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I am What I am :)

- It had been a while since I wrote a story, but I do like to read.

It all start some few month ago just before x-mas 2009, where I go my cs4.

Then it just happen that I kinda fall in love with arts (drawing).

After some some time I start to draw anime's and comics, when I got time or just bored..

I was searching the net for inspiration (out-sourcing) for my new hobby, then it all came to Fan-fiction...

After a while of seeing Kim Possible ( in my own language), I got so much story, then I just need to show them..

-Why I want to do this, is because I have personally experience with same kind of friendship that are now a love interest,. (well... except for world saving part )

And I don't give a s* that this is naive thinking, so long me and my partner have survive it, and must of it will just be A retell of my own story just in KP style... (, thats why some of my stories properly gonna be rate T or M more for Adult situation )

- And I'm sorry to tell, I am not a person that like to use *bad-words* in my writing.

Off-cause I have to see all its episodes in English, since I have a feeling there might be misunderstanding..

Just to be true to the story, I decide to use my Cs4 to see clip by clip, fame by fame, and use my own conclusion of different character emotions, and follows the different episodes truth

(explain) so in homecomming upset episodes, kim said, that it took him 12 years to kiss her..-( conclusion - she had crush on him/ or just release tat it wasn't friendship-love but a real love? )

So after allot of brainstorming, I decide to cover some of the mission between the different episode in a chronology order.

My coal is to cover Kim And Ron Friendship, To their Graduation. ( there will be some sequels to some loose ends, while it remain true to my own story and all 4 seasons of Kim Disney )

- And yes, I have also ideas to stories after their Graduation, but the project is long...


(I keep updating my story, even if it complete, to check misspelling or grammar control )

Main Stories in chronology order:

True Love - Chapter 3 is finished just need a beta reader. chapter 4 is ready, not yet uploaded (Uploading after HS)

Alternative Main story in Chronology order:

High School Freshmen - Chapter 2-3-4-5, Done, just need to be beta read. ( Chapter 6 under way, yes, The endgame begins ! :D )

Secrets - Ah another AU story, be scare... really scare!

here is just the time line, since both Ron and Kim birthdays in the summer break, they meet in pre-k just after they both turn 3, they then start in kindergarden as 4 year old..

where they then change to Elementary School as 5 year old, and finish 1-4 grade, The summer after 4th Grade, they then start in middle school as 5th grader, where they just turned 9 year old,

The middle school last up 8th grade, where they then start in 9th grade in Middleton high as a Freshmen after they just had turned 14 year old...:

Grades (summer break):-PK-(SB)-KG-(SB) 01-(SB)-02-(SB)-03-(SB)-04-(SB)-05-(SB)-06-(SB)-07-(SB)-08-(SB)-09-(SB)-010-(SB)-011-(SB)-012-(SB)
How old they are: 03xx04xxxx05xxxxx06xxxxx07xxxxx08xxxxxx09xxxxx10xxxxx11xxxxxx12xxxxx13xxxxx14xxxxxx15xxxxx16xxxxxxx17xxxxx-18

Since this gonna be In English and not my native language, it will be a challenge, but then this will be the best way to learn anyways.

I properly need some beta reader. But first you guys just need to wait to main story are complete - it can take weeks to month, since i doing this in my free time.

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