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My Thoughts on "The Sign":Okay, I get where people are going with the reviews...without blatantly coming out and saying it you're basically saying "I screwed up". And it's cool. You have to take the bad with the good and vice-versa. I should have never taken my idea and rushed it. So you know, it will be corrected...or at least I will be making an attempt to correct it by continuing the story. Hey, we all know it can't really get too much worse so why shouldn't I give it a go. I think the 2 story arcs that I've formulated in my head (1 before finishing the posted story, and another last night)...both could work I believe. So hopefully by weekend's end I'll have something else for everyone to read and comment on. Hopefully I can pull this out of the dump. I mean...I could just delete the story...or even rewrite it, but where's the fun in that. I didn't screw up by mixing anything up...I wrote what I wanted and how I wanted to write it...yes, it was rushed, but the idea came to me on Valentine's and I wanted it to be posted on Valentine's and it took me off and on about 2.5-3 hrs...not much for that kind of time and effort, but I'm not fast and sometimes not even remotely good...then at other times I think I do okay work. So now you know what my intentions are. Now, it will be up to you after reading this part to determine if you want to give whatever else I write a chance or not. It's totally your decision...ball's in your court now. Have a good weekend everyone. Being sick has advantages...can't go anywhere so maybe I can get in some good writing. Night all.

Current Story(ies) Update: 2-14-2005: Posted a Smallville story, "Lana's Letter of Departure" - Lana? Pairing - PG (written back in Nov 2004)
2-14-2005: Posted a Smallville story, "The Sign." - Clark/Chloe Pairing - PG (written Feb 2005)
2-12-2005: Posted a Smallville story, "The Most Feared Moment" - Clark/Chloe Pairing - PG (written Feb 2005)

For some odd reason my last couple fics have been PG or PG-13. That is very rare for me. Stories on my yahoogroups would tell you that. For now, writing is writing and these last couple fics have been interesting I think, and quite fun to write. Hope everyone is still enjoying whatever stories I throw your way.

Ongoing Story(ies) Update: About time I finally posted a story or two. Yes, yes, I know...where is the rest of that 'A Hero Arrives' saga that was going along so good a year or two ago? Well, I'm still stuck on one part of that fic, chapters 13 14. I know, same part where I was stuck a year or so ago. I have no clue why that one part has stumped me so much, but it has, so what am I to do? Oh yeah, keep on writing. The creative juices for that story have pretty much died out over time, but a few more chapters have been written. I just wouldn't feel right posting them without having posted chap 13 14. It will come to me and when it does you'll get much more than just a chapter posted I promise.

Other Story(ies) Option: Maybe any and all people interested in my writing or lack thereof needs to just go to my homepage and join my Fics group. Hope reviews continue coming in for what stories or parts of stories that are currently being hosted here and there.


Hehe, now, 3 yrs later, I'm a 28 year old, college graduate who has a passion for reading fan fiction and writing of fan fiction when the time presents itself. My stories range in ratings, so if it interests you, you can read higher rated/ different in general stories at my homepage. And as always, if you read one of my stories leave a review of some kind. And I won't bash you if it's a blatant bash or negative review. Take care one and all.

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