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Hey visitor! Welcome to my profile! I'm Hopefaith2 and here's the basic information you need to know about me.

Name: Hope

Age: 20

Major: History

Gender: Girl

Favorite Genre(s): Adventure, Humor, Fantasy, Family, and Romance

I am a HUGE fan a fanfiction. I love reading and writing fan stories! They are sooooo great to read. I'm also a big fan of video games! I am obsessed with Mario games and will and play them till the day I die, or lose both my hands. But I am a fan of Legend of Zelda, Star Fox, Kirby, Sonic The hedgehog, Kingdom Hearts, and Super Smash Brothers. My first video game was (believe it or not) Sonic the Hedgehog on the Sega Genesis. But, my favorite video game has to be Super Mario World, which is a game I still play to this very day. And still trying to beat Bowser unfortunately after 8 years of getting the game!

Other than video games, I do love writing fanfiction, reading books, hanging out with friends, and watching anime. I prefer watching old anime shows than new. My favorite animes are YuYu Hakusho, Inuyasha, Rurouni Kenshin, Cowboy Bebop and Full Metal Alchemist (and Brotherhood too), and the newest entry in this list is Axis Power: Hetalia!!!!!

August Update!!: I apologize for pretty much being M.I.A for the last two months. There's a lot of issues I had to deal with, so I couldn't update them until they were somewhat resolved. Thank you for being patient with me. Chapter 10 of 'The Reader' will be up soon, I promise. Though I can't give an exact date of when it will be updated, I assure you it will.

May Update!!!: Hello guys!!!! I'm finally out of school!!! Summer vacation!! Now as you know, I already have 6 chapters up for "The Reader", and I would like to thanks everyone who reviewed, favorited, alerted, and even read the story. I am so shocked and surprised that this story became so popular. I'm glad you guys like this story so much. So, I will keep updating that, and my Mario stories will be updated round mid June-early July. I don't go back till September, so I got a lot of time. Thanks for being so patient with me!!

April Update!!!: Hey people! So, I started a new story called "The Reader". It's my first fanfiction in a different archive (Hetalia no less), so I really want to get started on that. But don't worry! I will still write stories in the Mario archive, and I will still update my other stories as well. Thanks for the love and patience!

February and March Update!!!: Hey peeps! So, "Adventures" is officially done for good! And only three stories (technically two stories) remain to be finished!! The reason why I haven't been updating a lot is because I have found a new anime that I'm absolutely obsessed with this anime's called "Hetalia" and I swear to the higher beings that it's so amazing! I love it as much as I love Rurouni Kenshin and Yu Yu Hakusho, and that's saying a lot. Anyways, the reason why i love it so much is because you actually learn while you're watching. And since I'm a History Major, you already know how excited I was when I heard of the show.The show already got me an A- in my World History Midterm!! Anyways, I absolutely love the show, and I definitely recommend this to you guys! The episodes are only five minutes long, but it's so hilarious! You will not be disappointed. I really want to write a Hetalia fanfic with an OC really badly. I'll do that over the summer. Another reason why I haven't uploaded is because of school. I have midterms and I'm trying to get good grades this semester. Most of my grades are pretty good, but I still have to try my hardest to get really good grades. I promise, chapter 9 of "Rise" and the final chapter of "In Love and War" will be up as soon as possible. Thank you for being so patient with me guys! I love you all!

January Update!!!: Hey everyone! Happy New Year!! So, if you guys don't know, my laptop is broken, so I didn't update as much as I wanted to during break. I think I only updated twice, but have no fear, I have plans for all my unfinished, and even a sequel to one of my stories. Also, only one more chapter left till the end of "Adventures Of The Social Network". I wanna thank everyone for reviewed, favorited, alerted, and even viewed the story. You guys were awesome, and I have a little surprise for you in that chapter. So, stick around and keep your eyes peeled for that!

November and December Update!!!: Hey guys!! My finals are officially done, and I have a whole month off from school, so that means more updates, and possibly a new story. Some stories will come to an end, and some will only just begin. Keep an eye out guys! And happy holidays! :D

October Update!!!: Hey folks! Chapter 4 of "Rise of the Mistress of Magic" is uploaded. Chapter 12 of "Adventures on the Social Network" will be possibly updated on October 13th, which is my 18th birthday, and my oc, Felicity's 16th birthday as well. However, I said possibly because I have two midterms on my birthday, so I really have to study for those. Yes, I know it sucks, but it's life. Whatcha gonna do? Anywho, so thanks for being so patient with me all this time!

September update!!!: Although I said Adventures was gonna be 11 chapters long, I'm gonna extend it for a few more chapters. To be honest, I enjoy writing statuses for this story. They're so much fun, and I'm glad you all like them as much as I do. And I'm very shocked to receive over 100 reviews for that story! I thank you all so much! I really couldn't do it without you guys! And as you can see, I started writing a new story called "Rise of the Mistress of Magic". It's about Felicity's adventure to saver everything and everyone she loves from a new threat, while trying to fully understand her title as "Mistress of Magic". So if you guys got time, check that out as well! You won't be disappointed.

July and August Update!!!: So peeps, One story down, 3 more to go. I wanna finish one more story before I start college. The story I want to finish is "Adventures of the Social Network" I'm planning on making that 10 chapters long. So far, we got 5 chapters down, and a special chapter down for Boss-defeater451, so we got 5 or 6 more left to do. The reason I have yet to update that is because I'm looking for some statuses that are funny for the Adventures cast, especially Bowser, cause he needs more attention in this fic (Bowser:Damn right I do!). So, I finally got some inspiration, and chapter 7 will be up either this week, or next week. Please don't forget that I'm trying to ready for college, and it's getting down to the boiling point. I have less than a month to get my stuff, so I may not update as much as I want. Thank you for being so patient with me for this long!

June Update!!!: Hello people! Well, Chapter 5 of "Adventures of the Social Network" is posted, as well as the first three chapters of ChrisMSMB's story "In Love and War." And, I even managed up load the first chapter of a new story called "Return to Isle Delfino". It's about Mario, and the gang, including my OC Felicity, and Pit, going to Isle Delfino for summer vacation. Anyways, this month is gonna be extremely busy, since my prom's on the 24th, and my graduation's on the 26th. After those two very important events in my life are over and done with, I will be definitely updating more chapters more often, including Chapter 9 of "The New Adventures of Mario Hood", so just bare with me for a little bit more. Thanks for being patient with me as it is.

May Update!!!: Hey everybody!!! As you can see, I wrote two new stories. One was a mother's day one shot, and another was a story for my buddy ChrisMSMB. Chapter 8 of "The New Adventures of Mario Hood", and chapter 4 of "Adventures of The Social Network" will be up as soon as possible, because this is gonna be a hard month, and I'm on two field trips this and next friday, and a 3 day music trio from the 26th till the 28th, so I will be really busy this month. Please be patient with me, as I try to write and upload them.

April Update!!!: Hello! Hello! Hello! As you can see, Chapter 2 of "Adventures on the Social Network" is already uploaded, as well as Chapters 5-7. Now, my next task is uploading chapter 3 of "Adventures on the Social Network", which I already started writing out, so it will be uploaded soon. Also, I would like to get started on another story for ChrisMSMB, because I lost a bet with him, and now I must pay the price for it.

March Update!!!: Unfortunately, I am unable to update any of my stories due to an error in the system. Because of this error, I'm not able to update and upload any chapters or new stories. But all is not lost! Due to this thing, I'm able to plan out more chapters and stories, and the more I write, the quicker it will be updated onto here for your viewing pleasure. Always look for the silver lining ladies and gents!

January and February Update!!!: Hey everyone!!! I actually managed to upload the last chapters of "A Night To Remember". I hope everyone enjoy the story. I'll upload my newest story, which is a somewhat direct sequel of "Felicity, Mushroom Kingdom's Newest Hero". It takes place a couple of months after "A Night To Remember", and I hope you guys read it and review as much you did with my other stories. By the way, Chapter 5 of "The New Adventures of Mario Hood" will be uploaded soon.

December Update!!!: Happy Holidays everybody!!! I uploaded Chapters 16 and 17 of "A Night to Remember", and even started a new story, "The New Adventures of Mario Hood". So far, I uploaded 3 chapters of my new story. I plan on uploading Chapter 18 of "A Night to Remember" before the year ends, which means I'll either update the story tomorrow, or Friday. However, I have to work both those days, but from 12-4 tomorrow, and 2-6 on Friday so it will be finished and updated in no time! Thank you again for being so patient with me after all this time.

November Update!!!: So, I re-uploaded a much better revised version of Chapter 15. By the hits of that chapter, people are really liking it. I will upload chapter 16 as soon as I can. I've been real busy lately because I have a job (Whoo!!!!) and I've been working Tuesday-Friday for 4.5-5 hours. But, on the plus side, I'm getting paid!!!! Thank you for being patient with me for so long!!!

October update!!!: I've managed to upload Chapters 14 and 15 after all this time of waiting. I don't know when I'll be able to upload Chapter 16. Please be patient with me. I have my homecoming at my school, which I am a part of. I'm dancing and have a role in the senior skit, so I'll be busy the next few weeks. Please bare with me!!! I'll upload Chapter 16 as soon as I can. For now, please keep reading and reviewing!!! Thanks!!

September update!!!: To all those readers who are reading "A Night to Remember", and are patiently waiting for Chapter 13 to come up, I promise you that it will be up before the 12th because I start school on the 7th, and I have off on the 9th and 10th. Because of this, it might be posted on the 9th or the 10th, but most likely on the 10th. Thank you for being so patient with me while I finish up all my schoolwork before school starts. Also, I hope to be finished with this story before the end of September, so I can get started with another story, that is a direct sequel to my first story "Felicity, Mushroom Kingdom's Newest Hero". I won't give anything away, but if you have read that story, then you should have a pretty good idea what it's about. Thank you, and enjoy my stories as well as review!

I have a four step writing process. It's really long even though it's only four steps long. This is how my writing process works:

1) I always write my stories out in my "Idea book", which is my notebook full of ideas for stories. I write them out so I can get a clear idea of the plots, and a clear memory. Sometimes, when I get an idea, and I don't have a pen and paper, I text it out in my draft section of my cellphone.

2) I do research on characters that are in my story and I don't know much about. I research the characters' abilities and weaknesses so I can be accurate, but also adding my own imagination to the characters as well.

3) Next, I type it out from the papers word to word. I do a lot of my editing here. Changing words and ideas around, the usual.

4)Finally, I post it on here. I do some last minute editing and then I'm finished.

I have a GIGANTIC to do list, or I like to call it, to "write, type, and post" list. I have tons of stories that I would LOVE to upload and show to the world. When I complete a story that's on this list, it will be deleted from it.

