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Hi there, Purplish-Wall Flower speaking, nice to meet all of you, and welcome to my Fanfiction.net profile... ;)

I'm an avid reader, TV and music addict, and I occasionally write stories although not here :D

I know, I know it sounds weird but that's just the way it is...maybe I will write something in the very near future but now I will only read your awesome stories and share my love with you through comments or reviews and you can be sure they will be honest and written from the bottom of my heart. ;)

I love many Books... Tv series, Anime, Movies, Manga, Music...etc...

Books: lots of it

The Hunger Games ( Peeta x Katniss and that's it - my fave pairing of all the time ;))

Twilight ( BellaxEdward; BellaxJacob; Jacob - centric stories(love him to death and beyond xD)

Can you keep a secret? - by Sophie Kinsella ( my all time favorite)

Confessions of a shopaholic- also by Sophie Kinsella

Remember me? - Sophie Kinsella

Private novels - Kate Brian

Pretty little liars - by Sara Shepard

and etc...


The Hunger Games of course and the upcoming part 2 of the franchise THG: Catching Fire haha can't wait until then ;)

Twilight Saga: Eclipse :)

Far and away

The Lord Of The Rings

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets - ( my favorite Harry Potter movie of the franchise)

and lot of others too... which I am not going to name them now because I am too lazy to write, can you actually

blame me ?xD

Tv Shows

Pretty Little Liars ( Ezra x Aria- Aria is my favorite Pretty Little Liar both in the books and the Tv show ;)

TVD ( The Vampire Diaries) - ( Damon x Elena ; Klaus x Caroline aka Klaroline haha love them so much and shipping them 'till death xP )

Csi Miami ( I got really sad when they cancelled it, so yeah I still am pretty much depressed even if it passed a year or so.. :((( Favorite characters include Horatio Caine (duh!) and the beautiful Natalia Boa Vista ( yes, that's right just like the snake :P )

I do love all the CSIs like Las Vegas and the other (also cancelled show) but I don't watch them regularly because they told me to say goodbye to my favorite character the beautiful and precious Catherine, can you really believe this? I was like OMG! :/

The Mentalist

Psych ( love this show hope it never ends it might but still... Shawn x Jules ( Juliette) Shawn x Gus friendship BFF style fanfics cause I absolutely love their friendship and also because they are hilarious!Love'em so much! :D :))


oh and also right now the spinoff of TVD the awesome and long awaited ...taa daa..

The Originals of course! Gotta Love Klaus ( or Niklaus whatever xD )

and lots of lots of other shows...


ooh there are lot of them :)))

My current favorite is : Kami sama no inai nichiyoubi or in English translate Sunday without God ( Ai Astin x Alis Color)

Love cute and adorable Ai and also Alis! _

Brothers Conflict ( Emma and Yusuke are my top pairing but I also love the other bros too and I won't forget the cute Julie)

The old ones epic shows (anime)




Yugioh 5D



etc... there are lots of fave...

Other current, new and old animes:

Naruto ( Sakura x Gaara ; Sakura x Naruto; Sasuke featured only as a third person or something related in a love triangle or so ... Neji and Tenten; Shikamaru x Temari ; Hinata x Naruto and Kiba x Hinata)

Ben 10

Fairytail ( Lucy- centric stories mostly.. I am not sure about the pairings still though)

Maid sama

Vampire Knight and Vampire Knight Guilty ( Yuuki and Zero are my fave pairing in the anime)

Special A- ( I do I have to tell :D Kei ( yes Hikari it is spelled with the letter K :D ) and Hikari )

amongst many others that I absolutely adore ...

Love ya All, and until later...

xoxo Purplish WallFlower xoxo

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