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~Pony's Part~


Oh my gosh! Did you hear?! There's a Gekijouban Tenisu no Oujisama: Eikokushiki Teikyujou Kessen! movie that comes out on the 3rd of September in Japan! I literally freaked out when I saw it!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gahh!! I can't wait until it comes out in the USA!!!!!! Andddddddddddd the New Prince of Tennis anime comes out in Jan 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


AHH! There's a second season to this yaoi anime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVED it so much!!! Can't wait to start watching it!!!! Read the manga too!!!

Hey everyone! This account is shared by Polly and Pony (Not our really names obviously... it's an inside joke). We are best friends and love to read and write though she's more of the nerd than me, lol. So I'm Pony. My name's Sam/Sammie (Nickname) and I'm 14 years old. I love to read books about nearly anything especially mythology. Information doesn't really matter but I have some suggestions!

Books - Vampire Academy, Mortal Instruments, Morganville Vampires, Vampire Kisses, Clockwork Angels, House of Night, Blue Bloods, Hunger games and a lot more.

Besides books, I absolutely love Anime. To me, when you watch one of the episodes, your suddenly hooked! So here are my suggestions for it!

Anime - Code Geass (So this one is probably my top number one because I love the story line. I most definitely recommend watching this anime!), Rurouni Kenshin (This one is the next top one. Contains a lot of action and has lots of funny scenes.), Prince of Tennis (This one was-I just love it! It contains school, sports and well Tennis. Sounds boring but it's really great once you finish the first couple episodes.), Pandora Hearts (Okay, so this one was awesome! I absolutely adored this one! I wished it were longer but I guess that's what the manga is for.), Special A (This one was about a competition when in truth, one of them loved the other. Sounds wacky I know but I promise it's good!), Uragiri wa Boku no Namae o Shitteiru (So this one was pretty good but the only thing off is how they left it without explaining much.), 07-Ghost (I like this one a lot but just hate how they ended the anime with a cliff hanger. I heard the manga's better though.), Vampire Knight (My first anime ever and I loved it. Has your basic vampire and amazing plot!), Zombie Loan (It was a nice one. Lots of zombie action.), Junjou Romantica (Well, I'll recommend this to yaoi fan girls and bous. I love this show and you should watch if you're 14 and over.), Ouran High School Host Club (This one is a comedy for friends I guess. It'll have you laughing at the slightest stuff. I enjoyed this one.), Uta no Prince-Sama Maji Love 1000% (This is a new series but I adore it! It contains music so it's even better!)

Other than Books and Anime, I like gaming. Whether it's on the Xbox, PS3, Wii or PC, I won't mind playing them. So, I got some games to recommend!

Games - Dragon Age: Origins (This one was fun to play. Long, but fun!), Dragon Age II (A lot of people thought it was a let down but I thought it was better than the first even with the many new restrictions.), Infamous (This one is fun. Especially if you like to blow things up!), Infamous 2 (This sequel was freaking amazing! I mean the beginning was just wow! And the ending was even better! But make sure you choose wisely in good or bad!), Bully (Ha, this one was fun and hardish at the same time. You play as a high school boy who has to do well before he gets kicked out.), Left 4 Dead, Left 4 Dead 2 (These were simply awesome! Lots of action and zombie shooting!), Need for Speed (Love them all.), Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (Ah, this one was immense fun! Love it!), Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception (I really want to play this one seeing as the first was a hit!), Grand Theft Auto (This one made me slightly sadistic!), Halo, Call of Duty, Amnesia: The Dark Descent (So I heard this one was a scary game and I really want to try it!), Fatal Frame (Yup, I want this as well.)

Whew! That was a lot! Now, I can't promise that you're going to LOVE it but hopefully you'll at least like them.

Information on stories are below.


~Polly's Part~

Hi hi peoplzz!!!! As you know from the explaination from the lovely Pony... we are sharing this account..and my name is really Farah and i'm also 14 years old. I live in Trinidad ( its in the Caribbean lol) And i'm Polly! I also love to read books..give recommendations and write these stories! We both have the same taste in books which are the Vampires..Shadowhunters...Werewolves..Immortals... Faeries... Half-Bloods (Darren Shan)...Demi-Gods(Percy Jackson)...And yeah as weird as that is..that's exactly how we became best friends..its just like as soon as I sat down by yah Sam...it was like.."oh you can use my ruler if you want" lol then i was like.."Do you like vampires" and you looked at me like I was crazy and looked like you were thinking 'who the hell did I choose to sit by??' lol so yeah but anywho we became best friends...still are even thought your away...and I still like Twilight Sam! I screamed at the premiere lol! I'm a huge Vampire Academy, Darkest Powers, Mortal Instruments,Morganville Vampires,Wicked Lovely, House of Night, Percy Jackson, Vampire Kisses fan!!!! but anywho..just decided to put my part of this!!! =) lurv ya sammy!

P.S It's Jace LIGHTWOOD!!!!

Update days for our story/stories so far:

What I Did For You - Currently on Hiatus.


What I Did For You:

Chapter 7: Rose's motherly outfit - http://www.polyvore.com/roses_motherly_wear/set?id=21673466

Chapter 1: Red Toyota FT-86 vehicle - http://newcarupdate.com/car-reviews/2010-toyota-ft-86-concept

All of the songs that are used in stories:

Spaghetti Ohhhhs! Links available:

Peacock - Katy Perry


Starstruckk - 3OH!3 [Without Katy Perry]


What I Did For You. Links available:

First Chapter: Hero - Skillet


Sixth Chapter: Addicted - Simple Plan


Admit It!. Links available:

Third Chapter: Trainwreck - Demi Lovato


Third Chapter: She's A Lady - Forever the Sickest Kids


Nobody Knows But Me. Links available:

Nobody Knows It But Me - Tony Rich


A Night To Remember. Links available:

First Chapter: Jessie's Girl - Rick Springfield


First Chapter: #1 Crush - Garbage


A World Gone Mad. Links available:

Baby - Justin Bieber


You can listen to the songs if you like to! More songs and links will be up if anymore appear in the future chapters/stories.