Currently Posting (My biggest priorities at the moment):

1) The Reader (My adventure with the Hetalia cast): Adventure/Humor

2) Rise of the Mistress of Magic (Felicity's First Adventure): Drama/Adventure

3) In Love And War (A story written for ChrisMSMB about how he and Wendy met and fell in love for the first time.): Romance/Adventure

4) Felicity's Return to the 13th Century (The New Adventures of Mario Hood: Bowser's Revenge): Romance/Adventure

My write, type, and post list

Mario Stories:

1)Bowser and King Boo's second attack ( 25% written out): Adventure/Family

2) Mario, Luigi, and Felicity's adventure at Glitzville: Adventure/ Humor

3) A good old game of Baseball with the Mario crew!: Adventure/ Humor

4) The Wedding (I won't say who are the bride and groom, but it's pretty obvious): Romance/ Family

5) The New Member(s): Romance and Family

Howl's Moving Castle stories:

1)Howl's Moving Castle story with my bbfl black.maple.tree (Lettie and Prince Justin are the main characters. I'm writing all the comedy, while she writes all the romance):Comedy/Romance

Super Smash Bros Stories:

1) Visiting Day at The Smash Mansion (After Brawl): Adventure/ Friendship

2) Tabuu's return (Yeah, this is used a lot, but mine is on a different basis): Adventure/Drama


1) Mario & Danny Phantom ( I always wanted a crossover between those two. Plus, I have a good plot for this one that seems very reasonable): Adventure/Friendship

2) Mario & Legend of Zelda (I got inspired to do this after reading tons of LXZ stories): Adventure/Romance

3) Mario & Sonic The Hedgehog (Maybe one related to the 2010 winter Olympics, and another related to the 2012 Olympics): Adventure/Humor

Phew! That's a really long list! Which means, I have a lot of work to do. And if I have any more ideas, then I'll put it up on my list. For now, that's all I got.

Now to tell you everything you need to know about my OC(s):

Name: Felicity Morgan Toadstool

Nickname(s): Felic. (except Chris the Blastoise. He calls her Fifi to get on her nerves.)

Birthday: October 13, 1995

Hair: Light Brown

Species: Human

Race: Dominican, African American, Mushroomian.

Skin: Black (Caramel tone)

Eyes: Brown

Age:12 (First Appearance) to 16 (As more stories are posted)

First Appearance: Felicity, Mushroom Kingdom's Newest Hero (12 years old)

Latest Appearance:

1) Rise of the Mistress of Magic (16 years old)

2) Adventures of the Social Network (15 years old)

3) Daring Truths by Boss-defeater 451 (15 years old)


Back story:

Felicity was born in Queens, New York. Her father was Prince Edward Toadstool of the Mushroom Kingdom, and her mother was a high school teacher (More about her mother will be revealed). Her mother left her and her father when she was five years old. Four years later, her father died of pneumonia. Before he died, he revealed to her his past, and tells her to go to the Mushroom Kingdom and meet her aunt. After his death, she goes to there, only to find out that she was kidnapped by Bowser. She goes to Bowser's castle, where she meets Mario, and they team up to save Peach. After saving her, she explains her situation, and Peach allows her to stay with her.

The New Hero on The Block:

Felicity makes her debut in the story "Felicity, Mushroom Kingdom's Newest Hero" as the twelve year old niece to Peach. What started as another boring diplomatic meeting for her ended up as a battle to the death with the Mushroom World's most dangerous and recurring villains: Bowser and King Boo. Felicity makes a deal with them, saying that if they fight and she wins, they would leave. If they won, she would take Peach, and Daisy's place in kidnapping. Felicity loses to both of them, unable to face them off at the same time, and is about to be killed until Mario and Luigi step and save the day, as well as her from the two villains. In the end, Mario and Luigi defeats them, and she is later adopted by Peach.

Helping To Save The Date and The Day:

Set a few weeks after "Felicity, Mushroom Kingdom's Newest Hero", she appears in the story "A Night to Remember". She (mostly Peach though) was planning to bond with her new adoptive mother's boyfriend, who is our favorite plumber in red. But fate wouldn't let her have a nice, quiet evening, as she saw Waluigi spying on Luigi and Daisy as they were leaving on their date. As she, along with Mario and Peach, follow him, they discovered the plot by Waluigi and Tatanga to ruin, marry Daisy, and kill Luigi. Thanks to her visions, they've always knew what they were planning before they could act it out. By disguising herself as the lounge singer Sierra, she was able to keep a watchful eye on Waluigi while helping the couple's date. Thanks to her disguise, she escapes being kidnapped along with her mother, cousin, and their boyfriends by the two villains. She goes back to the Mushroom Kingdom to get help from Bowser, who agrees after finding out Tatanga was about to succeed with his plan to marry Peach and kill Mario. They find the four protagonists and succeeds in rescuing them, but not without having an one on one battle first. Felicity faces Sabasa, the "Mistress of Magic.". After she defeats her, and saves Daisy from getting hit with Waluigi's spell, she becomes the new "Mistress of Magic", but she decides to take the title when she's older and more experienced with magic. During the final battle, she watched both Mario and Peach fight Tatanga and healed them both. They transported back to the Mushroom Kingdom thanks to her transporting spell.The next day, she had an interesting conversation with Sabasa as she was giving her breakfast, with her apologizing for everything she's done, and giving her great advice before Felicity left the prison. She enjoys the rest of the day with her friends, and family. In the end, she celebrated her 13th birthday with the Mario gang and all her friends.

Helping Defeat a Greedy Prince:

Felicity appears in the story "The New Adventures of Mario Hood" as the 13 year old girl who's out of her era and her league. She gets knocked out cold, and wakes up in 13th Century Mushroom Kingdom, meeting the fabled hero Mario Hood, Little Luigi, and the Merry Men. She becomes the newest member of the "Merry Men" after agreeing to help them defeat the Prince Flavio with her magic. She's already came up with a plan to steal back the people's money with the men. She disguises herself as a fortune teller named Esmerelda, and used her clairvoyance and charm to gain access into an archery contest that was created to capture Mario Hood. At the contest, she meets Maid Peach, and her best friend, Lady Daisy, and tells them of the Merry Men's plan. She, along with the ladies, and the Merry Men, escape from Prince Flavio's grasps. However, Flavio is planning something cruel, and dangerous toward the heroes. Nevertheless, Felicity managed to help Mario Hood and his Merry Men defeat Prince Flavio, and helped King Toadstool regain his title. With that, she was finally able to go home to her own time, and save the future of the Mushroom Kingdom.

Another Truth and Dare:

The 15 year old Felicity appears in chapter 2 of "Daring Truths". After falling ill to the mysterious illness like her mother and friends, Felicity finds herself in a dream like world, where she must answers questions truthfully, and complete dares to stay alive in the dream world, and the real world. She helps Mario and the gang to find a way out of this dream world, while also trying to stay alive from the truths and dares that await her.

Felicity, the Mistress of Magic:

Felicity makes her most recent appearance in "Rise of the Mistress of Magic". The Shadow Queen is back for revenge against Mario, and the crew. However, she needs the Telum de Lucis to achieve her goal of total domination, and only one thing stands in her way: The current Mistress of Magic. The Shadow Queen shortly discovers the the current Mistress is the 16 year old princess/heroine from her mentor, Sabasa, who she kills immediately after. With the help of Bowser, King Boo and Pauline (the body she's using), kidnaps her family, and tells her to come to Bowser's Villa, with the Telum de Lucis, to fight for the necklace, and for the world till the death. She accepts the challenge bravely. With the help of her boyfriend, Pit, and many friends she meets along the way, Felicity makes her way to Rogueport to find the Telum de Lucis, the necklace she gave away four years ago, from Merlon, a shaman who lives on Rogueport, and prove to him that she is the one who rightfully deserve it. But of course, there will be obstacles along the way.


Felicity has an average figure of a teenager. She is neither fat, or skinny, just average. 9 times out of 10, Felicity is wearing a lavender t-shirt, a pair of blue jeans, and a pair of lavender converse sneakers. Her hair is either straight and out on her shoulders, or either in a ponytail with two bangs (one on each side), depending on the situation. She is occasionally seen wearing a skirt, but most likely will be wearing jeans. However, she's seen less wearing her usual get up, and more in a simple lavender dress for either diplomatic reasons, or when it's too nice to wear a shirt and jeans, or to impress her crush, and other types of dresses for special occasions with her hair either curled, or in a stylish up do. (Ex: A Night to Remember)

To help you get an idea of what she looks like, a fellow fanfiction writer named xxglacia drew a picture of my OC on devianart. Here's the link to it if you want to see.



Felicity is a smart, generous, honest, funny, friendly girl, who would rather be treated like a normal girl than a princess. She always tell people to drop the "Your highness" formalities, and call her "Felicity or Felic". She's always there to lend a hand to anyone who needs help(even villains sometimes). She loves to read and research anything she can get her hands on, which leads her to knowing more about certain things than the Mario gang. Since she's young, she can be childish, naive, sometimes immature and curious, which gets her into trouble. She's quite shy around new people, which makes it hard for her to make friends, but after a while opens up to them, and become friends. She gets nervous very easily, which often leads her to doubt herself due to her low self esteem. No matter what situations she's in, she always find a way to keep a smile on her face, and improvises ideas that gets her out of situations most of the time. When she's assigned to an adventure or quest etc, she's very devoted to succeeding in it, doing as much as she can to make sure she succeeds. Felicity, like her friends and family, has an affinity toward a color. Her affinity is toward the color lavender, which symbolizes femininity, refinement along with grace, elegance, and something special, which Felicity always has and shows, despite the given situation. All around, she's great to have around, whenever you're in a jam or hanging out.


Magic: Felicity can do general magic like most characters of the "Mario series". She earned the title of "Mistress of Magic" when she 12 years old, and has been keeping a secret from the world ever since.

Clairvoyance: As every member of the Toadstool family is born with an extraordinary gift (ex: Peach can levitate people and things), she is born with the gift of seeing the future before it happens. She always warns them about her visions beforehand, and tries as hard as she can to change it.

Musical Talent: Felicity loves music. She loves to sing, and dance (and she's not half bad). She never shows her talents unless it's absolutely necessary for the situation at hand (Examples in "A Night to Remember"), or for special occasions (Example: "A Song For Mama").


Acrophobia: Felicity has a pretty serious case of Acrophobia(fear of heights). Because of this, it's hard for her to fight on very high place (Example: A roof on a building). It's also hard for her to fly because she's always thinking that she'll fall and die.

Panic Disorder: Felicity has Panic Disorder, which is when she gets panic attacks when she's under a lot of pressure/stress, or feels like she's dying. When she gets panic attacks, she starts to feel lightheaded, hyperventilate, have shortness of breath, and have chest pains which sometimes leads her to have a fainting spell. She uses the paper bag breathing technique, but mostly medication to treat them.

When two things happen at the same time, things can go very very bad for the young girl.

