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Hey, yo!

All y’all out there!

I’m here to explain a bit of something. I used to have another account, but…

It never got suspended or nothin’, but I had to change it due to e-mail changes once I got a new laptop. If you ever go to my old account, maybe through my old story, the pen name will say, “-Moved to other account-“ and there it will be, the link to this account right here. I know I have no true stories yet, but I will soon enough. Right now, I have lots of favorite stories, no original stories, but that will change soon. Don’t worry, I’m working on one right now. :3

Now, anyways…..

Where was I? Oh, yes…the stories.

I may or may not have a large variety of different stories, depending on the games I play, shows I watch, manga I read (if I ever do…), et cetera. Sometimes, I’ll pay attention to one story in particular, and sometimes, I’ll update many different stories at a time, but that all depends on how I’m feeling. Sometimes, I’ll go hiatus on all my stories if I’m paying attention to something else, like my Youtube account, or deviantArt account. But thankfully, I’ll never forget about you, unless I want to quit one of my stories altogether, but that may be because I’m (and maybe the people) a little iffy about the story I post. Or, if I say they’re finished. If I ever finish a story, and it has something at the end of the final chapter saying something like “NO SEQUEL” or “EXPECT A SEQUEL” or something along those lines, go along those lines and if it says no sequel, do not post reviews wanting a sequel. That’s only one of my rules I have for myself and my stories.

Here’s a list of instructions for when I’m a fanfiction writer:

1 – Be a nice reviewer, but criticism is welcome. If you don’t like something about my story, please tell me, but don’t be mean about it. Go easy on the sugar cream, for I’m on a diet.

2 – Don’t worry about a story you particularly read, for if it has stopped being updated, I may either be working on one of my other sites, or working on another story.

4--no...wait a minute…

3 – Please check out many of my stories, and my other sites too. I want you to be able to keep track of where I am, so you won’t worry about me, like I’m dead.

4 – Don’t worry, I never abandon the interweb, so I won’t abandon you.

And 5, very important, 5 - RESPECT BOTH ME AND MY OCs. (Unless one of them is being a total DBAG on purpose, in which case, I want you to love to hate them.) I absolutely despise people who do that. I believe in canon pairings, well, mostly…except for Soul Calibur…and Tekken…and sometimes a few others…and if there’s something I haven’t read/played/watched and it has a pairing you like in it, that, one of the characters most likely has a pairing with an OC of mine, DO NOT BITCH AT ME ABOUT IT. I will either consider it if you say it nicely, or I may just say “Nope, I haven’t played/read/watched that yet -/- don’t like that pairing, so just suck it up and deal.” But not mean like that, unless you don’t follow this rule. Sorry, I wrote this at 1:00 in the morning. I can’t help that I’m acting cranky.

6 – Now, there might be some stories I have that you flat out may not like at all, (could be you hate the series, don’t like the characters it’s centered around, don’t like the genre) so if you don’t like them, just close it off and read another story. Do not give me a meanish to flat out FLAME review.

7 – If I accept you to be one of my friends, (Favorited author/author alert) do not whore your stories to me, and DO NOT SPAM MY INBOX. If you do, and it spams my e-mail, I will assuredly report you.

Now, there’s a lot more, but I forget them at the moment, which is why I’m gonna skip ahead and do the last one…

23 – Like I said earlier. Read the lines in the A/N if I finish a story on the final chapter.

Thank you very much. Now before I write any real stories, I’ll make little reference sheets to go along with the stories. Incase something confuses you, refer to the sheets. I may add chapters to them for one series.

Thank you and have a very nice day.

Also, check my deviantArt account. I'll have some pictures of my OCs posted there.

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