Upcoming stories that we plan on having:

Pony (:

*Note (Only for those readers who adore Asian fictions) - I've been coming up with some new ideas for stories but those certain ones won't be published here mainly because I'm pretty positive that the listing isn't here. It'll be published on a site called Asian Fan Fics (AFF for short). Yes, Asian. Meaning that the stories on that site are about Korean & Japanese bands or well any Asian bands for a matter of fact. I don't have an account on there yet but if you know any Korean/Japanese bands and love the members to death (I mean, who wouldn't? Their fanservice can make you die of blood loss!), you seriously need to read fics there. For example: I love the band SHINee and there are two members, Jonghyun and Kimbum (Key for short), also known as Jongkey, that I adore! And because of that, I love those guys together (Yes, I am a gay supporter. If you aren't them buzz off. This note doesn't concern you!). A new fiction that I had in mind was obviously about SHINee but appearances from Super Junior will be in it as well!

*Important note - If you do not support gay stories, please do not read nor comment something hateful about it. Do not flag either, please and thank you. Also note that the stories mentioned below will have OOC (Out of Character) moments. Before the listings of my upcoming stories, I will state whether or not it contains Gay or Straight couples in it.

No, I am not a gay/lesbian person. I am fully straight. I just have an open mind and support those who fall in love or have feelings for those of the same sex. Yes, I am a religious person but still 1000% support the Gays. If you are a homophobic, your reasons are your own for despising them. Though, I would like those homophobics to try and turn their head the other way and to open their eyes to see that you can't help who you fall in love with. And if you think that that's just a bunch of BS, who are you trying to kid? Because, it is said: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Won't karma be a bitch if you, a homophobic, fell in love with someone of the same sex? Yeah, it happens.

*REALLY important: If any of my stories remind you of another, note that I would never steal another story. I can assure you, however, that the plot will be different as my ideas are planned out. Also, please do not steal the summaries/names/plots and claim them as your own. I'm positive that you won't like it if someone did that to you. If you would like to use a chapter from any of my stories, please inform me first and foremost. The only restriction I have is that you claim that certain part as my own.

(Gay Couples)Prince of Tennis (Doesn't contain name at the moment) - A Prince of Tennis story. One and only, Thrill Pair (FujixEchizen). Other subtle pairings: AtobexTezuka, EijixOishi, InuixKaido, YukimuraxSanada, RyogaxOC (OC = Other Character).

Summary: Spending four years in America after winning the Nationals in Seishun Gakuen (Seigaku) to becoma a professional, Echizen Ryoma is back. Why, you may ask? Truth is that no one by Echizen himself knows the real reason. With new friends and rivals, Ryoma plans on making his time there enjoyable but one thing he didn't plan was falling in love with a certain brunette tensai.

(Gay Couples)Ochibi In Love (Lame name I know; filler name for now) - A Prince of Tennis story. Thrill Pair (FujixEchizen)!

(Gay Couples)The Device - A Prince of Tennis story. Thrill Pair (FujixEchizen). Not too sure if it will be a one shot or a continuous story.

Summary: Ever since that person gave him the device, he has never had to use it. Now, the device serves purpose as it helps Ryoma conquer one of his greatest fears: falling in love. Will Ryoma finally face the truth or cower away only to have it haunt it his dreams.

(Straight Couples)Unknown(Obviously not the real name; I'll figure it out another time) - A Dragon Age II story. FenrisxF!Hawke & M!HawkexIsabella. (Translating that to English, it means Fenris and a Female Hawke and a Male Hawke and Isabella.)

(Straight Couples)Among the Magisters - A Dragon Age II story. AU with FenrisxF!MageHawke. (Fenris and Female Mage Hawke)

(Straight Couples)The Wounded Coast - A Dragon Age II story. Not too sure about the pairings just yet but it's about a F!Hawke. (Female Hawke)

(Gay Couples)Pandora Hearts (Doesn't have a name yet) - A Pandora Hearts story. Pairings are OzxGil. (I adore that couple to death!)

(Straight Couples)Humans (Not the real name) - A Vampire Academy story. All Humans, RxD & DxT moments. (RxD story in the end)

(Straight Couples)You Should've Lied - A Vampire Academy story. Moroi, Dhampir, Strigoi, etc - Normal thing. It's different though. RxD & RxA moments. (Mostly RxA but is a RxD story)

(Gay Couples)Lawyer (Not the real name) - A Code Geass story. Pairings are LelouchxSuzaku! (Kyahh! That couple is too kawaii!)

(Straight Couples)One In A Million - A Vampire Academy story. Moroi, Dhampir, Strigoi, etc. CxL & RxD moments. (Mainly about Rose's life)

It's unknown when any will be published but tune in for them! When they are out, the full summaries will be put up!

Polly Here*

Hey guys..I'm really sorry about Rose's Annual Prank Month but I kinda gotz nothing!! Please note that I am gonna post another story with RxD!!! Its called A Night To Remember. Look out for it!!!! Thnx and remember ! I lurv ya Pony!!

A shout out to everyone who took time to read and/or review the stories. We apologize for the late chapters but appreciate that you guys enjoy the writing. Again, thank you and please don't hesitate to criticize where is needed.

ϞṖṓḽḹẙϞ & •Pony•

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