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Well- this is my FFN profile. As far as personal info goes, I don't really -feel- like babbling about myself. If you want to know more about me, feel free to contact me. I'll even list my contact information here, to make it easier for you. And about the emails? The Juno onewas my "main email," but I've switched to using the gmail address primarily. I still check both; this is just a general FYI.

Email: lirachan(at); sunbeamEL(at); silverxvenom(at); syras603(at)
AIM: silverxvenom; lunaprincess07
YIM: silverxvenom; x_alira_starlit_x
MSN: syras606(at)

In addition to contacting me via email or instant messenger, I can be contacted through my online journals. I have an account on both greatestjournal and livejournal, but I use the greatestjournal one a lot more. Actually, I tend to just lurk on livejournal, so don't expect to see entries there. And about instant messanger? Of late, I haven't been using instant messanger. I probably won't resume using messanger until Winter Break. Just FYI.



Finally, I don't just write fanfiction. I've written original fiction longer, and I have an account on After all, I originally signed up for a FFN account to post original fiction- then the site split. Profile:


I'm now using the form of updating I employ on for FFN updates. Basically, I won't babble so much. I do that in author's notes, anyway. Instead, I'll just list the date, the story I updated, and what I did in updating the story. It should save room, and shouldn't be -too- confusing. Also, there won't be update-commentary for my drabbles. The drabble-requests have their own section of my profile. I intend to do a drabble-a-day kind of thing in December, since November is Nanowrimo. I won't write updates for each of -those- drabbles, either.

Subconsciously Speaking
-02/23/04 = Posted the fic, the pairing is taisuke, one-shot.

Sabotage Conspiraces and Medieval Matchmaking ON HIATUS as of 2/24/05
-02/26/04 = Posted the first chapter, AU, the main pairing is takori, but there will be taito, jyoushirou, somi, miyakari, and kensuke.
-03/08/04 = Updated the fic with chapter two.
-10/20/05 = Re-posted the first chapter with new formatting to match forthcoming new chapers. I intend to write chapter three in December!

From Heat and Heart
-04/20/04 = Posted the fic, the main pairing is daiken, miyako's pov, with miyakari and takori as well, one-shot.
-10/30/05 = Re-posted the fic with new formatting.

More Than Blue
-05/04/04 = Posted the fic, written for Wing's "Karaoke Kontest," the main pairing is daiken, with minor takari, songfic, one-shot.
-10/30/05 = Re-posted the fic with new formatting.

The Wedding Night
-02/24/05 = Posted the fic, the pairing is taisuke, AU, one-shot.

The Right Outfit for the Job
-10/31/05 = Posted the fic, written for the taito ML's Halloween Fic Contest, the pairing is, naturally, taito, one-shot.

Halloween Cookies
-11/01/05-11/10/05 = Posted one drabble each day over this ten-day period; written for the taidai ML's Halloween Drabble Contest, for all drabbles the pairing is taisuke. Series of ten interconnected drabbles.

As of 10/28/05, I uploaded four "drabbles" that I wrote on request via a journal meme. They aren't actual drabbles, though; they are ficlets in which each "scene" is drabble-length, or 100 words according to Microsoft Word. I have decided to post them individually, and not as chapters of one story, because they are individual pieces. Of course, I do still sort of consider them to be a "series" of pieces. They weren't intended to take place in the same "timeline," so to speak, but they can be interpreted that way. If that doesn't make sense... I'm saying that what is canon in one drabble is not canon in another, but feel free to interpret things that way if it pleases you.

Now, here's the new thing. I wrote all of these drabbles on request. If you enjoy my writing and the Digimon anime, I am still accepting requests. This is an open-ended offer. I will continue accepting drabble requests until I update this section of my profile with an announcement stating otherwise. This is not a one-request-per-person deal. There are only a few things that I ask of you, in making a request of me.

1. Requests will be emailed to me at the gmail address, with the subject line "Drabble Request."

2. I reserve the right to refuse any request, from any person, for any reason.

3. I am not a hard-ass. I only intend to reject requests if they specify a pairing on my "detest list" in this profile.

4. When I receive your request, I will send a return email to the effect of "I accept" or "I decline." If I decline your request, I will -probably- give a reason.

5. When I have finished writing your request, I will send it as a second email, with the drabble in the body of the message. No request should take longer than seven days to write. The corollary to this is that during the month of November, all requests will be postponed until the end of the month. I'm doing Nanowrimo after all.

