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Hello, 안녕, コンニチワ!! x]

Hello everyone :DD My username is SoftServedSeaSalt so you can call me...SeaSalt :'D *Inevitably fails at this*

For my story Sea Salt & Sugar:



Day 01 – Favorite Kingdom Hearts game

A.) Birth By Sleep!

Day 02 – Favorite character

A.) I don't really have one :c But i've always been interested in Ansem The Wise and the story of his apprentices. I'm also really liking how Riku looks in KH3D's Dream World (not when he's out of the dream world though :c at least not with the short hair).

Day 03 – Least favorite character

A.) Undecided

Day 04 – Character you are most like

A.) I don't think I'm like anyone T T But I'd always try and help a friend, so I'm like Sora in that aspect. I b

Day 05 – Character you would be enemies with

A.) I'm not too sure. Maybe

Day 06 – Favorite land

A.) Halloween Town, in KH2 though because on my tv in KH1 it was so dark I could barely see where I was going. I also like Sora's Costume, and in the Final Mix version is Santa one is so cute! u

Day 07 – Favorite heartless

A.) I don't have one...but my least favorite are the Dancers, but I think those are nobodies. I hate how they'd just like gang bang you and kick you in the air till you die LOL. OTL

Day 08 – Most difficult boss battle

A.) Xaldin, I always had to use Mickey about 3 times

Day 09 – Favorite music

A.) I don't have one. BUT, (bringing FF13 into this meme...) the song Blinded By Light in FF13 is AMAZING. ; u ; I would elongate my battles just to hear it all when playing FF13 OTL SO LISTEN TO IT.

Day 10 – Favorite original Disney character

A.) My favorite is Mickey :'D ?

Day 11 – Favorite original Final Fantasy character

A.) Cloud, but if Zack counts from his part in BBS then Zack ftw ! u

Day 12 – Character you wish would be crossed over

A.) NOEL KREISS (FFXII-2) And Lightning Farron, Oerba Die Vanille, Oerba Yun Fang, HOPE ESTHEIM (as a kid), Serah Farron, Snow Villiers, and Sazh Katzroy and maybe his son ; U ;'

Day 13 – Favorite summon

A.) I never used them u ;

Day 14 – Favorite magic

A.) I never really used this either u ! But it's cure/cura/curaga counts then that because I used that a ton ; u ;

Day 15 – Favorite form

A.) I never really used these;; I would use them when I first played the KH2 game (Kh2 was the first KH game I started with) and I was a noob so I got all the forms. Not saying that those who use forms are noobs, but I just thought they were cool and stuff. Now I don't use them because I don't find them necessary to me.

Day 16 – Favorite clothing worn by any character

A.) Kairi's pink dress and Riku's dream world outfit in KH3D

Day 17 – Favorite intro

A.) BBS's opening

Day 18 – Favorite pairing

A.) SoRiku ; u ; If that counts, if not then I don't have a hetero pairing.

Day 19 – A picture of a Kingdom Hearts cosplay

A.) I can't insert links, but LiL-KRN-YUNA from Deviant/Cosplay(dot)com did a extremely nice Kairi cosplay of both her KH1 and KH2 outfits.

Day 20 – Character you would cosplay as

A.) Kairi in her pink dress ftw.

Day 21 – Organization member you would get rid of

A.) Xion? LOL, okay maybe some of you didn't find that funny OTL

Day 22 – The scene that made you happiest

A.) When Roxas woke up in Twilight Town at the end of 358/2, I was happy because he was happy but then I got sad because I remembered he only stays there for 7 days and nothing of it is real :c

Day 23 – The scene that made you the saddest

A.) Oh god, pretty much every ending of KH (except Coded and Aqua and Ventus' ending in BBS and CoM). Like Terra's ending in BBS made me cry, When Xion died 358/2 made me cry, when Sora and Riku returned to Destiny Islands made me cry because they've been through so much and after like a year and some they finally make it back (it's just a really emotional scene), KH1 was sad because Riku got put on the other side of the door :sobsobsob:!

Day 24 – Favorite key blade

A.) Oathkeeper maybe.

Day 25 – Favorite gaming system to play Kingdom Hearts on

A.) PS2 (and hopefully ps3), just because i'm really good at playing on that console. The psp was pretty easy too, I guess since it's just like the PS's remote. But if KH were somehow put on xBox360 or Wii, yeah never beating those;;

Day 26 – Favorite official art

A.) The one at the ending of 358/2 where Roxas' coat is coming off and in it shows him, Axel, and Xion on the clock tower. There's others I like, like the one with the mix of KH1/CoM, BBS, and 358/2 with Mickey in the middle with his keyblade, but it's really hard to explain them enough for you guys to know which ones i'm talking about.

Day 27 – Favorite fan art

A.) I can't think of one :c

Day 28 – Favorite voice

A.) The guy who plays Braig/Xigbar. Awkward right? I just like the way he talks.

Day 29 – Least favorite voice

A.) Old Xehanort's voice, but I get use to voices I dislike and turn out being okay with them. And I think Joshua's voice now too (KH3D) T T

Day 30 – What Kingdom Hearts means to youHow has it changed you?

A.) KH means a lot to me. I mean, just seeing the things Sora went through to find his friends and how he always was confident in himself. When playing these games it's like you're actually in them and experiencing everything that the main character is going through because you're the one who's going through them as well as you keep playing. I've never played Riku (Not having finished Sora's part in CoM, but I'm really sure that when I play him in KH3D it will have a lot of impact on me because I'm a fan of spoilers ( OTL ) and I've been watching some mainly of him, and it's just really breathtakingly emotional of how he's changed so much in the KH series. Originally he was the character with white hair and green/blue eyes which signals him being the antagonist in the game like many FF games have (Specifically FF7), but then it's just like 'NO'. And then going through Roxas' main game (358/2) was pretty emotional too, especially near the ending. He was so mad that he was taking out Heartless as if he was in a cinematic trailer (like how they kill them in one hit). I also loved playing the characters of BBS a lot because they were all just trying to bring each other back together, and ended up having to make huge decisions that ended up splitting them apart just so that they can save the world as well as trying to save each other. So it's changed me on my outlook as what a true friend is.

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