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Story: Dance with Me: Tango By Three

Pair With: You decide whether Atobe or Sanada

Name: Kanzaki Sakura ( picture [here] )

Personality Type: Yamato Nadeshiko

School: Hyoutei Gakuen

Club and Positions: Former Editor-in-Chief- School Publication

Former Vice-Captain Kyudo Girl's Club

Former Member- Ballroom Dancing Club

Other Titles: The King's Empress, Hyoutei's Finest


Catch Phrase: Money can't buy everything.

Short Description:

Sakura met Atobe Keigo when they are 5 years old since their fathers are business partners. Being a close friend, she always defend Atobe on all the boys who bully the young master in playing tennis. Atobe questioned Sakura's toughness and accuse the girl of being a tomboy. He told Sakura that he wanted to see her as a fair lady on whom Sakura opposed saying that she prefers to be a Yamato Nadeshiko. The girl made a promise that she will change only if Atobe will become number one in European Junior Tennis and become a king. Years have passed and Sakura keeps her promise to change herself but Atobe seems to forget her.

Unknown to Atobe's knowledge, Sakura was stripped off all richness since the girl's parents died on a car accident a year ago. When Sakura has no more money left, the landlady kick her out of the apartment she is renting. Desperate as she can be, she decided to go to her friend's house only to find out that it is gone for a week vacation at Osaka. Feeling very hopeless, she stays in front of her friend's house where she is being spotted by Sanada's father who is is going home from the police station. Sanada's father took pity of Sakura and brings her in Sanada's household. With so much debate from Sanada's mother, the couple decided to take custody of Sakura since they learned that Sakura has no other relative left. Will Sanada Genichirou treat her well? And what if Atobe learned about it? Will he concern himself with the girl?

Story: Honey, Honey (MaruiXEri); Boyfriend for Rent (NiouXEri) a SIDE STORY of Honey, Honey

Name: Masaharu Eri ( picture [junior high] [senior high] [university student]) /Minor OC: Masataka Rika [picture]

Personality Type: Kuudere

School: Rikkaidai Fuzouku

Clubs and Positions: President- Student Council

Editor-in-Chief- School Publication

Acting Captain- Kyudo Girls' Club

Other Titles: Little Miss Perfect, Queen Empress

Principle in Life: "DISCIPLINE, RESPECT and LOYALTY"

Catch Phrase: How imprudent!

Short Description:

Eri is the number 1 student of Rikkaidai. She excels not only in the field of leadership, kyudo and writing but also in academics at well. Due to her outstanding achievement, nobody ever dares to court her and she never receive any chocolates on white day. Her life is so hopeless and boring, it revolves around the school and home. She affectionately called Sanada as Geni-kun which makes the tennis boys intrigue with her relationship to Sanada but later it was revealed that they are relative. Just like Sanada, she is also very traditional and never accept impolite attitude. The first time she encounter Marui is when she accidentally bumped and fell with the red hair tensai when she is running quickly towards the kyudo dojo. The series of events that will lead to their sugary sweet story. Well, still not sure of it since Niou appeared at the scene.

Story: I Dare You: Never Surrender / I Dare You: Surrender (not yet published)

Name: Wanazaki Natsumi ( picture [here] )

Personality Type: Tsundere

School: Seishun Gakuen

Clubs and Positions: Acting Editor-in-Chief- School Publication

Member: Kyudo Girl's Club

Other titles: The Queen, Her Royal Highness

Principle in Life: "CITIUS, ALTIUS, FORTIUS" (Faster, Higher, Stronger) *It's actually the Olympics Motto, probably there other thoughts running on her mind

Catch Phrase: Don't dare me or I will dare you.

Other information still remains confidential.

Story: Don't Love You No More (not yet published)

Name: Akira Aiko

Personality Type: Tsundere

School: Rokkaku Chu

Clubs and Positions: President- Student Council

Member: Kyudo Girl's Club

Other titles: The Poor Princess

Principle in Life: "MONEY, MONEY and MONEY"

Catch Phrase: Wow, Sugoi!

Other information still remains confidential.

Story: Crazy Love (A Songfic Tribute to "Coincidence Nga Lang Ba?" by Waizea

Language: Filipino (sorry I do not like to translate it in English to preserve the nice narration of the story)

Name: Ayame Kia ( picture [here] ) *OC borrowed from Waizea

School: Hyotei Gakuen

Club and Position: Editor-in-Chief Student- Publication

Pair with: Kirihara Akaya

Short Description:

Ayame is being considered by Atobe Keigo as his second worst nightmare. She is a second year transfer student in Hyotei Gakuen who always distract Atobe from his tennis prowess. Due to her determination to surpass her older sister, she tries to do her best in everything especially in the field of writing, making her get the position of editor-in-chief. Ayame loves the cakes and pastries in a Cafe at Kanagawa. One day, while riding home, her chauffeur accidentally hit Kirihara Akaya, good thing that the Demon Ace got only minor injuries. After that unfortunate incident, Ayame always encounter Kirihara on different places making her think that Kirihara is a stalker. Ayame is fond of calling Kirihara as "Curlytops" while she was referred as "Flatops" since they never called each other by their names.


Story: Love Me Not

Name: Hanami

Pair with: Uchiha Itachi

Short Description:

Hanami is a blind girl whose eyesight was sealed by his father after she had killed her step mother using a dangerous eye technique. After which she was disowned and start living in the forest. Expert like a medical nin, it is an irony that she serves as a lady doctor on the town while she can't even heal herself. She finds an unconscious Itachi on the forest and heal his wounds. It is later revealed that Hanami is being asked to kill Itachi but she disobey her order instead, she keeps the frail Itachi until he recovers from his injury.



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Naruto - Rated: K+ - Filipino - Humor/Romance - Chapters: 6 - Words: 13,418 - Reviews: 29 - Favs: 17 - Follows: 7 - Updated: 6/17/2006 - Published: 5/24/2006 - Sasuke U., Sakura H.
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Dance With Me: Tango By Three reviews
Tango can't be dance by three persons but in Sakura's case, she dances it with two men. She knows it's wrong, so whom should she choose? The King or the Emperor? But what if the Tango Pair decided to dance without her? -AtobeXOCXSanada-
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Honey, Honey reviews
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Boyfriend for Rent reviews
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