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hahaha never gets old I say. so apparently your visiting my page! if you felel like wasting a couple minits of your day then feel free to read about nothing...NEways so here is where I talk about my self and all that stuff I like to do...geh I'm bad at this but here she goes...

lets see here...

Name: Mrs. Gluttony is all you need to know I also get called la tee da (no seriously that's been my nickname for years now)

Gender: Female

Age: 20

Hight: 5'6

Hair: brown


Mental state: totally insane.

ha ha jokes...well kinda...moving on I don't really know if i'm an aspiring writer but it is one thing I can almost see myself doing. problem is I suck at spelling, grammar sentence structure, typing, pretty much every thing you need to be a writer. but we will give it a try here for a starters. I figure if i can write a half descent story using some one else's characters, back stories and popularity than I might attempt my own.

my view on reviews

I really don't understand why but some people are picky about reviews. I'm just here to tell you that you can tell me anything you f'ing want to! my own reviews are pretty much useless so I have no right to ask for only critiquing ones nor would I. that said you could also critique the hell out of my stuff if you want, it might be really helpful (but no promises of me getting better believe me my teachers tried while I was in school and it didn't work lol) and if you don't like my stuff that is fine too rip on me all you want I have tough skin! I will say one thing though getting into arguments over the web(yes I say web) is just plain silly.

I watch/Read a lot of Anime/manga but my favorites are firstly the obvious ones

GINTAMA!!!(the Best ever!) - fav.char: Gintoki (obviously but really one of the few main shonen heroes who is my favorite from their manga or anime)

Sket Dance! - fav.char: Switch!

Bleach - fav.char: Ulquiorra (yes it's shameful but I'm a fan girl)

Naruto - fav.char: - Gaara (also shamefully a fan girl)

than there are some others like...

Blue Exorcist - fav.char: Mephistopheles

D.Gray Man - fav.char: Rhoad!

Fairy Tale - fav.char: ErzaxJellal (I should say fav paring, anyone who says they're not canon is ether crazy or blind.)

Soul Eater - fav.char: Medusa(she's just so delightfully evil)

Dengeki Daisy - fav.char: Kurosaki

Kimi ni todoke - fav.char: Ryu

Darker than Black (One of my faves) - fav.char: YinxHei (aslo should say fav paring)

Tsubasa Chronicals - fav.char: Kurogane

Vampire Knights - fav.char: Zero (why oh why are you and Yuki not together? * cries* I don't think they ever will be ether.)

Fruits Basket (will always have a special place in my heart) - fav.char: I would say kyo...maybe but AkitoxShigure together is amazing (their destructive love/hate relationship is lots of fun!)

Nurarihyon no mago - fav.char: young grandfather and kapa

The Wallflower - fav.char: Sunako (because i'm so much like her lol)

Yankee-kun to Megane-Chan - fav.char: Kitami

Black Cat - fav.char: Train (another main I like)

Beelzebub - fav.char: Kanzaki

Hunter x Hunter - fav.char: Killua (I guess he's pretty much a main too, him and Gon are like 2 halves of the same coin lol)

and ya there are more but these ones are what stick out for me...

Fun facts

I love replacing curse words with real random stuff like holy shoes and what the Twilight (cuz lets face it twilight is a pretty much the worst curse word i know it makes peoples brains bleed!)

I love and I mean love tv/movies! it's sad really I can recite a movie after seeing it only once or twice! and Books! my god books are great I tell you! I have a very large addiction and that addiction is buying books.

music is my life! I love to sing and dance and listen to music all the time. I have even written a few songs! (it didn't go so well...)

Gintama Quotes

Gintoki:Listen up!

Let's say you drink too much strawberry milk, and have to use the bathroom in the middle of the night.

But it's cold outside your bed.

You don't want to get up, but the urge to urinate is just too strong!

You make up your mind to go!

You run to the bathroom, stand in front of the toilet, and let loose!

You think that all your life has led to this moment!

But then you realize!

It isn't the bathroom, you're still in bed!

That feeling of lukewarm wetness spreads like wildfire!

But you don't stop! You can't stop!

That's what I'm talking about!


