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Oh, look. A profile. Ah, I never know what to put on these things...

I'm Variegata. I am of the female variety. Thanks for visiting my corner of the internet! I hope I don't bore you too badly, I'm not a very exciting person...


The next chapter of 100 Days of NorIce is under construction, but is still in its early stages. It may be a while before it is completed. I am sorry for the wait but I am very busy in real life with day-to-day real life things. I know I have upped and disappeared for an extended period of time, but I'm still hanging around trying to keep writing.

I cannot promise when the next chapter/story/whatever will be up, the only thing I can guarantee to any readers is that I will not abandon a story. Ever. If I start a story then I intend to finish it, no matter how long it takes, or how disinterested I may become in it.

My mind is fairly flighty, so my interest in different fandoms wanes and some time later I will become obsessed with it again. It's just how my mind works. I cannot tell you how many stories and story ideas I have because there are too many, however, if I post any then they will be completed no matter how much I have to grit my teeth and divert my attention, or how long it will take.

This is my promise as, not an author, but as someone who writes because they enjoy writing. For the pleasure of both others and herself.

A notice for all of my stories: I don't own the original idea! If I did, why would I be writing fanfiction? Any places, characters, plots that are from the real thing do not belong to me. Any ideas, headcanons or OCs that pop up do unless specifically stated otherwise. Thank you for reading my profile.

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