6. Some time after I have sent you your request, I -will- post the request on FFN so other people can see it. I will probably wait at least a week after writing the drabble to do this, however. After all, if I'm writing a drabble specifically for you, you'd like some exclusivity, yes?

7. This drabble -is- for you. Therefore, if you want to post it somewhere online other than FFN, I shouldn't have any complaints. Actually, I'd probably be quite flattered. My only request? Tell me you're putting my writing somewhere, and mail me a link.

I feel so pretentious, writing this up like this... But it's actually something I'm doing for fun. I really enjoyed writing the drabbles that I wrote from the requests in my journal, and I'm in a "mood" to write Digimon fics, but I don't feel like working on any of the various projects I have in progress. For all that I might sound kind of anal (I'm an anal person by nature), I'll write all sorts of crack. Requests -can- be serious, but they don't have to be. I really enjoy writing "crack" or crazy things. That all said... If anyone seeing this and emailing me would be so kind, if you include a form like the one below in the body of your email? It would make things so much easier for me!

Name: (Your name, so I know who to dedicate this to on FFN)
Pairing: (I'll do gen stuff, too, but if you would like a specific pairing, state it by writing characterxcharacter or something similar)
Request: (Just a sentence or three telling me what your request is)

An addendum to my rules: I -do not want- requests to be made through reviews. If writing me an email is too much work for you, then I rather believe that writing you a ficlet is too much work for me, thanks. I also request that -some- form of request be made. Just asking for a pairing is not a request. Ask for a mood, or a setting, or a mini-plot, or give me a keyword. Give me something to go on.

My current fanfiction obsession: Digimon. Yes, Digimon. I love the series, and that's all there is to it.

The point of this section? To explain what pairings I actively read/am willing to read/actively dislike and avoid. Basically...I like shounen-ai. I like shoujo-ai. I like yaoi and yuri as well, for fluff is delicious, but smut is nice too. I say that I'll read most anything, but there -are- couples that just -bother- me. Sooo... What have I read, on more occasion than one? Not necessarily as the main pairing? What do I -support-?

Shoujo-ai: Somi, Sokari, Mimako, Miyakari
Shounen-ai: Taito, Jyoushiro, Taishiro, Daikensuke, Taisuke, Takori, Kenato
Het: Takari, Koumi

For the record, some of those pairings I will do either way, but in most cases, the way the pairing is written IS indicating my personal preference. For instance, I like taito. I like happy seme Taichi. I do -not- like uke!Taichi. That makes me -twitch.- (just like I don't want to see a seme Yamato.) Taisuke, too. Taichi just SHOULD NOT be an uke. (TWITCH!) Spare me. Anyway... I'll read pairings other than those listed. Those are merely ones I like to see. However... There are pairings I -don't- like to see. Yeah, the ranting continues.

Shounen-ai: Yamachi. YAMACHI. No. Daichi, too, for the same reason. Takesuke/Daikeru. Kenkeru. These I -actively- dislike.
Het: Taiora. Sorato. Daikari. Daiyako/Miyasuke. Ken and Hikari (KenKari?). Kenako (MiyaKen? I don't care if it's canon; I dislike it).

That's pretty much it for "detest." There are probably others that I dislike, but I don't come across them often, so I forget. Finally... What pairings do I want to see center-stage? That's based on my -character- preferences. My favorite digi-female is Miyako, because I can identify with her. Iori is my muse. But my favorite -characters- are Taichi, Daisuke, and Ken. I do a lot of digimon roleplaying, and those are the characters that I play. I don't roleplay Yamato, but I've also grown fond of him. Therefore, I prefer fics with couplings of these four characters. Namely, I like taisuke, taito, daiken/kensuke (either way is fine), and kenato. No, I don't really want to see Taichi with Ken, and I'm none too fond of seeing Yamato and Daisuke paired up, either. But these are the four pairings I'll focus on in my fanfiction, with some takori on the side because of my love for Iori.

A final note? The bulk of my fics will contain one or more pairings from my "support" list. The things on my "detest" list are things I am not likely to write, but that doesn't -completely- rule out the possibility. For requests, I won't do Daikeru or Kenkeru because I don't understand the dynamic; I'm sorry, but I'm just not a big fan of Takeru. I won't do Yamachi or Daichi because I -will- do Taito and Taisuke, so it's another case of the dynamic of the relationship just not -working- in my head. Nothing kills a creative buzz like incomprehension, let me tell you. For the het things? On request, I'll write anything other than Taiora or Sorato, because I do like playing with character interactions, and drabbles are a fun way of doing it.

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