DO YOU GET IT!? -ep 11

Gintoki: I can’t stand it, what’s hot is hot even if I suppress my mind to a state of nothingness. Why do I have to go buy a senpuki on a hot day like this? What a pain in the ass. This sucks. Maybe I’ll switch and buy an air conditioner instead. What do you say, old man? Should I upgrade to an air conditioner?

Old Man#1: huh? Well I don’t see why not.

Gintoki: That won’t do! Where am I going to find the money to buy an air conditioner? Mind your own business! (man starts to cry) Why do I have to get totally sweaty to go buy a machine that makes me cooler? It’s like digging for buried gold with buried gold. Like drinking before drinking! when the next senpuki arrives, I’m going to ignore it. For three days and three nights, I’m going to let it blow against the wall. This really ticks me off. Should I really buy an air conditioner? But I don’t have any money.

Gintoki: Gurr, this is really pissing me off! Even that beautiful blue sky ticks me off, and it’s so blue! Why am I soaking with sweat and passing around from store to store just to buy a measly senpuki? Hey, mister can I go home now? Can I go home already?

Old Man#2: Huh? I guess it’s ok to go home.

Gintoki: I can’t do that I feel like I’ve been through a sauna! You don’t know a thing! don’t talk like you do! (man starts to cry) Damn this is wrong, so wrong. I’m here to buy a Senpuki. I came to cool off! I’m just getting hotter and hotter! It ticks me off! I really should have gotten an air conditioner! But I don’t have the money.

Gintoki: something’s wrong, very wrong! I came to buy a senpuki! So why is this happening to me? Hey old man! Why is this happening to me! What’s going on? Tell me!

Old Man#3: Huh? I don’t know.

Gintoki: I don’t know ether, moron! Go to hell! (man starts to cry) -ep 21(Gintoki talking to random people on his mo-ped)

Shin:Gin-san, lets just go back. This forest gives me the creepes

Kagura: His whole body is smeared with honey

Gin: dont mind that, its just a fairy. Its the fairy from the voluntary activity, it does that volunteerily to protect this forest.

Shin: But i've seen that person somewhere

Kagura: Gori! its looks like gori.

Gin: Then its the fairy of gorillas. it does that to protect gorillas


Shin: Gin-san, really, lets just go back. As i thought this forest is scary.

Kagura:He is smearing mayonnaise on the trees!

Gin: dont mind that. Its the goblin of mayonnaise! It does that to mark its territory!

Shin:But, im sure thats someone we know well

Kagura: He was smoking! im sure i seen him smoking somewhere

Gin: Then its the child of a nicotine goblin!- ep 65

Gintoki:d-don't worry, a-all we have to do is find a t-time machine-ep 4

Gintoki: look my hand’s a hook. I can only be a pirate or a coat hanger now.-ep 13

Gintoki: In this house,I'm the first in the balance of power.afterwards comes GOD!!Remember that

Shinpachi: Oi!!GOD is number two??? -ep 22

Okita: You see that man smoking? The one that looks like he's looking down at everyone? I want you to run him over with enough force not to kill him.-ep??

Okita: Oi, there's egg yolk dripping between your thighs. Ovulation day?*Kagura takes him by the face & throws him*-ep??

Matsudaira: Get up, you dumb-ass Gorilla! If you don’t stand up in three seconds, I’ll blow your brains out. *click clack* ok, one.*bang*

Kondo: What happened to two and three?

Matsudaira: I don’t need those numbers. Number one is all a man needs to live.-ep28

Hijikata: What are you doing?

Okita: I forgot to fasten my seat belt! I forgot to fasten my seat belt!!!

Matsudaira: hey what’s wrong with him? He’s acting completely different! He’s getting all panicky!

Okita: sure I’m a sadist but only because I’m so insecure inside! H-h-h-h-help me Hijikata you bastard!

Hijikata: you idiot!-ep 35

Story Corner!

currently Writing:

Stay together for the kids- a Gintama fic with GinxTsukki cuz I love them and they don't get enough love! about a one night stand that has consequences and some vampires are thrown into the mix for the heck of it. also HijixOc#1/past hijixmitsu, one sided Oc#2xTsukki/past Oc#2xOc#3 and OkixKagu slight mentioning of other parings but nothing big (I'm a sap so I need happy endings for all!)

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