Relationships with Characters (so far):

Mario: Felicity met Mario when she first arrived at Bowser's Castle at the age of 9. He agreed to let her help me rescue her aunt. With her help, he was able to rescue the Princess. As the years gone by, their relationship is stronger, and closer than ever. Mario acts like a father figure toward her, which is what she sees him as. To her, Mario is the father she lost too soon long ago. Mario sees her as a daughter to him, and he even gives the young girl her own "Weegee", which is "kiddo", as shown in the stories, "A Night to Remember", "Family Bonding", and many more stories. He taught her everything he knew since he first came to the Mushroom Kingdom, which made her a more better, and smarter fighter. In the story "A Night to Remember", his teachings helped her rescue her family from Tatanga and Waluigi. Mario is the first person she goes to for advice, and he is the first person that encourages her in whatever she does. He cares about her as much as he cares for Peach, Luigi, and Daisy, and she cares a lot for him in return. Since Mario is her father figure, he is always looking out for her, even when she doesn't even realize it. He also reprimand her for her actions at times, like a father should, and they have their own fair of fights. No matter what, they will always manage to kiss and make up, and make their relationship much stronger than ever.

Luigi: Felicity met Luigi after leaving Bowser's Castle with Mario and Peach, and heading to Peach's castle. Both were quite shy toward each other, but as the years gone by, they've become more open and outgoing toward each other. Felicity has helped Luigi in situations more than once, including helping him ask Daisy out on a date, and saving them and their date from being history. Felicity is willing to go a farther distance to help Luigi than Mario because she understands his problems, is willing to help any way she can, and because she knows Mar doesn't need her help as much as Luigi does. In "A Night to Remember", she is the first one to uncover Waluigi's plot against him and Daisy, and is also the first to respond. She even helps him with dating advice on his date while being disguised as Sierra, a lounge singer( despite the fact that she's never been on a date). Luigi even helps her in return, from standing up for her against villains, to lifting her up when she falls. They also have a lot of in common as to the liking the same shows (example: Criminal Minds, and The Office), and their love for cooking. In fact, it's Luigi who teaches her how to cook. And in return, she teaches him some dance moves she learned from her dance school. Luigi and Felicity shows their loyal nature to each other, and the people they care about.

Peach: Peach is Felicity's aunt, but she didn't know she existed until she and Mario rescued her! She didn't accept the truth about her and her older brother at first, but she allowed her to stay at the castle. Felicity truly earned her stay three years after she rescued her aunt and Daisy from not only Bowser, but King Boo as well. Even though she wasn't able to beat them, she showed them how much she really loved them and truly cared about them, especially Peach. Peach showed her love in return by adopting her. Since she's her adoptive mother, she calls her mom, and rarely mommy, which Peach responds happily, but still calls her Peach from time to time. Just like she does with Mario, she worries constantly about her young daughter's welfare, since she is more outgoing and willing to more dangerous stunts than an average child, much like her deceased older brother, and Felicity's father, Edward. In "Felicity, Mushroom Kingdom's Newest Hero", she even admits why she's so overprotective of her because she's afraid of losing her the same sudden way as her brother. Peach often gets on her case about her royal duties, actions, etc. No matter how annoying they are for her, she understands that her mother is doing it because she cares about her well being and loves her, and she wouldn't want it any other way. Peach is always on her case for showing unladylike behavior, including cursing (for which she gets in trouble for a lot), threatening, speaking slang, cursing in a another language, being quick to jump into conclusions, and provoking violence (like throwing a vase at Bowser's head). Regardless, they always have each other's back especially when either one of them is being harassed by Bowser, or Pauline on facebook. In short, Felicity loves her mother very much, and Peach loves her as much as she loves Daisy and Mario.

Daisy: If there's one person who can match Felicity's energetic and happy go lucky attitude (and most of the time, beat it), it's Daisy. They go together like pieces of a puzzle. They're alike in so many ways, and they're different in many ways as well. Felicity and Daisy are the best friends, only rivaling Daisy and Peach's. However, Felicity is calm, laid back, while Daisy is adventurous and a risk taker. Despite their opposite and similar traits, they got each others back. While Peach and Daisy are "sisters in arms", they are "sistahs for life". It would be very easy to see that the princesses are related (as if they would try to hide it!). Still, Daisy has to be authority figure a few times, but she's the cool authority figure that kids would want to have around. She's always willing to help Daisy in situations and Daisy always believes that she will when Peach has her doubts. In "A Night to Remember", she was willing to sacrifice her life to save Daisy from Waluigi's attack, and protected her from it using her new, recently acquired magic. Daisy is the only adult she can be best friends and family at the same time because of the tomboyish traits that both girls share. Knowing her adventurous nature, Daisy even bought her a bike to help her go wherever she wishes (with Peach's permission of course). Daisy sometimes understands her more than her mother does, and she's glad she has someone that can relate to her at times. As she does with the other three, Felicity looks up to her as the "cool, spunky, tomboyish, kick ass cousin".

Saphire (15PrincessAutumn15's OC): Saphire is Felicity's five year old cousin who she recently met/discovered they were related. Ever since that meeting, the two girls have gotten along very well. So far, they share a cousin/cousin relationship, but as time progresses, their relationship became big sister/little sister. Felicity truly cares for her little cousin, and will and does do everything she can in to protect her, and save her from anything that can harm her, including Melissa, and Bowser. In turn, the five year old puts a lot of trust in her, as well as try to get her and her crush, Pit to become boyfriend and girlfriend (which is clearly shown in the fanfic "When Felicity Meets Saphire."). Nevertheless, they've become really close, and they wouldn't have it any other way.

Bowser: To put it in simpler terms, Bowser hates Felicity. Well, that's not necessarily true. He shares a little soft spot for the girl, just like he does for Peach. He truly doesn't want to kill her, like he does with Mario. He realizes that if Felicity died, then Peach would miserable and depressed, the total opposite of the happy cheerful personality that he loves so much. He's called her "a smaller, more feminine Mario". She, along with Mario and the other heroes, have stood in his way of ruling the Mushroom Kingdom so many times. For Felicity, she doesn't really hate him because she honestly doesn't hate anyone since it's against her nature to hate someone. She has a strong dislike towards everything he's done toward her mother, her friends, and the MK. She calls him "the idiot who just can't take a hint." However, despite their differences, Felicity is still willing to help Bowser out of any problem he has. Deep down, Bowser is actually quite proud of the teenager for doing so many things on her own, unlike his own 8 children, and think they can definitely learn a couple of things from the teenage princess, especially his daughter Wendy, but he would never tell anyone that. Bowser can also relate to the young girl due to the fact that they both lost their fathers at young age, and he's somewhat glad that she had someone to fall back on like he had Kamek. In conclusion, Bowser and Felicity share an interesting relationship of not hate, but compassion and understanding.

Toadsworth: Toadsworth is Peach, as well as Felicity's steward. To Felicity. he's the reason why she can't enjoy her life as a teenager as much as she did before. Toadsworth is the one who reminds her of her royal status, and the one who criticizes everything about her. From the clothes she wears to the music she listens to and more, she can never seen to make the old Toad proud of her. She knows the only reason why he's being so persistent with her and her royal status is because he truly cares about her as much as he does with her mother, and did with his deceased father. Felicity, in turns loves him back, and loves making his poor heart beat faster with the crazy shenanigans she does occasionally. Deep down, the old toad is truly and honestly proud of the teenager for everything she's done for the kingdom, as well as herself. As revealed in "Rise of the Mistress of Magic", he is quite proud of how she wouldn't sit back, and watch her kingdom slowly be destroyed, and how she wanted to her all to help everyone, and everything. And finally, how she wouldn't accept things as they are (example: Marrying Peasley when she became of age), and how she stands on her two feet and say when she won't accept what anyone tells her. Felicity reminds him of Edward every single way, and he wouldn't want it any other way. He apologizes for the way he treats her throughout the years, and tells her that he is proud of her. Toadsworth truly loves her for who she is, flaws and all, and Felicity feels the same way. They share an interesting grandfather/granddaughter relationship.

Toad & Toadette: Felicity, Toad and Toadette are great friends. Being the youngest in the castle, it's hard to make friends when there's hardly anyone in your age group. When she met Toad and Toadette, she finally felt she had someone who understood her. They are the bestest friends. They even have a secret handshake and hideout where no adults are allowed to come n. Even as they grew up, they still have the secrets they share with each other over the past years to themselves, never telling a soul to this day. They always have each others' back, and will be cheering each other in whatever they're about to do. When best friends are hard to come by, the three of them will be best friends forever.

Pit: Pit, also known as "Kid Icarus", is a captain of Palutena's army of Centurions. However, he's only a teenager, so he has to go to high school to get an education. When Mario and Felicity came to visit him and the Goddess Palutena at Angel Land, the two teenagers met. As soon as her saw her, and learned more about her, he began to fall in love with Felicity, who in turn, fell in love with him as well. It was so obvious that they liked each other, since everyone (including Mario, Luigi, Daisy, and her mother) know they like each other. However, they're both two shy to admit their feelings to each other. They soon admit their feelings, and have agreed to go out on a date. As time went on, it is shown that the angel and the princess are dating, and becoming closer every single time they're together. At times, Felicity let her insecurities get the best of her, thinking how he chose her instead of so many other girls that in her opinion are more prettier and smarter than her. Nevertheless, Pit always tell her how he's glad to have her in his life, for his life would have been dull and boring without her in it, thus making Felic feel better, and earning a couple of kisses from her as well (which he never gets tired of). In "Rise of the Mistress of Magic", Pit was willing to go with her to help her save the world because he truly didn't want her to face it alone. She's glad he came along because she felt the same way.

Chris the Blastoise (ChrisMSMB's OC): Chris the Blastoise is another of Felicity's best friends. She met him when she entered the same high school as him. They've been great friends ever since. Chris can be very mischevious toward her, like for example calling her the dreaded nickname "Fifi", and trying to set her up with her crush, Pit. But, she has always find a way to get him back, such as calling him the nickname he hates the most. "Krissy Boy." As they fool around with each other by crack jokes and pranks on one another, they also help each other out with their love lives. Felicity helps Chris grab a date with Wendy O Koopa, even though she has a strong dislike toward the Koopa Princess. Chris in turn helps the princess admit her feelings about her angel, and even help Pit admit his feelings about her as well. They're really great friends that have a big brother/little sister relationship.

Name: Hope Marianne Boyd

Birthday: October 13th, 1993

Hair: Brown

Nationalities: British, Scottish, and African American

Skin: Black (Caramel tone)

Eyes: Brown

Age: 18

First Appearance: Adventures of the Social Network (17-18 years old)

Latest Appearance: The Reader (18 years old)


Back story

Not much is known about Hope. She was born and raised in New York. She is currently a college freshman majoring in History. She has a sister who's almost two years older than her.

Facebooking the Super Mario way

Hope makes her debut in "Adventures of The Social Network". She was causing more trouble and making her jokes at the cast during her duration of the story.

