling perfectionist.

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