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Hello! I've always been intrigued by the idea of fanfiction and the independent continuation of existing art (or commerce, whatever).

I started reading fics in 2008 and signed up in 2010 to leave reviews.

I don't have a lot of fandoms, it's not in my nature, I tend to study a few things and learn them well. This applies for fiction to me, too. The shows I do like are very character centric, and even when they're not...they are in my mind!

In fiction, I have an interest in studying the universes created and how the differences in the universe (in comparison to ours) effect the behavior of the characters. With this, my three favorite universes are Ghost in the Shell, Avatar: The Legend of Aang, and Star Trek as they all lend well to both of those things. Part sci-fi, part psychology, particularly in the case of the Star Trek and GITS. I also like the anime Gosick. Very well written show.

There appears to be some unspoken rule to my life requiring me to always hold some deeply founded opinion virtually everyone disagrees with...including in my fandom activities. In Avatar (The Legend of Aang) I always liked the idea of the energy benders from the end of the series, and I refuse to believe to believe there could be no more airbenders, so I came to FF to try to find some fics that featured it...with little luck. So I wrote some.

I had never written fiction, and hoping I would be a decent fic writer as I have a lot background with essays, reports, content, and general nonfiction creation...turned out that skill doesn't transfer to dialogue and plot! After deciding that my writing was so terrible it was embarrassing, I deleted it all in 2012 and virtually wiped this account. Years later, I've checked's still terrible. Not re-posting. It would have to be totally re-written.

My unpopular belief in GITS is that Kuze isn't dead. There's. No. Way. They just had this in-depth conversation about going up to the net...there's no way he didn't! But what a fabulous series. I like all the movies, with my least favorite being the original movie. Stand Alone Complex was fabulous in both seasons. Very awesome sci-fi.

And last but not least...Star Trek. Great universe design, very believable and solid. I grew up on TNG and always thought Data was the best, then I saw First Contact and thought the Vulcans looked I checked out TOS. I enjoy TOS, especially the Amanda/Sarek pairing (though they're hardly main characters), but it's a bit too action oriented for I tried DS9. Awesome series. Really well done. All of my favorite elements: character-centric, sci-fi and sociology, ethics, a cool future, an epic plot...Jadzia and Odo were my favorite characters. And Ezri. And Bashir. And...all of them.

I've seen the new movies, and enjoyed them, though they, as Honest Trailers put it, "destroyed 50 years of canon with time travel gobbledygook". (Referring to destroying Vulcan. And waking up Kahn.) It did provide the Spock/Uhura pairing which is a plus!

But then...I saw another series through the recommendation of someone on Enterprise. I liked every character on that show. Especially T'Pol. All the Vulcans...what a treat. it's a shame it ended so poorly, but I just pretend the entire thing was a holodeck simulation (which it was) - including the history! So, my canon doesn't include the finale. ;-)

Come to think of it, I'm not sure what my great divergence from accepted Trek is...probably liking ENT and DS9 over TOS and TNG!

After looking at my Trek interests, I noticed it's Vulcans that are always my favorite. And my favorite episodes are largely Vulcan-centric. Perhaps it's because my first exposure to Trek was being called "Spock" by a classmate (as an insult) because I have a somewhat stoic natural delivery method and tend to rely on logical reasoning.

In terms of fics...

I like:

  • Character building fics
  • Plots that reverse poor writing decisions in canon (time travel is always a great Trek tool, folks!)
  • Fics that hold to canon strongly when using it
  • Realistic inter-species romance
  • Anything involving Vulcans
  • But my favorite is this: stories that don't portray all human women as girly, gossiping flakes whose only power lies in misplaced feminism. As a female engineer, these people drive me crazy in the real world. I have a soft spot in my heart for unpopular theories or pairings.

    I don't read slash and I read over explicit sex scenes until it gets back to the story.

    I have a respect for canon as the entire practice of fanfiction is building on another's work. I appreciate authors who take the time to hold to it. However, sometimes the writers jump the shark and leave no choice but to overwrite it. I have even greater appreciation for authors who clean up those messes.

    The reason I've come because I still love well-built universes, and I want to try my hand at fiction again (The last 150,000 words were atrocious. Perhaps the next 150,000 will only be mildly bad.) I'm working on some Trek stuff. I'm going to keep leaving my reviews. I don't have favorites at the moment from when I wiped the account, I use the review system. But I plan on rebuilding my favs at some point.

    I have respect for all of you: creating is hard, and canon can both be oppressive and limitless, but you always know how to pull a plot from between the lines the original writer's left, and that's a skill all on its own.

    Keep up the great work!

    And if you all do is review, (like me, though I can't imagine many would land on this profile, considering I'm only reviewing) there's an important place for feedback and encouragement as well.

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