Becoming the Reader

Hope makes her appearance in the story "The Reader" at chapter one, where she received an unexpected visit from Italy at her college dorm room. She wonders and figures out how he manages to defy all laws of physics. She bought a book from an Antique store down the street a few days ago. The book actually transports her to the world where the characters from "Hetalia" actually exists. She soon learns of the current predicament of how a villain is tampering History in order the dominate the entire world without the countries getting in its way. Hope is given the choice to become the Reader and save not only their history, but her history as well. She agrees, and takes on the job as the Reader.


Hope is 5 ft 4.5 inches tall (163.83 cm). Her brown hair is not done most of the time, so she puts it into a bun to avoid it. Hope is nearsighted, so she's usually seen with her glasses on. She rarely puts in her contacts because she's too lazy to do the work. She wears any color shirt, with dark blue or blue jeans, and always her black boots. She doesn't wear much make up except for lip gloss. She does wear make up, but only for special occasions, or her roommates/friends force her to, much to her dismay. She has been seen in a dress, but only for special occasions, or when the weather is too nice to wear jeans and boots. She is curvaceous, but has muscles on her arms and legs. Due to her dancing for more than a decade, she has a dancer type body.


Hope is a cheerful, hardworking, determined young lady. She is very passionate, caring, and devoted when it comes to her friends. According to Britain's analysis of her zodiac sign the Libra, she is generous, kindhearted, and diplomatic. She never turns down anyone that needs help, and goes to infinity and beyond to help them. She may be the youngest and the only lady in the group, but don't let that deceive you. She is very sarcastic (witty), independent, and can hold her ground quite well. She is very respectful, honest, and opinionated. She is a great listener, and puts her two cents into the conversation without overstepping her boundaries. She is very patient, but snap when someone gets on her nerves. She is very knowledgeable, especially when it comes to History. According to France, she is cynical, sharp tongued, and stubborn like Britain. That is all that is known about her for...at the moment.


Magic: Due to being the Reader, the book she possesses managed to rub off some magic spells onto her. She can only casts three different spells. While her magic is not strong yet, she knows it will be with Britain's training.

Cooking: Hope can cook to an extent. She can only make two things; burgers and omelets. That being said, she's still a better cook than Britain. She takes pride knowing she's a better cook than Britain (even if she only know how to make two dishes). Apparently, her omelets are to die for.

Dance: Hope has danced for eleven years, only stopping when she left for college. which makes her strong and flexible. Sure she can't do back flips, but she's able to dodge more easily and quickly due to the grace she learned from dance.

Spanish: Hope has taken Spanish from the sixth grade to her senior year in high school. Unfortunately, she can't speak it fluently. She speaks it with Spain regularly, and he teaches her more Spanish when they do.

Relationships with Characters (So far):

Italy: Italy was somewhat afraid of her because of her sarcastic and somewhat cold attitude she showed toward him when they first met. And Italy got on her nerves when they met with his clueless behavior and enthusiasm. However, he starts to become very caring and affectionate toward her, even calling her "Speranza bella!" whenever they see each other. In exchange, she becomes very friendly and caring of Italy right back. Like all of her friends, she's willing to go infinity and beyond to help out Italy whenever he's in jam (and that is very often). They're usually in the kitchen together making pasta because they both share a love for pasta.

Germany: Germany was a little awkward toward her when they first met because she's a woman. Hope didn't like him at first because he reminded her of a drill sergeant. But, the two manage to be civil toward each other and Germany may act like a father figure to her. There are times she want to rip out his throat due to the training sessions, but she knows that he's doing this because he cares, and has a hard time showing it. She insults him with Nazi jokes whenever he gets on her nerves.

Japan: America and Japan are the best of friends (like Britain), so it's a given that she would share the same relationship with Japan like them. Hope loves sushi, manga, and anime, and even to an extent J-Pop. Because of that, the two definitely become closer over those things. They also share a love of video games, and tend to play one another sometimes. Her favorite movie is Hayao Miyazaki's "Howl's Moving Castle", and absolutely loves the soundtrack. She is a giant fan of Hayao Miyazaki's works, and loves to talk about his works with him.

Romano: Romano is friendly and kind toward women, so he's obviously very kind and friendly toward Hope. Unlike his brother, he doesn't hug and kiss her every five minutes. Instead, he gives her compliments, and go with her to places. While Hope doesn't love tomatoes as much as Romano, she will always go with him to help his plants, and buy more at markets happily. Like his brother, he calls her "Speranza bella". However, she's shown to lose her patience with Romano the most because of his constant cursing and complaining about something (which is usually about Germany). He's quick to apologize while trembling and she's quick to forgive him. They share a love for pizza.

Spain: Britain and Spain haven't been on good terms due to the wars they were in. However, Hope does not let her British blood affect her friendships with other nations. Hope loves everything about the Spanish culture, much to Spain's delight. Hope actually took Spanish for six years (6th-12th), but she's not entirely fluent in the language. She loves Enrique Iglesias. She usually gets irritated with him because he never picks up on her sarcasm. She will admit that he has a great ass, and loves staring at it. She loves his Spanish accent. Regardless, Spain is always cheerful, and willing to help Hope however he can. Like France, he flirts with her as well, but he's actually very gentle and kind about it. Like Romano, she goes with him to markets to buy more tomatoes, and helps him with his tomato garden.

Russia: Despite him and America not getting along so well due to the Cold War, and him having a grudge against Britain, the two of them surprisingly share a friendly relationship. She doesn't have any reason to hate him, so she chooses not to, much to America and Britain's dismay. The two are on quite friendly terms.

China: Britain and China haven't been on good terms since the Opium Wars, but Hope doesn't let that change anything. China has a hard time warming up to her, but it helps when her favorite food is Chinese food, much to China's delight. The two are usually seen making Chinese food in the kitchen. Also, one of Hope's favorite historical figures is Hua Mulan, so China usually tells stories of Mulan to her. Also, one of her favorite movies is "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon".

Canada: Who? Just kidding! Hope met him the day of her training session as she was going to eat his pancakes. She, along with America, notices him whenever no one else does. There have been times she has forgotten his presence. She loves his pancakes and maple syrup. She always can tell them apart due to her experience with siblings that look alike. She loves Melanie Fiona, a Canadian artist. Canada seems to figure out what she's up to before anyone else. Why that is, no one knows. Hope acts very nice toward him because he's very calm and quiet, unlike his brother. She tries to help him get noticed by getting him involved with things. They are really good friends.

France: France and America have a neutral relationship, but Britain and France act like a married couple except for the fact that they hate each other (Or do they?). Because of that, Hope is the mixture of both Britain and America. France sometimes see America as a younger brother, so he treats her as younger sister at times. However, he never hesitates to make advances (sexual or otherwise) at her like he does with any other country, especially Britain. And like Britain, she has to fight him off. But when the time comes for them to get along (like the Napoleonic Era), they do with a few problems along the way. She's not a big fan of French cuisine because of caviar and escargot, but she'll happily try it anyway.

Britain: Britain and America don't get along well due to their past (i.e Revolutionary War), but he and Hope get along better because she's part British. Like Britain, she actually believes in magic, and fantasy like things. They both share a love for Sherlock Holmes, and Doctor Who and tea. They both cast magic spells for a living, so they always talk about magic and such, and even see mythical creatures. They're both very logical, cynical, and very sarcastic. Whenever she has issues concerning her magic, she always goes to Britain to advice, because she somewhat trusts him. He also cheers her up, which results in a hug and kiss on the cheek from her. He reveals his soft side to her sometimes. Britain and Hope share a special bond that no one else has.

America: Hope and American are an interesting duo. Like America, she loves hamburgers and hotdogs, and goes crazy at the sight of ice cream. While America is the loud, nosy, arrogant one, Hope is the opposite. While he fights using his strength, Hope fights using her knowledge. There are times that America has shown a sweet, caring side to Hope like winning her a stuffed animal, and even giving her his beloved bomber jacket to wear, so she wouldn't get sick. However, just as he's clueless about everything else, he's clueless about girls. Because of that, he does things that make it somewhat awkward between the two like buying her pads and a bottle of pain relief medicine. During the first mission, Hope was willing to sacrifice her life to save America's. When she came back with France from her third mission, he waited up for her, even though he fell asleep while waiting. Hope put a blanket over him, and took off his glasses, and tucked him in.

I do believe in video game and anime romances(Who doesn't). They make the games/shows much more interesting just thinking about "what if" scenarios about them. Now to show you which couples I support/love, unsure of, and hate with a burning passion and the reasons why(including anime couples).

Couples I Support/Love (Who my stories will always be about):

1) MarioxPeach:C'mon, who wouldn't support/love this couple?! It's clearly obvious that both individuals are smitten with each other. It's so obvious, that even a non gamer would they are. Why do you think Mario always saves her from Bowser, and doesn't get paid for it? I know he's a hero, but there's gotta be another reason other than being the right thing to do, and it's LOVE. This is also my #1 favorite video game couple of all time!!!

2) LuigixDaisy:This pairing is just as obvious as MarioxPeach. Two words: Daisy Circuit(Mario Kart Wii). As if those damn statues didn't prove it enough! You know what they say, opposites attract. Daisy's so spunky, and outgoing, and Luigi's so shy and bashful. They make such as cuuuuute couple! I wish that Nintendo would make a game that has King Boo kidnapping Daisy, and Luigi having to rescue her. I would so buy that game! My #2 favorite video game couple.

3) LinkXZelda:They just look so cute together in the games. Link, the heroic swordsman, risking his life to save the beautiful Princess Zelda from the evils grasp of the villain Ganondorf. It's somewhat the same argument here as with Mario and Peach.

4) Count Bleck/BlumiereXTippi/Timpani:What can I say? The game Super Paper Mario was pretty much about them and their love. I've played a few times, but I watched the ending more than once, and I cried at the end because it was so sweet and touching. I felt so bad for Count Bleck at the end because he only wanted to be with Tippi(sniff) and his father wouldn't let them be. It's kinda like Romeo and Juliet in a way, but they get live happily ever after wherever they are. Either way, I love them as a couple.

5) DiddyXDixie:It even states in the games that they're bf and gf. Enough said.

6) WarioXMona:I don't even know what Mona sees in him, but you can't help who you fall in love with. It's been shown through the Warioware games (though I never played one) that they have feelings for each other. How Wario snagged a pretty girl like that her I'll never know. As long as he doesn't hit on Peach anymore, I'm not complaining.

7) FoxXKrystal:I haven't played any Star Fox games, but I have seen videos on the games, especially Star Fox Adventures. My favorite part of the game has to be when Fox saw Krystal for the first time. I laughed so hard at that part. They look so cute together and one of the endings of Command (I think) were them getting married and have a son. Even though there's like 4 more endings to that game, I prefer that one over the others. A match made in heaven, or in this case the stars.

