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Deleted Favorites Section. "Updated" Journal and Goodbye.

UPDATED 06/03/05

Hello fellow fanfiction lovers! I joined Fanfiction.net to share my love for certain fanfics with fellow fans! There are times when I will write my own fanfiction, but unfortunately, I just don't think I'm cut out for it. But I still try to anyways. So, usually, my time spent at this website is done reading instead of writing. And reviewing too of course!

I am 17 (and a half) years old. I love many things to tell you the truth, and to fit them all here would be impossible. o.O Some of the true people I love are my family, relatives, and friends. I also love strangers who have made impacts on my life or have done something so nice yet so simple as holding an elevator for me. I also love anyone who can give me a laugh.

OK! Now for the artificial STUFF! Nyaha. Ok. I know I used to be way more obsessed with Final Fantasy than I am now. Anime and manga are starting to take over my life more. I just don't know. Hehe...Mainly, my number one loved anime: Naruto. If you ever have a chance, PLEASE check this thing out, either at www.gotwoot.net, or www.animesuki.com. It truly is an amazing anime. If you can't download it, please contact me. Perhaps I can send it to you by mail. I love to read, write, and draw, and of course eating and sleeping are a big priority as things to do in my lifetime. Not just because it keeps me alive, but because I love it. I like sleeping during the day more, though. Yes, I know I'm strange...

JOURNAL: 06/03

Not much to say, except I'm going to start reading a lot of fanfiction now that summer's arrived. I'm only going to write if I have some awesome idea. Yeah...

The stories under this section will always stay here, because they are really good. Please read them!

1. I Know What’s Beneath the Snowfields: by This is probably the best piece of fanfiction I have read so far. I won't give too much away, but it takes place a year after the events of FF7. The main character is Vincent and the story takes a deep look into his life after his encounter with an Aeris clone, created by a famous scientist. I wonder...The romance is subtle. There are small cameos by Cloud and Tifa and old enemies become new friends. It boasts +95 long chapters and is still in the making. I strongly suggest everyone to read this, even if you aren't a fan of FF7. After all, most people that have read this have read it in less than a week.

2. Sweet 'N' Sour: by PinkStarz. This is by far my favorite fanfic on this site. It was well written and is kept in character. The story is a romance between Selphie and Seifer, which I find to be one of my favorite pairings. For one, they are incredibly different. I like how the story goes from perky to serious and that their love is so complicated and is always changing, like a rollercoaster. It represents a relationship perfectly.

3. Trading Spaces: by CuteMooglez...TWO people actually wrote this together. It is an awesome, cute fic about a machine that accidentally makes Squall and Selphie trade bodies! You can just imagine the bundles of laugh to be had! The story is creatively written and never fails to please. Looking for great laughs? Look no more...

4. Eternal Bleu: by Vaala Marsaille. It is just starting so jump on the bandwagon! There are 3 chapters so far and it is about a girl names bleu who was experimentally created. She grows up with a boy named Glenn and they meet other people who are the descendants of the Crono Trigger characters, or should I say, heroes. Be sure to read & review this one! It looks promising.

5. Naruto Primer: by Link and Luigi This is an awesome 100 chapter random collection of randomness that is super funny. I especially love the last chapter, as I am a fan of characters being switched into different bodies. It is very popular, that they're made a sequel: Naruto Primer: The Lost Chapters. Check it out! They are short but numerous, and they update everyday! So it is like a daily quick fix of Naruto to keep ya goin! Try it out_

I have not read a lot of fanfiction lately. I plan to read more during my spare time and gladly place them here. If any of you know of a fanfic that should be here, please inform me by e-mail! I am always glad to read something new. Preferably, I would like to put only Crono and Final Fantasy Series fics on here, but if you know of any others, just say so!

None currently, unless you want to check out what I already have up and harass me to continue! ;


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