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Uuh... no i don't know who the first dragon rider was... although whoever it was was very, very lucky...

Not really much to say about me, Im just a... weird girl with a very, very overreactive imagination and a weird tendency to poke people when they least expect it. And in the whole history of my life, no one has ever been able to grab my full attention. Ever. And i doubt anyone will ever be able to.

My names kate... My full title is kate, Dragon Rider II, Hyperactive Guardian Of The Cookies, President of the Obnoxious and Future Supreme Ruler of the World...

I have no idea when that came to me. But I like it.

I also like cookies, more cookies, reading, cookies, rice, apples, writing, daydreaming, drawing stickmen, (cookies), being hyperactive, you guys are probably sick of my cookies so ill move onto pokes. Poking. I love it.

POKEing is enjoyed by the POKEr and the POKEd alike... (this is my ultimate excuse for poking)

A little about myself, i love taekwondo, one second i could be loud, another really quiet (in front of the same people) (one teacher actually found out i had what we call a VOICE this way) ask anyone, i never really express my feelings or thoughts, ever since i realised no-one would listen to them. And I have an unpredictable mind...
To those wondering, it mainly consists of monkeys, weasels, cookies, an emo corner and a good supply of mental blanks i love to unleash in maths. There used to be cows that made me strawberry milk, but they... didn't exactly survive the fire the turtles started. but boy, did they taste good.^-^
To others wondering, yes i have lost it, quite a while ago. And btw the turtles had invaded my mind when i was six, i kicked them out at the age of eight and the fire was their revenge. but they're gone now.

Oh, and this whole profile would be useless if I didn't say I love anime. Especially Naruto.


And, despite popular belief, I AM HUMAN. I have been known as vampire, emo, cookie monster, dolphin, and other things...

btw my bestie has an account as well... 1o1dragon

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