8) InuyashaXKagome:I've been watching Inuyasha since I was 7 years old. From the first episode, I knew that they were gonna be a couple. Sure he's impulsive, gets jealous easily, and hardheaded, but deep down, he's not a bad guy. Kagome pretty much keeps him in check, and it's so obvious that they like each other. In the second movie *spoiler alert* they freaking kiss! I'm watching Inuyasha: The Final Act right now,so don't spoil the ending for me.

9) MirokuXSango:Just like InuyashaXKagome, Miroku plays, and Sango keeps him in check. Miroku is one of the most pervy, lecherous monks you will ever meet. He asks every girl he sees to bear his child, but he never asked a girl more times than Sango. She's the only girl that had her butt grabbed by Miroku more than once. He even asked the girl to marry him! I swear if you tell me the ending of the series, I will kill you with my amazing author powers.

10) SoraXKairi: My sister and I have been playing the Kingdom Hearts series since it first came out on the PS2. Right off the bat, I knew that they liked each other very much. The ending of the first game, and the whole Kingdom Hearts 2 game proved my point. Was I the only one who thought that they should have kissed at the end of Kingdom Hearts 2?

11) RoxasXNamine: If they're the nobodies of Sora and Kairi, then they're bound to be together. Enough said.

12) YoshiXBirdo: Yes, they were originally on my unsure list, but thanks to my good friend ChrisMSMB, he cleared it up for me. In countries outside of Japan, Birdo is a girl, and Yoshi is dating a girl. However, in Japan, Birdo is a boy and that would make Yoshi gay(ooooh). But I said my opinion would change if I find out she was a girl, and I did. That's the reason why they're on here. And they look so cute together!

Couples I'm Unsure Of (Put little hints in my stories)

1) SonicXAmy:I don't play a lot of Sonic games, so I don't really know the status of this couple. From what I've seen from gameplays on youtube, Amy is hopelessly in love with Sonic, like 12 year old girls with Joe Jonas. In the games, Sonic is not really interested in her advances from what I've seen so far. But Sonic does care about her to an extent. This couple could go either way for me.

2)TailsXCream:They are just only kids though. But, it would be nice to see them as a couple though.

3)RougeXKnuckles:I haven't seen a lot of Sonic X though, but I have heard from some friends and they said that they've shown their feelings toward each other. Maybe I should watch more Sonic X to find out for myself.

4)ToadXToadette:I do research before I write, and they look like such a cute couple! But, there are rumors saying that they're siblings. I need someone to verify if they're related or not.

5) KogaXKagome:So, we all know that Koga is hopelessly in love with Kagome. He even calls her his woman. Although we all know that Kagome loves Inuyasha, there are tons of fan girls that would love Koga and Kagome to be an item, an authors that make them an item. Even when he comes around, she acts so sweet, and kind to him, despite Inuyasha's jealous attitude. The only way I would put this couple in a story if it was 1) one-sided (Koga), and 2) to add some good old humor in it. But to truly understand the whole concept of this couple, I suggest that you watch a few Inuyasha episodes featuring Koga flirting with Kagome (Especially episode 37 LMAO).

Couples I Hate With A Burning Passion(Which I won't write a story about ever!!!)

1)BowserXPeach:Seriously people, be reasonable. After all that koopa has done to her, you really think she's gonna run to him with open arms?! And let's not forget the fact that they're DIFFERENT species!!!! The thought of them together makes me sick to my stomach. Why would she run to him when she has Mario. That's like downgrading right there.

2)WarioXPeach:Ewww. Now that is just plain ass wrong! Gives me goosebumps just thinking about it. Pretty much the same argument like BowserXPeach without the different species part.

3)WaluigiXDaisy:I think I just threw up in mouth a little bit just thinking about it. Daisy sure as hell doesn't want Waluigi. It clearly shows in the games that they have a bad relationship with each other. They've been called Awkward Date, which fits perfectly with their relationship. Clearly she can find a better man in my opinion (like Luigi of course).

4)Bowser JrXDaisy:I found this suggestion on youtube. I couldn't believe my eyes. Really?! The kid's probably under the age of 10! Whoever suggested this, is a real perv and pedophile (Sorry to be so mean).

5) LuigiXPeasley:OMG ARE YOU SERIOUS?! I've heard of some bad couples, but this one really takes the cake. First off, as much as how gay he looks sometimes, and how his light blinds my eyes (Which is one of the reasons why I have wear glasses today lol), I don't think that Peasley is gay. Secondly and most importantly, Luigi is STRAIGHT people! Just because he idolizes the guy, doesn't make him gay. And do you really think that Nintendo would make one their main characters gay?! I'm not saying all of this because I hate gay people. I love gay people and I respect their lives, and they should have the same rights as any other American. Plus, I have tons of friends who are gay and bi. I just don't see them as a couple.

6) MarioXDaisy:I really don't hate this couple with a burning passion, it's just that I can't really see theses two together as a couple.

7) LuigiXPeach:same argument as MarioXDaisy

8)InuyashaXKikyo:Sorry to all you InuyashaXKikyo fans out there. I don't hate this pairing. I just dislike it that's all. First off, I don't think Kikyo is this crazy psycho bitch. She's a great woman who was faced with betrayal and tragedy. It's really hard to get over something like that. Yeah she almost sent Inuyasha to hell, because of the old feelings she has for him never died even though she did. She forced back to life, just to get killed twice (Yeah I got that far in the Final Act). Deep down, Inuyasha still has feelings for her too, but his feelings for Kagome are somewhat stronger.

Now, I actually copied this part from AuraChannelerChris, because I thought this was a very good list, and I believe that everyone should at least read some of these. I did, and I have a new perspective on writing stories now. I'm guilty of doing a few of these in my stories, but now I know how to avoid it for now on. Just take a look and see if you're partially or definitely guilty of doing some of these.

GUIDE TO SUCCESSFUL FANFICTION FOR THE SUPER SMASH BROS. SECTION. (This could work for some others as well...)

by AuraChannelerChris.

Hello. Thank you for being a stalker by entering to see my guide without my permission.

...Of course I was joking. We're all stalkers in here, after all.

Anyway, welcome to this special section. Why did I create this section? This section was created for the purpose to guide you, newcomer, to a (insert title here). Lately, the Smash Bros. section has been filling up with fics that don't make any sense.

In order to succeed, an author must use spelling, grammar, and the fic itself. (Microsoft Word or OpenOffice make the first 2 very easy).

So, what is important for you to succeed?

It is pretty obvious.


What's your job as a dedicated author? Your job is to entertain many people with your ideas. Your first fanfiction could show them the originality of your mind...or you could show them how ridiculous/absurd/stupid/dork/idiot you actually are without noticing by yourself. And no, I'm not saying I'm the best author there is. I have unfortunately been victim of this as well in the past until I learned from my mistakes and became more efficient in my fictions. So what did I do? Make this so you don't ridiculize yourself.

Sounds pretty understandable, right?

But you're asking to yourself how you can evade complete unpopularity.

Well, please scroll down and you shall see the rules to make a good fic. To make it funny, I've made the titles relate to the characters of SSBB.

Note: T = Translation.

The rules that you must always think about are:

1. Sheik and Edge (Final Fantasy IV) Shuld Be Tugethar.

T: Fanboyismis the first thing authors make. Normally this will always end with the first fanfiction being a complete piece of crap when the author realizes what he or she just made by comparing it to some more complicated stories. Always avoid this when you can.

2. R.O.B. Is An Original Character. Why Is It In SSBB?

T: The writer always wants to make their own OC(Original/Own Character) live with the main characters. However, authors should be always descriptive and make their OC original before the same abbreviation turns into "Own Crap."

3. Meta Knight Is Gary Sue (AKA Overpowered).

T: Writers often go as far as not letting their OC suffer pain/defeat/death/emoishness/whatever except the main characters. This often tells the author's OC is far superior than anybody in there. Be careful if you don't want to make a Mary Sue (if the OC is a girl) or Gary Sue (OC being a boy). Every writer should always avoid doing this mistake.

Also, this goes for the main characters as well. For crying out loud, let Wolf mess up in something.

4. Tabuu Just Came Out Of Nowhere!

T: Whatever your crazy mind lets you think, DON'T create original bosses. Most people fail to realize their bosses are absurd, and no one has ever made a boss so successful. Do this if you want, though. But it's likely you're going to fail if you don't put EVERYTHING in your mind into.

5. Is Fox Cool, Serious, Or Shy? (Answer: All Of Them If You Didn't Google Him Up).

T: For those authors who don't have nothing better to do and create profiles for all the main characters (like sucky me), please, PLEASE maintain them with their personalities. People often overlook the same characters and commit a true error. There are some people who can't even tell the difference between Mario's and Kirby's personalities at all.

The result? Kirby has an IQ of 100 and knows what Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanokoniosis actually means, whereas he acts like an infant.

There's one author out there who can't even see the difference between all the main characters saying kids' heroes' lines in every single chapter, making it irritable. What's the difference, you ask? Absolutely NOTHING. (I personally hate those authors who humiliate serious characters like Lucario or Fox without even noticing).

6. Marth Comes From The USA

T: Aw, people changing characters' backstories...how much I hate thee?

Putting that joke aside...actually, it's not a joke. Authors often (and drastically) change characters' backstories to the point they become stupid. You may change them a little, but LITTLE BIT. Always try to make them understandable that "syncs" with their actual background.

An example of this would be to believe that Mario is Russian.

7. Link Is Toon Link's Clone.

T: Writers often get inspired by others' fics that makes them excited to write their story. There's a problem, though. Do your original fiction, not FREAKING PLAGIARIST the other guy's fic. I had this same trouble with a reviewer of mine before. What happened to him? He got a warning by me.

8. Bowser Is So Funny.

T: Listen to this if you want to make a humor fic. I mainly focus on humor, but there are 2 types of humor you should need to recognize:

Absurd Humor: Who cares if Bowser is wearing underwear or not in public?

Good Humor: Logic. Always apply logic in humor as well. Logic works really well in the SSB section. You can always make them ask about the currents events and sometimes do a joke (with LOGIC in it).

9. Naruto SSBB = Pure Win.

T: We all know anime is very popular at its section on the site, but do you really want to put up a fanfiction like that? Video games and anime don't mix well together. You're not mixing anime with video games, you're using anime as an excuse to obtain more reviews. It's every fangirl's dream to have Marth fall in love with Tsukasa/Tsunade/Akira Kogami/Kagome/every single pointless girl in Negima. Only do this if you have run out of ideas.

10. Atomic Betty Meets Falco.

T: True insanity is achieved if you thought SpongeBob pairs up well with Pichu. Combine this with altered character's background and the result is completely and utterly made of crap.

11. Hannah Montana Is Peach's Long Lost Cousin.

T: FORGET THAT SIN YOU JUST THOUGHT UP! You're at a loss if you ever thought video games and real life shows go well together. We all know there's a crossover section, but do you really want to make Samus mix with iCarly? If yes, you've lost all the respect from me (and many).

12. "Swooning Over MarthXIke scene"

T: Your ultimate mission is to evade Yaoi, Yuri, Harem, Slash, (insert sick Japanese definitions here). Yaoi has taken a lot of unnecessary attention in the SSB section lately and it must be stopped at all costs. This is not a trend at all; it's another excuse to get a lot of reviews by people who want to flood the frickin' section with threesomes...between guys.

13. Where Did Landmasters Come From? They Appeared Out Of The Blue (Sky).

T: And now we're talking about the OCs again. You should always focus in only OC and not a public of them so yours gets more attention. Please, only one OC is enough for the readers to know. Always remember the Mary Sue rule in this one, though.

14. Zelda Is Getting Married In February.

T: Aw, character development. This is something that makes a fic go around. You should always focus in the development of every single character in every chapter so there's ACTUAL development between characters. I'm not going to mention, but some authors don't know the words, and they ignore this a lot.

15. Olimar Is Emo.

T: Don't follow trends! Make them!

...Stupid saying aside, don't leave 'less' important characters behind. I'm sure you're not going to find a DK-centric fic in the whole section if your life depended on it. And when I mean DK-centric, I mean the whole fic and not just one chapter that later changed to Marth...and Ike. "Shrugs"

16. Link Wants A Kiss For Luck. "Winks at you"

T: Unless you're sane, don't put stupid and pointless internet memes in your fics. What if you do? You're surely a Yoshi-fan that loves fart sounds. However, it's possible to make the memes look funny...if you REALLY think hard. Only use them if you're making a parody and not an actual serious fic.

17. Mario The Italian Plumber Who Doesn't Fix Pipes Anymore Despite Him Being a Plumber.

T: Don't go too literal with the main characters and make them look more exaggerated. If you do, you're probably portraying your pseudo-hatred towards the character you hate the most, and most people buy that. In other words, don’t make them too out of character (OOC). As a reminder, Sonic is neither Amy's boyfriend or husband whatsoever (no offense done to SonicXAmy fans (and Amy herself)).

However, this rule can be avoided for people who make parodies. Parodies usually have twists in personalities, so they're very fine unless otherwise said.

18. Sonic! No! You Must Turn Into Super Sonic And Keep Going! (Long One).

What is a reviewer? A reviewer is a person who gives criticism to the author for the chapter or story itself. Reviewers are often known to criticize their favorite scenes, character portrayal (if ANY), or their favorite scenes in the plot.

But what does this have to do with the cheesy title I just put up?

It's very obvious.

Replace "Sonic" with "author," and then replace the sentence beginning with "No!" and beyond for "I don't need to be criticized at all. Praise me all the time!" Let me tell you something: you're a disgrace to other authors.

An author is an author if he or she receives good feedback and criticism. There are some authors that think they don't need to be criticized because they know they're good. You probably back that up with a stupid sentence that "relates" with your crazy policy about reviews.

If the reviewer doesn't want to review, then he or she wants to discuss something wrong you did...wrong, but this doesn't mean you're bad. Authors need to be criticized in order to improve their skills in what they write. If the author goes whiny kid to the reviewer, then do us a favor and die with bad grammar and wrong spelling...in hell. Whiner authors don't have a place to be here.

19. Tell The Difference Between Ness And Lucas.

T: Critic and Flame... These 2 words can either make someone feel relieved or scare an author to their spines. However, you don't know the difference between these 2. I'll gladly tell you the huge difference:

Critic: This happens when the reviewer discuss something like the plot and characters (mostly personalities) in depth. Take in mind that authors who receive a good critic are authors with potential.

Flame: "U suck."

See the difference? Critics are more detailed, and flames are as simple as the idiotic sentence up here. You can always report the reviewer for the flame he or she gave to you, or erase it if it is anonymous.

20. Ganondorf Is The Lord Of All...Friendship.

T: In such action where the bad guy is changed to a hero THEN it should mean you're drunk. Most people manage to get away with this and make any villain their nemesis's best friend. I mostly hate this a lot.

However, there's a way to get around it before you make that mistake. You could try to make that villain be with the heroes as long as he or she doesn't get too out OOC.

How to do this? Read ahead:

1) Always keep his or her evil personality.

2) Watch the dialogues you write for him or her.

3) Don't make him or her befriend someone. Villains ALWAYS stay away from heroes. (This also implies the villains don't have comrades. YES, PEOPLE, they have to be alone). HOWEVER, you could make the villain befriend someone through a long (and sometimes stupidly long) period of time, and when that happens, always keep in mind the previous 2 recommendations.

21. Tell Pit How To Fight.

T: Or more commonly known as "Ask Fics." These fics usually ask you to put dares. Usually your mind tells you to ask things the author doesn't even know like why Wario eats garlic all the time. You even go as far as to dare Roy to make out with Ike (see "Swooning Over MarthXIke scene).

There was once a heated discussion with a guy in the Pokémon section (where I participated) where he told the author ask fics were against the rules of the site. Once the debate was finished, the author resumed his ask fics, enraging the reviewer who gave up on him. I'm so sorry to say this, but ask fics are absolutely pointless and a waste of your valuable time. If you want, go ahead and receive absurd thoughts of people who don't have nothing better to do to later force you to make someone like Squirtle suffer something absolutely stupid like take off his shell.

22. Isaac, Shadow, and Krystal shuld hav bin in Bruwl, lulz.

T: The point where fanboism is clear for the SSB section is made clear once you put "Geno" and "is a Smasher" together. No one has ever portrayed them well as a result, and this always ends in failure to meet your spectations. Don't do this mistake if you know the consequences.

23. Popo Liiikes Tho Dans. See ass Phopo dansez with Nanna.

T: Always remember the titles and summaries you write for your fic. People judge newcomers by their titles and summaries. Most stories get ignored if you ever put a misspelled word in the summary or the title itself. Also, don't put worthless things like "I suck at summaries" or "this ficis rated t: IN the summary. We know the rating of the story down below the summary as well. If you suck at summaries, then that space should have been left empty to begin with. Always, ALWAYS give good summaries with good prestige identification.

24. WHAT?! YOU DON'T HEAR ME, YOSHI?! WELL, THAT'S BECAUSE YOU DON'T HAVE EARS! (Or exclamation point rule.)

T: Why would you make the character yell so much during an adventure/action fic unnecessarily? This is a very crucial point for anyone who does this FOREVER. If the main characters yell too much, then that means they're the stereotypical kids' hero or villain. Always ignore such fics or yell at the author for doing it all the time in your review (irony intended). If you want to make them yell, then do it during fights, complaints that drag on, or when someone suffers pain or sadness (keeping in mind to not overuse mentioned recommended times). Exclamation points add emotion, but overusing them makes the characters annoying.

25. And Captain Falcon yells, "FALCON PAWNCH!" (I hate the meme I just wrote here, by the way.)

T: It's typical for you to copy TV's script and change it to sentences for your fic. However, have you ever checked the difference? Most people can't tell how cheesy the line they just published actually is. TV gives emotions, but fanfiction doesn't give them that easily. Explanations should be always used without making them sound wrong. And speaking of explanations...

26. "Lucario Felt All His Limbs, Fingers, Feet, Ears, Chest, Abs (if any (used for humor reasons), Fur, Tail, Frontal Hair, Forehead, Head, Eyes, Mouth, Whatever That Weird Blue Waist He Has, Belt, Wrists, Right Toe, Left Toe, Tongue, Teeth, Soul, Spirit, Aura Numb So Suddenly After Watching Hentai For The First Time Ever In All His 2394 Hours Of Living His Entire Life In The Smash Mansion While The Clock On The Wall Made Echoing Sounds Through His Room And Everything It Could Reach Within A 10 Feet Radius."

T: Since when did we ask for a whole wall text in the story with pointless explanations? Unless you like to be freaking Shakespeare, go poetic with your explanations but you will surely bore the heck out of everyone's mind. You should always balance length of explanations and dialogues. Otherwise, you surely have a lot of time in your hands to waste it all on a wall text to people who will surely fall asleep and hit their foreheads on their keyboards before they drool on the keys and cause a short circuit that later went through the cables and also affected the whole system inside the CPU that later caused a whole chain reaction with all the equipment in their house an-(you get my point now, don't you?)

By the way, since Lucario is being used as a joke here, let's clarify something here that most people think about him.

By any means, the Lucario in SSBB is NOT, ABSOLUTELY NOT the same Lucario from the movie. Why, you ask? Because of the fact that Lucario is inside a freaking green crystal besides his trainer. And please don't argue that it IS the same Lucario. As I've stated before, anime and video games don't mix or even interact with at all. This Lucario here is just as random as the Pikachu, Pichu, Mewtwo, and Jigglypuff, or are you going to say they all come from the anime? I'll tell you what, if that Lucario is really from the anime, then Red (PT of the 3) is DEFINITELY from the anime as well, which is in fact not true at all. Stop letting your fanboism getting in your ideas, please.

Now, Riley and Lucario? Those 2 are alive, and they came from the video game as well. Why not use them instead of the crystalized pair?

27. Jigglypuff Uses Sing! Foe Reader Becomes Asleep!

T: Why the HELL do you want to make a "song fic" thing with the song's script? This always happens when out of nowhere the real world (ours) and SSBB become one. You go fangirl on the fic and make the characters sing one of the overrated Jonas Brothers' songs. These fics ALWAYS fail to attract people with good common sense.

Oh, and the foe reader didn't fall asleep because Jigglypuff used Sing. The reader fell asleep because song fics are boring and a waste of time (admit it as well).


28. Sonic Swimming Is Better Than Final Smashes.

T: TELL THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A GOOD FIC AND A STUPID ONE. People often mistake fics as "being the most fabulous fic ever" and they keep telling the author to keep going. Always compare 2 fics with the same genre, and find out which one is the one that has more sense. You're probably overlooking something that you shouldn't have read before. People often encourage novice authors to please the same reviewer. This is extremely bad. Remember that reviewers have the unusual power to convince anyone that their writing is awesome. Please don't do this mistake and help authors out (without your own fanboism getting in the way, that is).


And that's all you need to know to make a good fanfiction. If you got offended by a rule, you're surely doing something wrong. Always check your reviews, your story, and you writing as well…

Or do you really want to mix Transformers in there, show how ridiculous you are to hundreds of people, and attract people who can't tell the difference between decent and stupid?


Motto: Be Original, Spread The Word.

If you beat the Subspace Emissary, copy and paste this to your profile!

If you really like the original couples (MarioxPeach, LinkxZelda), copy this into your profile.

If you are obsessed with fanfiction, copy this into your profile

Marth's story

Why do they call me gay?

I fell in love with a wonderful girl when my life wasn't a war.

Her name was Sheeda, and she was so beautiful.

I loved her very much, and I think she loved me back.

But then, she was killed, her last word was my name.

I cried until my eyes ran dry.

My sister and I were both in danger, she knew she was going to die, but she didn't tell me.

She simply gave me her tiara and said to remeber her. And then she left me like Sheeda did.

I wear it to remind myself of her, and I don't cut my hair as a sign of remeberance.

Yet even though I try to be a good man, everyone laughs at me.

They tease me for my sister's crown. They call me gay, or tease me for my name by calling me "Martha".

They treat me like a freak because they don't know my past.

Did I do something wrong?

Did I make them mad?

If I did, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry my hair isn't short like other boys.

I'm sorry that I'm sensitive because I don't want to turn bitter.

I'm sorry that I have my own identity, and that It's not good enough for you.

I'm sorry.

Lucas' story

Why do they call me a wuss?

I was brave, until my mother, who died and left my brother and I to fend for oursleves.

Animals were my only comfort. One of my best friends was a dog named Boney.

My life went up in flames when I was forced to kill the only person that I loved and cared about me.

I had to kill my own brother to save everyone. So now no one that I loved is left besides the creatures that cared about me.

Even though I try to be stronger, everyone hates me.

They tease me for the day I was with Ness, My only other friend. When Wario came and took him. I was scared and worried, and didn't know what to do.

I ran so I wouldn't have to see Ness leave me Like my Mother and Brother.

But now everyone calls me a wuss.

They call me a horrible word that I don't want to ever let come from my mouth.

They call me it because I don't want to fight.

Was I being a bad person?

Was there anything else I could do?

If there was, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry that no one taught me to be brave.

I'm sorry no one loved me.

I'm sorry that the only thing I could do was run away.

I'm sorry that no one could help me to be the person you want me to be.

I'm sorry.

Roy's story

Why do they call me a clone?

I can't control what I do in a game.

I'm not the one who wanted to have it be this way.

I didn't want it like this!

If I had it how I wanted, no one would be hurt! The planet would never have fighting! Peace would be the only thing to spread! And I could be who I want to!

I wouldn't be forgotten.

I wouldn't be a copy.

I wouldn't be someone's puppet.

When I was somewhat cared about, was I not good enough?

When I was in a Super smash bros game, was I not doing my best?

If I wasn't I'm sorry.

I'm sorry I don't get a say in anything I do.

I'm sorry I'm just a play-thing to you.

I'm sorry I can't have one unique thing about me to please you.

I'm sorry

Meta knight's story

Why do they call me cold?

I used to open and friendly had a friend who treated me like a living being with feelings and a heart.

His Name was Jerca, and he saw something in me.

He cared about me and he felt like a brother to me. We were both in the army, and fought side by side.

But then, when true danger struck across our homeland, he was captured and I was left to feel like I was the cause of his death.

But then, he came back, and I was overly joyful. . .until I saw that our enemy had turned him into a monster.

I couldn't stand to see him like this.

I had to do the one thing that I swore I never wanted to do.

In no time, my sword had gone through his chest.

He gained some sense and while his heart pumped just a few more beats, he put something in my trembling glove. A locket, when I opened it, it was a picture of a baby. He breathed out that it was his son, his love for the baby was what set him free of the curse.

Then he died.

I didn't want that to ever happen to anyone I knew or cared about ever again. So I decided not to love anymore.

I don't want to be left hurting like that again.

Does that make me cold-hearted?

Does that mean you think I'm being mean?

If it does, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry that you didn't know that when no one's around, I cry like a baby, wishing someone would hold me.

I'm sorry I was never shown not to feel this way.

I'm sorry that you don't understand, and that you don't look at me like Jerca did.

I'm sorry.

Bowser's story

Why? They call me evil.
They say I’m an evil witch.
And they make fun of me because I was raised by one.
Dark Magic makes me evil.
I use my kids to kill my enemy.
That makes me evil.
They think I hate humanity.
Truth is, it hurts.
It hurt that my parents died when I was a baby.
It hurts that the one I love loves someone else.
It hurts that I was raised by a witch that kidnapped babies.
That’s why I’m who I am.
They call me an idiot,
Because I can’t kill a plumber.
They never stop to consider
Maybe, just maybe, I don’t want to kill him.
Peach loves Mario, and I love Peach.
I can’t kill the happiness of the one I love.
I only try to knock him out.
Sometimes I lose it, and I do try to kill him.
But can you really blame me?

Samus's Story

Why do people just play as me for my looks?

Half of you didn't know I was a girl before brawl.

And I forgive most of you.

But not the ones who pair me up with EVERY. SINGLE. GUY.

I love the stories you write.

I'm just not that interested in guys.

I don't want to be "the girl with the big chest".

I want to be an example:

No matter how much damage you take,

You gotta keep on goin'.

They also say that I'm a .

I got news for you, I havn't had it easy.

I was orphaned when I was 3.

An evil dragon that killed my parents is coming for me next.

I was raised by the Chozo,

but they died out too.

Excuse me if I'm upset sometimes,

excuse me if I burst out every now and then

excuse me for being cautious with who I meet

I try to be nice as best I can

I'm sorry for how I look

I'm sorry for how I might act

I got news for you

I didn't get so many choices...

Peach's story

Why do they call me stupid?

I have the brains, I have been ruling my kingdom for years.

You call me stupid and yet you don't know a lot about me

I've been an orphaned child since I was a baby and yet I managed to lead my people.

Does that make me stupid and ditzy without a care for anyone's feelings?

I've been the only human in my kingdom for many years

Being the only one makes you feel lonely.

I'm not stupid enough to not know what feelings are.

It's not my fault I was born with this hair colour and I like this dress.

That's the way I am

That's my identity

I'm not some slut that goes for boys. I'm a princess and that's what I have been born to.

I'm sorry I don't like violence and don't defend myself when Bowser attacks

I'm sorry that I care for my people and I am willing to risk my freedom for them.

I'm sorry that you hate me and think I'm stupid for falling for a plumber

I'm sorry that I'm polite and friendly to everyone despite their natures

I'm sorry

Even though some characters aren't real, people treat them like trash. If you know that the stuff said about these characters in this poem is true, put this in your profile.

If you have ever fallen in love with a certain video game character and hug the tv/computer screen everytime you see that charcter appear, copy and paste this. (FANGIRLISM. *attacks Luigi dressed as Mr.L and Dimentio*)

If you are a tomboy, copy and paste this into your profile. (Damn straight!)

If you've ever wished you could go into a book and strangle some of the characters for being so incredibly dumb, copy and paste this into your profile. (Harry Potter in OOTP..grrr...)

If you have your own little world, copy and paste this into your profile. (Pssh..this is MAH world..you all just live in it, fools.)

"I walk, talk, eat and sleep on earth, but I live my life in a completely different world." If this sentence describes you, copy and paste on your profile.

If you are anti-social sometimes copy and paste this into your profile.

If you get a kick out of explosions, copy and paste this to your profile. (And BOOM goes the invisible box!)

If you like beef jerky, copy and paste this into your profile (Nom. Nom. Nom.)

If you think that those stupid kids should just give that God-forsaken Trix Rabbit some Trix, copy this into your profile.

If you think that those kids should just give up and let Lucky have his stupid cereal back, copy this into your profile

If your profile is long, copy and paste this on it to make it even longer! (Woooooo!)

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If you hear voices in your head, copy and paste this onto your profile!

If you managed to copy and paste too many things, then copy and paste this into your profile.

93 percent of American teens would have a severe emotional breakdown if someone called them a freak. If you're a part of the 7 percent who would ask the person, "What was your first clue?", copy this into your profile. (Pshh..yeah!)

If you have ever had done something or said something that made perfect sense to your real friends and only caused your "peers" to look at you strangely and roll their eyes, copy and paste this into your profile. (So true!)

If you've been on the computer for hours on end, reading numerous fanfictions, copy this onto your profile. (Record: 5am so far!)

If you think that Writer's Block sucks, copy and paste this into your profile. (It sure does...)

I cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht I was rdanieg. The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid. Aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn't mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoatnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit a porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe. Amzanig huh? Yaeh and I awlyas toghuht slpeling was ipmorantt! Tahts so cool! If you could read that put it in your profile!

If you think Paper Mario X is the best damn Paper Mario adaptation ever, put this in your profile. (Kudos to you, ChildatHeartForever ..even though you don't know me..)

If you know you aren't popular in the Mario forum, but you honestly don't give a damn, copy and paste this into your profile (We rock! WOO!)

Things I will not do in the Mushroom Kingdom...
(Originally Created By Cloud Dreamer Girl) (Edited by TNFG, The Mafia Gang, and Cloud Dreamer Girl)

1. I will not tell Bowser that he's the evolved form of a squirtle

2. I will not scream BOWSER at the top of my lungs in the middle of Toad Square...

3. I will not eat a peach in front of Peach's face nor will I destroy a daisy in front of Daisy...

4. I will not tell goombas that Mario is going to get them in their sleep...

5. I will not eat a mushroom in front of Toad

6. I will not ask Mario how Rosalina is doing nor will I ask Daisy how things are going with Mr. L...

7. I will not shout THE GREEN THUNDER or any of his "other" catch phrases in front of Luigi's face.

8. I will not hum the super man theme song when I use the star power up that grants you the ability to fly

9. I will not hum the Mario Bros. theme song while walking around the Mushroom Kingdom

10. I will not ask Mario if the Great Gonzales is planning to make a comeback any time soon

11. It is not acceptable to serve Koopasta to a Koopa-Troopa

12. I will not have a simile-making contest with Dimentio.

13. I will not tell Fawful I know where The Dark Star is.

14. I will not tell Fawful that The Dark Star is underneath Dimentio's hat.

15. I will not tell Fawful that Dimentio is more insane than he is after informing The Dark Star is underneath his hat.

16. I will not push Bowser and Mario when they are mad at each other inside of Luigi's Haunted Mansion and bet on who destroys the mansion first from fighting.

17. I will not lock Luigi without his Poltergust 3000 inside of Luigi's Haunted Mansion just to see him run around like mad.

18. I will not order Mr. L to insult Dimentio's face just to make obsessive fangirls mad.

19. I will not compare Bowser Jr. to 'Mini-Me' in front of Bowser.

20. I will not question the logic of the Mario-Verse.

21. I will not steal Ludwig's piano and sell it on eBay to obsessive fangirls.

22. I cannot give Geno to Pinocchio's father.

23. I will not eat Mallow no matter how much he looks like a yummy marshmellow

24. Do not give Vivian, Goombella, Ms. Mowz, or Flurrie love-letters that are falsely addressed from Mario.

25. Also, don't send love-letters falsely addressed from Luigi to Princess Éclair.

26. It is impossible to convince Pennington that 'Luigi' is actually Mario.

27. It is also impossible to convince Pennington that he stinks when it comes to solving crimes.

28. Nimbi people are not Canadians from South Park.

29. I will not use 'faucet-face' as an insult to the Mario Bros.

30. I will not quote from old Super Mario World episodes.

31. I will not speak of the live-action Super Mario Bros. Movie

32. I cannot name a Piranha Plant Steve.

33. I cannot name Piranha Plants ever.

34. I will not give the location of Luvbi's prince to Luvbi.

35. I will not tell Beldam and Marylin that Vivian is better than both of them. No matter how true it is.

36. I will not sing the SMRPG song every time I walk through Geno's Forest.

37. I will not do the things listed in '10 Ways To Tick Dimentio Off'

38. I will not to record Dimentio's reaction after doing the things listed in '10 Ways To Tick Dimentio Off'

39. I will not lie to Waluigi and say that he has more fangirls than his rival.

40. I will not refer to eating shrooms and getting refreshing herbs as 'getting high'

41. I should not point out the fact to the characters that people write stories about them every day.

42. I will not put their reactions on Youtube after pointing out the fact that people write stories about them every day.

44. I will not insult the Koopa Bros. about being copies of The Mutant Ninja Turtles.

45. I will never make fun of Luigi for cross dressing.

46.I will not introduce guns and atomic bombs to Bowser's army.

47. I will not set fire to Mario in paper form.

48. Mr. L and Luigi in the same place at the same time does not mean that there is a time paradox. It's the end of the world.

49.Do not feed the fangirls.

50. I will not tell Toadsworth that he will never find a girlfriend.

51. I will not pull a spike off of Bowser's shell and use it to pick my teeth

52. It is considered rude to steal the Koopaling's wands

53. I will copy and paste this to my profile to inform everyone


1. Mario

2. Peach

3. Luigi

4. Daisy

5. Link

6. Zelda

7. Sonic

8 Pit

9. Fox

10. Falco

What would happen if number 1 woke you up in the middle of the night?

Mario, the princess is in another bedroom. Now leave me alone and let me sleep.

Number 3 walked into the bathroom while you're showering?

Oh my god! Luigi, I'm giving you five seconds to get the hell out before I throw the whole toilet at you!

Number 4 announced he/she's going to marry 9 tomorrow?

Daisy and Fox?! Oh hell no. What about Luigi and Krystal? Don't they matter to you at all?!

Number 5 cooked you dinner?

Link can cook?! Then, he better make me a plate!

Number 8 got into the hospital somehow?

I'll be right there with flowers and chocolate chip cookies to help cheer him up.

Number 9 made fun of your friends?

Fox, I wouldn't do that if I were you. I got tons of fun stories to tell about you.

Number 10 ignored you all the time?

Why do you ignore me Falco? I'm nice to you every time I see you!

Two serial killers are hunting you down. What will 1 do?

Mario would find them, and kick their asses with his FIRAH POWAH!!!

You're on a vacation with 2 and manage to break your leg. What does 2 do?

Peach would use her amazing healing magic on me. Then criticize me for breaking it in the first place.

It's your birthday. What does 3 get you?

Hopefully, my own version of the Poltergust 3000. I always wanted one!!!!

You're stuck in a house that's on fire. What does 4 do?

Bust in the door, and drag my butt outta there. Daisy's hardcore like that.

You're about to do something that'll make you feel extremely embarrassed. What will 5 do?

Link would tell me not to worry, and do it like a man.

You're about to marry number 10. What's 1's reaction:

Mario: Are you pregnant?!

Me: No!


You got dumped by someone. How will 7 cheer you up?

Sonic: You were too good for him. You'll find someone better than him. Til then, just smile.

You compete in a tournament. How does 9 support you?

Gives some awesome, but probably confusing words of advice, wish me luck, and send me on my way

You can't stop laughing. What will 10 do?

Falco: What the hell are you laughing about?

Shows picture of Fox and Wolf yaoi* Now you know.

Number 1 is all you've ever dreamed of. Why?

Because I'm dreaming about going on a adventure with him.

Number 2 tells you about his/her deeply hidden love for number 9.

What the hell Peach?! What about Mario?!

You're dating 3 and he/she introduces you to her parents. Would you get along?

I guess. If his parents are like him and Mario, then it's possible.

Will number 5 and 6 ever kiss?

Heck yeah! I'll make it happen myself if I have to.

Number 6 appears to be a player, breaking many hearts. What do you do?

Shake my head. It's always the quiet ones you gotta watch out for.

You had a haircut and 7 can't stop looking at you. What goes on in your mind?

Sonic, tell me the truth. Is my haircut really that bad?

Number 8 thinks he/she’ll never get a girl/boyfriend. What will you tell him/her?

Maybe that special girl is right in front of you. And it's a coincidence that she's single too.

Number 9 is too shy to face you and confesses there love by sending an email. Now what?

Fox! If you send me one more of your drunk confession emails, I swear I'm showing them to Kyrstal!!!

You spot 10 kissing 1. How do you react?

First, I think that must have been a crazy party. Then, I take a picture, and use it for blackmail. Muhahaha!!!!

You notice that 3 and 4 have been inside that hotel room for MORE than a few hours. What are you thinking?

Knowing Luigi and Daisy, they're playing the wii.That, or they're making out (which I highly doubt).

Could 1 and 6 be soul mates?

Mario and Zelda? No way!!!

Would 2 trust 5?

Peach would definitely trust Link.

Number 4 is bored and pokes 10. What happens after that?

Falco would give her a "wtf are you doing?" look.

5 and 1 are forced to go back to school together. What study will they pick?

Physics, so they could learn how to defeat their enemies in ways they wouldn't see coming!

If 6 and 3 cooked dinner what would they make?

Something delicious. Luigi is a beast at cooking, and Zelda can probably cook too.

7 and 9 apply for a job. What job?

Bounty hunters. Fox is already one and with Sonic's speed, they'll get the job done.

8 gives 5 a haircut. Is that okay?

Yeah. Pit's haircut is nice, so why not?

9 sketches what 6's perfect girl/boyfriend should look like; will 6 be happy?

Fox can't draw for crap, but she'll be happy with his crappy drawing of Link.

10 and 9 are blushing while they talk. What is their conversation about?

Their special ladies XD.

1 accidentally kicked 10?

Another brawl will happen.

2 sent a message to his/her Bf/Gf but 9 got it. What would happen?

It would be really awkward, and Peach would apologize like crazy, telling him it was for Mario. Fox would forgive her.

5 and 6 did a workout together?

I thought they already did. Well, it would cool and romantic.

6 noticed he/she wasn't invited to your birthday?

WHAT?! I would apologize profusely to Zelda and give her one!

7 won the lottery?

Buy a chili dog factory, and give the rest away to charity.

8 had quite a big secret?

Pit: I'm in love with my best friend's girlfriend's daughter.

9 became a singer?

Noooo. Fox can't sing for crap!

10 got a daughter?

I guess it would happen if he and that Katt lady ever do it.

What would 1 think of 2?

Mario would Peach is the most beautiful, kindest, generous, pure hearted woman in the world, and loves her with all his heart. (Take that Bowser!)

How would 3 greet 4?

Luigi: H-h-hi Daisy.

Daisy: Hi sweetie!

What would 4 envy about 5?

Daisy would envy the fact that he's playable in Brawl.

What dream would 5 have about 6?

About him and Zelda defeating Ganondorf for once and for all, getting married, and having kids.

What do 6 and 7 have in common?

Their names are in videogame titles/series.

What would make 7 angry at 8?

Pit accidentally eating Sonic's chili dog.

Where would 8 meet 9?

Either in the Subspace Emissary, or in the ring. Either way, it's in Brawl.

What would 9 never dare to tell 10?

That he send an email to Katt using Falco's email address telling her that he has the hots for him and stuff.

What would make 10 scared of 1?

His final Smash. I mean, have you seen that thing?! Crazy!

Is 3 Gay?

Luigi gay? Hell to the no! He's with Daisy for pete's sake!

How do you feel right now?

Pretty good actually.

This is my opinion so far. If you don't like it, then I understand since everyone has their own opinion and such. That's the truth and I'm sticking to it! Thanks for visiting my profile! I hope I haven't offended too many people. Enjoy reading and please read and review my stories!

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

Cat's Closet by Kazel Menra reviews
These Miraculous stories are one shots, identity reveals, epic battles, or sweet unconnected moments in time. I will explain more inside so enter at your own risk! Now hosting A Butterflies War. A Miraculous Ladybug AU where Hawkmoth has succeeded in taking over Paris and only after his success do the heroes Chat Noir and Ladybug emerge to help combat his tyranny.
Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir - Rated: T - English - Chapters: 48 - Words: 153,106 - Reviews: 425 - Favs: 363 - Follows: 419 - Updated: 9/26 - Published: 1/3
365 by pgasniper reviews
365, the amount of days in a year. Read as the Smashers live and try to survive the year in Smashville, after all that should be easy enough, right? A story spanning the whole year. Mayor Crazy Hand is sick of his job and goes to find the perfect replacement: some random person off of the street. Also, war has been declared on Smashville.
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Harry Potter - Rated: M - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 75 - Words: 356,667 - Reviews: 3469 - Favs: 1,574 - Follows: 2,502 - Updated: 9/14 - Published: 2/15 - [Hermione G., Draco M.]
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Selection Trilogy, Kiera Cass - Rated: T - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 20 - Words: 54,794 - Reviews: 519 - Favs: 308 - Follows: 337 - Updated: 8/27 - Published: 1/15/2014 - America S., Maxon S.
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Danny Phantom - Rated: T - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 20 - Words: 124,817 - Reviews: 815 - Favs: 605 - Follows: 685 - Updated: 8/17 - Published: 3/27/2009 - Danny F., Sam M.
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Rurouni Kenshin - Rated: T - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 24 - Words: 44,163 - Reviews: 65 - Favs: 12 - Follows: 26 - Updated: 8/3 - Published: 3/9/2015 - Megumi, Sanosuke
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Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir - Rated: K+ - English - Romance/Fantasy - Chapters: 10 - Words: 25,155 - Reviews: 139 - Favs: 209 - Follows: 143 - Updated: 3/31 - Published: 3/11 - Adrien/ Chat Noir, Marinette Dupain-Cheng/Ladybug - Complete
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Inuyasha - Rated: T - English - Romance/Angst - Chapters: 20 - Words: 125,865 - Reviews: 314 - Favs: 106 - Follows: 160 - Updated: 2/1 - Published: 1/5/2015 - Inuyasha, Kagome H.
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Avatar: Last Airbender - Rated: K+ - English - Humor/Drama - Chapters: 15 - Words: 23,682 - Reviews: 67 - Favs: 28 - Follows: 55 - Updated: 1/13 - Published: 2/26/2015 - [Katara, Zuko] Ty Lee, Yue
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Inuyasha - Rated: M - English - Romance/Family - Chapters: 27 - Words: 115,269 - Reviews: 199 - Favs: 196 - Follows: 190 - Updated: 7/28/2015 - Published: 1/3/2015 - [Sesshomaru, Rin] - Complete
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Naruto - Rated: T - English - Humor/Romance - Chapters: 7 - Words: 23,775 - Reviews: 52 - Favs: 77 - Follows: 141 - Updated: 4/15/2015 - Published: 12/23/2013 - Sasuke U., Sakura H.
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